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Heroes, Monsters and Demigods

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Cronus is just about to win the war he has against the gods, until they decide to take drastic measures. They inlist the help of 3 demigods to help the 7 teens fight and destroy the Titan once and ...

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We know that Skates also started a Percy Jackson xover story, but if you've gone to her profile, she's deleted it and is no longer here on FicWad. She sent us her story and we revamped it a bit, but it is not exactly the same, due to the fact that the third book is out and all of us have just finished reading it.

Important Author's Note about this Story: If you have not read the Percy Jackson books, you can still read this story. We tell you some minor details that you have to know. If you plan on reading the Percy Jackson series, I suggest you read them first before this story. If we don't get alot of reviews for it, we don't really care, it won't stop us from writing this story.


Hera stormed down the hallways, looking for Zeus. He was not in the gods secret wing and it was school time, so naturally he would be cleaning the school. But for some reason, Hera couldn't seem to find him anywhere.

'He probably knows she's here already and is hiding from me.' Hera thought and this did not improve her mood. She finally found Zeus trying to sneak back into the janitor's closest, but he wasn't fast enough to escape the wrath of his angry wife.

"She's here and you know it! You can't hide from me forever Zeus!" Hera screamed at him as she closed the janitor's closest behind her. Zeus looked at her with an innocent look on his face, but she could see right through it.

"Did you ask Artemis to bring her here?" Hera demanded. Zeus took a deep breath and tried to clam Hera down first. "No idea what you are talking about." That did no good in the end.

"Of course you know what I'm talking about! Zeus, she is your daughter! She's a huntress now and the last time you saw her was at the winter solstice, you cannot ignore her for the rest of her life!" Hera shouted at her husband.

'Really, he goes and breaks the pact he and his brothers had first, then he neglects his own child!' Hera thought. She was in such a state now, she had not spoken top the girl, but she felt it her responsibility to act as a mother towards the girl as well, seeing as her real mother was dead.

"Do you think it wise we interfere with the quest Chiron sent them on? I mean, that satyr, Grover or something, he's looking for Pan. He had this crazy idea to round up all the other satyrs, drag them down to New Mexico and make them drink coffee, and lots of it! Just so they can find out where Pan is! I mean, that's just crazy!" Zeus said.

Hera narrowed her eyes. "But you asked Artemis if she could join Poseidon's son on this quest. And you know how Athena feels towards this boy, yet you let Chiron allow her daughter to go as well!" Hera said.

"Hera, we must treat Percy as a hero. Now, I don't care what grudges the gods have against him, it was Aphrodite that made me do it!" Zeus said. Hera glared at him one last time. "They must come here before Cronus discovers they are here."


"Well, this is fun." Thalia said as she looked down one street and then the other. It had only been a month since she left camp to go do her own thing and already she had to leave and join Percy on a crazy quest, all thanks to Grover.

"Great, we're here in New Olympia with no idea where to go. Grover, can't you smell Pan out or something?" Annabeth asked. The tall boy, who looked to be around 19 but was actually only 14, sniffed the air, which cause people to give him weird looks.

"His sent is faint, but it's there! Finally I will find Pan!" He said and started skipping around his three friends. The only other boy in the group tried to make him stop, but gave up when Grover kicked him in the shins with his 'foot'.

"Ow. Even with shoes on, that hurts." Percy said. Grover grinned at him. Thalia groaned and started walking down a street. "If you are finished clowning around, can we please get back to the mission at hand? We left the other Huntresses at camp and it was only by luck that they didn't burn it down last month." She said.

The other three ran to catch up with the 15-year-old girl. They walked aimlessly around the town until they stopped in front of a high school. They could hear the teenagers inside talking and making a noise.

Grover sniffed the air and frowned. "I can smell the scent of the gods, but that's impossible. We saw them a month ago in New York." Grover said and walked towards the school.

"Chiron is here too!" he said in surprise, which cause the three demigods to run and catch up with him. "But how could he be here? I mean, he sent us on a mission to help find Pan with you." Percy said.

"Indeed he did." Said a voice next to them as they entered the school. The four of them spun around and came face to face with a woman with long blonde hair. Grover fell to his knees and bowed down to her.

"I'm guessing she's a goddess we haven't met yet." Percy whispered to Annabeth. Thalia, however (and this wasn't surprising) knew who she was. "Persephone." She said. Persephone nodded.

"Your father has sent me to bring you to him and the other gods. If you could please follow me." She said. Percy gulped; great so in almost less then a month he was going to see the people who believed he was going to destroy them all. Great...

The four of them followed the goddess to a janitor's closet she opened it and held the door opened for them to go in.

"Oh now Persephone, I'll hold the door open for you." He said, bowing again. Persephone raised an eyebrow at this, but did not argue with the young satyr. She went in and Percy, Thalia, Annabeth and Grover followed.

She pulled a cord and a blue wall appeared. "Go through, Zeus awaits you." She said. Thalia looked skeptical at going through. But she took a step forwards and entered the blue wall. Annabeth followed, as did Grover. Just as Percy was about to take a step forwards, Persephone stopped him.

"You are not the favourite of many of the gods, so be careful. And Percy, your father is not there." She said. Percy's heart sank; he was looking forward to seeing him for the third time. He took a step forwards and entered the god's secret wing.


The 7 teens were all in homeroom together. Even though Atlanta was a year younger, they still shared the same homeroom class and teacher, which was completely boring. The teacher sat at the front of the class, her nose buried into a book. The class could get away with murder and the teacher wouldn't even notice.

During this time, everyone catched up with one another, it was after all the first day back after winter break. But for Jay, Theresa, Atlanta, Archie, Herry, Neil and Odie, there wasn't much to talk about. They spent their winter break in New Olympia with each other, living under the same roof. Let's just say, that when it snowed and they were trapped inside, people started getting irritated.

And they hadn't made peace yet. Everyone was angry with Neil, who seemed to make the bathroom his fort to hide from everyone else. Archie and Theresa had been bickering non-stop and this got Atlanta involved as well. In the end, Atlanta joined Theresa's side and will not talk to Archie.

Archie got all the guys (minus Neil) to his side so they weren't allowed to talk to the girls. All of them were being immature, as Jay pointed out numerous of times, but the three just ignored him. This caused him to loose his temper and he locked himself in his room, claiming he was waiting for Cronus to attack.

Strange as this might be, but Jay wasn't the only one relieved when Cronus did attack. Of course, this lasted an hour tops and they were all locked up back in the Brownstone again.

"Psst, Jay!" Odie said, trying to get the leaders attention, but he ignored him. Now he was the one being immature.

"Give it up, he won't talk to anyone." Herry said and then glared at Neil, who whimpered and held up his mirror as a shield.

Just then there was a knock at the door and the whole class stopped what they were doing. All of them looked up, waiting to see what was going to happen now and who had come. Anything would be better then just sitting doing nothing.

The door opened and in came Principal Hera. She walked up to the teacher, who had finally put down her book. She whispered something in her ear and the teacher nodded. Hera stood up straight again and looked at all the teens in the class.

"Jay, Archie, Atlanta, Theresa, Herry, Odie and Neil, can you please come with me." She asked and left the class. The 7 teens got up and left the class, they knew where they had to go. They went straight to the janitor's closest. Jay put his pendant on the lock. It turned and there was a click. He opened the door and held it for his teammates, not saying anything to them.

Once all of them were inside and the door was closed, Theresa pulled the string and a blue wall appeared in front of them. This did not surprise them and one by one, the 7 of them walked through without saying a word. They walked down the long hallway until they got to a circular room where there was a huge statue of Zeus. Most of the gods were there, talking in a circle.

Hera was with them now, but when she saw the 7 of them, they broke the circle and made their way towards them. "We have something to tell you. We think we have found 4 people who could help you with your quest." She said and looked behind her and glared at Ares. He looked away from her.

"Come with me." Hera said and she, with Zeus, walked down the hallways towards Chiron's study. She opened the doors and walked in, while Zeus hung back at the doors. The teens walked in and saw the centaur talking to four other teens.

When they heard the door closed, they all turned around and looked at them. Hera walked towards them. "Hello children." She said and put on a fake smile. A girl with bright blue eyes, as bright as the sky, and short black hair raised and eyebrow, but one of the other boys nudged her in the side.

"Hello Hera." She said and put on a fake smile. Now the teens were confused. "Who are you?" Neil blurted out. The girl turned her strong gaze on him and opened her mouth to answer when someone else beat her to it.

"That is Thalia." Zeus said, his gaze still on the girl. "My daughter."


Ok, so in this story, the gods might act and look a little bit different to what they act and look like on the show. This is because we are incorperating the gods from the Percy Jackson books aswell. If you do review, we would really appericiate it if you answered the following questions, just to see how well we wrote this chapter....

1) Did you guess right away that Thalia was Zeus's kid?
2) Are there any of you who have read these books?

All we can say is that if you haven't, we highly recommend it. These books are really funny and they give you more insight on greek mythology as well.

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