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Don't Cry for Me

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Mira is the 'golden child'. She was the prophesied one who was going to save them all. But the future is not exactly promising to her life, and she is tempted to becoming the one thing everyone des...

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Mira immediately whirled both her hands in a flash as she let her feet slip on the slippery floor of marble. But instead of collapsing, she stopped falling in mid air, hanging in the air as she closed her eyes and with a blurring flash, twirled like a hurricane, after that stopping to her feet as if she had suddenly become a statue. She bowed towards Vlteras and for a moment nothing happened. But in an instant, all her surroundings, which included stone and flower, tree and earth, cut through, as if an invisible man had thrust his sword everywhere, cutting into everything.

Lord Vlteras watched with a widening grin as he looked up at his apprentice's eyes. It glowed with hunger and excitement, hunger for more power and excitement at using these earned powers. He gave one swift, approving nod and beckoned to Mira.

Mira bowed gently as she saw from the corner of her eyes, a big boulder of rock fall to the ground in thin slices. She smiled, a smile that may have been called cruel as her eyes flashed back to her master. She was unhurt, yet all her surroundings, though not including her master, was cut into pieces. She flexed her hands a bit, a small twinging pain running through her fingers. She winced a bit, but hid it well from her master. It would not do well to show her master that she had a weakness.

'Excellent, Mira. You have learned and done well. Our attack on the village will come soon. And from there, you shall know the ways of life.... to becoming the most darkest of elegance. You will be given your Darcrest Name, and will be dubbed from there on as my official. The power you gain from there, will be decided by me, and me alone.'

Mira bowed and knelt to her knees, as her silver hair fell near her eyes. She couldn't help but give up a faint flicker triumph in her eyes, along with a smile.

'Yes Master...'
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