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A Flirtaceous Day

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{A/A.} {Archie and Atlanta are so adorable!!! Don't you think?} ps. is there someone from Atlanta's hometown that's still on her mind? {New Story}

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Atlanta had just recieved an e-mail in her room. It was from her someone close to her back at home. His name was Aaron.

Lannie, when did you say you were coming back home again?

I don't know Aaron. I told you that. I could be staying at the Hunting Academy for years maybe even! I promise we'll see each other soon!

And how when I know when that is? Can't I visit you? Where is this place anyway?

Atlanta took an inch back away from the screen. She let out a big sigh. What could she say to him?

I'm not allowed to bring anybody there. And well I'm not allowed to leave either. Don't think of it as a prison, Aaron. I love it here.

Are you seeing someone else?!

She was surprised at that remark. She wouldn't think that anything would stop her from say no...but a sudden urge in her body held her back.

ATLANTA!? Answer! Are you seeing someone else?



long pause

Of course!


signed off

Atlanta didn't know what kept her from saying no...she was certain she wasn;'t seeing someone could she anyway? She has been dating Aaron for a year...

"Ew, popcorn in the morning? Hey!!!" Atlanta frowned as Archie took the remote from her hand. He didn't reply except stuffed his face in a bowl of popcorn.

Atlanta was fuming. She put her fists on his hips ready to attack.

"Hey Jay." Herry said as Jay walked in. Jay didn't even look at him. He was hiding something it seemed.

Theresa has just came in through the other door. She too ignored Herry. Theresa nor Jay looked at each or Herry.

It was a strange silence.
Neil came into thr room and was distracted by his mirror of course, but noticed that this was usually the time where Jay and Theresa would be flirting. Trying to look at each other without the other knowing. Though, most the time they looked at each other at the same time.

Odie just came into the room. He sat beside Jay.

"Hey man, what's up? You look sweaty. Did you sleep alright?"

That made Jay's eyes widen. He just left the room.

"What's up with him?" Neil took his seat.

"Theresa, are you ok?" She faced the fridge. The boys could only see was her fiery hair. It was messy, she usually combed it before anyone seeing. And her nightgown was all...well, scrunched up.

But before those three could say a word Theresa was out of the room quicker than light.

They just shruged and grabbed their bowls of cereal and headed towards the living room.

When they entered they spotted...

Atlanta was on top of Archie reaching for teh remote. Popcorn was spilled all over the carpet and Archie was busy pushing Atlanta's hands away from him.

"Let go!"

"Back off!"

"Give me the remote!"

"That's MY remote!"

"No it's MINE!"

"I don't think so!"

"Oh ya!"


"And what on earth makes you think that!?"

But Herry just took it away from them and changed the channel.

"Hey!" The two argue stopped turned to Herry.

But they were no match for him, since well...he was the strongest (Tough as rock) and the tallest.

"No fair." The two sat pouting on the couch.

Herry chnaged it ack to the movie he was watching from last night he didn't get to finish.

It was a spy movie. When it came to a scene of a women defeating a man with kung-fu, Archie made another remark.

"Yeah right! Girls can't do that! Like come on! Beat a guy!"

"W-What! What's that suppose to mean!!!" Atlanta stood up.

It was a typical morning.

'You heard me!"

"Oh ya, say it to my face!"

"Guys...are better THAN girls."

A GIANT commotion happened between the two.

"Archie your so stupid! Why can't you be a gentleman like Aaron!"

Archie stopped. "Who's Aaron?" It was a command not a question.

"My boyfriend!"

Everyone gasped!


"ITS NOT OF YUR BUSINESS!!!" Atlanta shouted back at him.

Athena came into the room.



Upstairs you could hear slamming of their doors and the shouts and screams back at each other.
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