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Patrick is released...

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I threw my body weight on to the chair and scowled at Detective DickFace before me. He was really starting to piss me off.

"You're free to go." He said bluntly.

I was gawping.

"We found the suspect." He added, as if that would give clarity.

"What?" I managed to seep out.

"You're free to go Mr Stump, sorry for any inconvenience."

"Wait -"

"-We can't release details, but we've had a solid confession."


"Mr Stump-"

"-Who is it?"

"We're legally not obliged to divulge that information."

"She was my girlfriend!!" I barked at him.

He kept silent.

An officer released me of my of bondage and I was instructed to go to the place where I could get my belongings. The first thing I did was turn on my cell to get in touch with Bob.

"36 new voicemails..." I whispered staring at the small device. I knew I'd have to defeat them later on, they'd pester me until I did. I called Bob and he came to get me.

When we got to my apartment, I felt sick. Sick because I knew there had been so many fingers in my things, snooping around, searching for items, looking for evidence. Bob made us both strong coffee and I sloped into the bathroom to take a long shower.

" you know anything at all?" Bob asked, sipping the coffee and then putting it back down on the table.

"No." I stated simply.

Bob just nodded, acknowledging my lack of words and letting his eyes look around my apartment. He frowned as he saw the large photograph on my table. I went to grab it, desperate to hide the publicity of my dead relationship with her.

"Is this her?" he asked, his eyes staring at her beauty.


"God, she's beautiful...." He said, his fingers even ran over the soft features of her smile.


Bob glanced at me unknowingly.

"Man...." Bob said shaking his head. I took the photo from him and stared at her exquisite beauty. Immediately I went back to the moment we snapped that memory...


She pulled open the car door and slid in casually.

"What's cooking hot pot?" she asked with a cheeky smile.

"Mm! My skin?" I mumbled rubbing my sun burnt arm, she lunged over quickly and kissed me passionately.

"Damn!" I gasped as she sat back in her seat.

"So what do you wanna do?" She asked breathlessly.

"Well I'm starved so food?"

"Hell yeah!"


I kicked open the door to my apartment and we bundled in with the pizza and drinks. She was used to coming to my place, I yearned the privacy and I think she always did too. We could just be completely alone and selfishly live out the relationship we had with no-one else involved.

I managed to carefully lay out the pizza box onto the worktop before I felt her yank my wrist around. I turned and she pulled me firmly into her, her hands slipping into the belt hoops of my jeans and she held me close, grinning up at me.

"Hi." She smiled.

"Hey...." I grinned back and softly kissed, she encouraged it and I held her face gently in both my hands.

"Come on." She whispered and pulled me forward by my hands to my room.

"Ok." I smiled, delighted with that suggestion.

As we tumbled around in the sheets, I took mental note of how happy she looked that day, I didn't want to be overconfident with the measurement of just how her feelings were toward me, but I hoped it was increasing, deepening or strengthening.
I gripped her arms suddenly and stopped her fondling with me.

"Shhhh!" I whispered urgently. She stopped and looked at me, her eyes looked surprised. She broke into a smile and kissed me again, continuing to gently rock her hips against mine.

"Charlie!" I gasped, wanting her to stop.

"What?" She frowned and she stopped, then she froze too as she heard the voices.

"He'll be fine - that's why he leaves the key! He's busy anyway, he's off out being all secretive as usual..." Pete's voice was saying.

"Is that Pete?" Charlie whispered.

"He has a key-" I gasped, literally lifting Charlie from me and clambering out of bed, yanking my underwear on.

"Crap!" Patrick gasped as he heard him approaching, Charlie quickly slid down the side of my bed and giggled as Pete flew in, I remained still behind my bedroom door. I knew what he must have been thinking as I could see Charlie's black bra by the bed.

'shit.' I mimed.

"He so has a girlfriend...." Pete smirked and he came in, lifting the bra off the floor.

"32C!....Impressive...." Pete said nodding, he placed the bra on the bed and looked around and I just held my breath tighter. I hoped that Charlie was holding hers too.

"You know I known him for years but I still don't get him." Pete said to whoever he was with.

"Anyway, you found that vinyl yet - let's get out of this freaky love shack..." Pete said, I spied at him through the crack in the door, he was looking for clues, I hoped he was looking for the door too. Charlie's messy head of hair popped up over the bed and she eye balled me with a huge smile.

I put a finger over my lips telling her to keep shush.

She stood up , tangled in the sheets and flopped on to the bed.

I opened my mouth widely and gestured for her to hide again. Then I heard Pete leave and the front door shut tight.

"Get over here and help me!" she laughed as she tightly pulled herself around in the sheets.

Obviously one thing lead right back to where we before and as always, it was pure pleasure, a natural source of ecstasy that made my skin crawl with good vibrations.


We cuddled on the sofa afterwards, eating cold pizza, drinking fizzy pop which resulted in some unsightly sounds coming from Charlie's mouth. I laughed so hard when I first heard her burp. She was mortified, she'd covered her mouth and played coy but after the third one, she had no choice but to laugh with me.

"Hey you should play something for me...." She smiled at me, glancing at my acoustic guitar in the open case.

"Sure..." I said, standing and reaching for it.

"Any preference?" I asked her, she leaned on her hand and thought for a while.

She thought for a long time and I was poised almost nervously.

"I don't know the name of the song!" she blurted out smiling.


"Is it one of mine?"

"Yeah...the one that....that one that starts-" she stopped and looked at me.

I just smiled and looked at my guitar.

"Last years wishes are this years apologies.....every last time I come home." She sand so softly in a croaky husky tone.

I stared at her.

"Those are the words right?" she giggled.

"Yeah...yeah - that's 'Me and You' " I smiled shyly.

"It is? How so?"

"No - I meant...that's the song title."

"Oh! Yeah...of course!" she frowned, smacking her head gently.

"You have a truly beautiful voice." I said as sincerely as I could.

"Yeah it always sounds best after sex..." she said, I could only laugh gently.

I started strumming and playing for her and she fell into a wonderful quietness, I could see her appreciation, maybe it was the words I didn't write, or maybe the way I sang it, I don't know.

I think I was about half way through when she just stopped me playing and her glazed eyes smiled at me softly. She pulled the guitar from me and rested it on the side of the sofa and she climbed over me, kissing me in a way she hadn't before. It felt like she was loving me, saying it with her lips and her hands as they touched me. But she never said it. All I wanted was for her to say it.

We lay half naked in a twisted clothes on the sofa. We talked softly and she kissed my cheek and lips over and over. I reached over to the table and took the camera. I held it above us and she giggled and that's when I snapped it.



"I'm so sorry man." Bob said sadly.

I put the photo down and leaned back into the sofa.

"I'm gonna set up, do some work in the other room, if you want anything, just shout..." he said, getting up and looking at me with concern before disappearing into the other room.

I picked up my cell and began the arduous task of starting to listen to my voicemails.

My finger was getting into a pattern of listening and deleting after the first few seconds but then I heard her voice.

"Patrick...It's me - I...I'm worried - My dad's here and he is freaking out!"

I sat up, bolted up.

"I don't know what to do, he's furious with me, he doesn't believe I've changed and I don't know what to do!"

I felt instant pain as I heard her sobbing into the phone.

"Please get this message soon - I need you to come over! I'm scared-"

I choked on tears and pressed the phone harder to my ear.

"I love you - I love you so much!"

Then I heard the end beep.

"Message left May 5th at 10.27pm"

The automated voice told me.

"No!!" I cried out. Bob reappeared.


"No! NO!!" I cried, my heart was breaking, it was tearing itself right apart in my chest, I'd never felt anything like it.

"What?!" he asked, rushing over.

I leapt up and I squeezed the phone into my palm and rushed out the room, shutting myself into the bathroom.


"It could be important!" she said, her face showed concern.

"Then they'll ring back." I said calmly.

"It might be an emergency." She repeated, just fraught.

"Ok - Well I'll go get it!" I said laughing and walking through to the other room to get it.


"I'm sorry!!!" I sobbed heartfelt.

I'd let her down. Truly.

The horrid truth that her Father had done this was too much and I gripped the sides of the toilet bowl and wretched strongly into it.

"Trick!?" Bob knocked more than frantically.

The vomit burned my throat like it did before and I sobbed still.

Bob broke the door down. I didn't even look up at him, my head remained lowered over the toilet.

"Jesus..." Bob said and leaned down and touched my shoulder gently.

He didn't say anything else, just handed me a towel to clean myself up and I slumped into the space between the toilet and wall and continued to cry. I wanted it out. I wanted my grief out, because I'd caused all of this...
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