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Sacrifice to Save the World

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What if Harry has to become evil in order to save the Wizarding World and destory the Dark Lord? Is there any escape to the idea and how can it be possible to do such a thing?

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To Serve the Dark

I do not, I repeat, do not own anything except the characters I have created and the plot I have thought of. Other than that, I own nothing! It is all from J.K.Rowling's fantastic imagination and I admire it dearly.

Summary: What if Harry has to become evil in order to save the Wizarding World and destory the Dark Lord? Is there any escape to the idea and how can it be possible to do such a thing?

Sacrifice to Save the World

Harry looked out the window to make up his mind. He had the Wizarding World in his hands and he knew if he made the wrong decision, it will crumble away like crushed up bread crusts. He would have to think carefully on the subject. But he didn't have time.

Already Voldemort's army was coming their way to destory everything in their path. The Dark Lord was ready to launch his final battle and everyone's hope was averted all to the Boy-Who-Lived, the prophesied one, that would defeat the Dark Lord forever.

Harry felt himself trapped. One side of him dearly wanted him to run, to leave all of his life behind. But he would do nothing of the sort. He was to foolish and proud to do such a thing. He had a problem though. He didn't have the power yet to destory the Dark Lord.

The wind outside blew his untidy hair, making his whole body shiver. It was winter and snow was starting to pile up in Hogwarts. Harry was rather pale in the face as he puffed out white breath from his lips. Already the Order of the Phoenix was losing.

So many people had died and lost their loved ones because of Voldemort and Harry couldn't stand it. He wanted peace, that's all he was longing to have. And he wished everyday that he could have been born normal. That way no one would come up to him to look at his scar, to see if he could really do great things, or be the Boy Who Will Defeat The Dark Lord Forever.

Hermione and Ron were very helpful with his decision, but they feared for him. His bestfriend wanted him to stay so Harry wouldn't go out alone to die. But Harry's two bestfriends knew it was impossible to change his mind now. Harry was determined to finish it once and for all, and there was no turning back.

To become evil... Harry thought. That was the only way to save the Wizarding World. How ironic and strange it was. Why did it have to come to this, Harry didn't even want to think about. He would have to sacrifice himself to get peace back. That wasn't such a great idea to think over again and again. He couldn't leave though. Harry wondered if turning evil wasn't such a bad idea. On the other hand, it might even become a relief. He would at least be able to do something wrong in his lifetime.

But becoming a whole evil was not the matter of the problem. He would have to grab that evil, darker side inside himself and pull it out together with his light in order to destory the Dark Lord. And failure was not an option at this point. It must be exact and right, or he would have no life.

Harry watched as an owl flew up into the cold wintery sky and the blowing snowflakes as its graceful wings cut through the air. He would fly like that owl, be free of all the bondings when this was all over. He would be free from any watchful eyes and he would not have to fear every step he took will lead to danger and the death of a friend.

Cedric... Harry thought, remebering the night when Voldemort's servant, Wormtail, had killed Cedric Diggory, one of the contestants of the Wizard Challenge Competition. When he had looked into those hollow, empty eyes and saw the life that had once brightened the world, soar away into a much farther world, he knew he needed to protect the innocent. Why would he be alive if he wasn't here to protect the ones he loved and treasure most dearly?

Harry had made his decision. He would sacrifice the life he had now to restore the better lives of others.

Harry James Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived to tell the tale, had chosen to turn to the dark.

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