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Petards, Sprints, And That One Guitar Tech

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Patrick, meet Elle.

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Still Patrick-

Our first show was no more then fifteen minutes away, and I walking the halls, singing some show tunes.

'Where's my guitar?' suddenly popped into my mind. I looked at the guitar stand, not there. Hmm.

I looked around a little more, until suddenly, I heard something like a guitar, without an amp backing it up, being played in the next room. I slowly opened the door, and saw a young girl, about 21 maybe, holding my red guitar, and playing something utterly familiar, that I just couldn't pick up.

I just listened for awhile, she had her back turned to me, but I could tell she was nothing to miss. She looked beautiful, even from the back, her deep brunette hair was layered, and she wore a black tee shirt, and skinny jeans.

Soon, she whipped around, and met me face to face.

"Oh, Stump. Sorry, he popped a string, I fixed him up, though. You need him?" she told me. Her voice was absolutely angelic.

"Him?" I asked, showing a smirk.

"Yeah, but I didn't end up catching his name..." she said, hinting me.

"Oh uh, this is going to be spur so don't yell at me for lack of creativeness...but, his name happens to be uh, Mar-M-Marty." I said.

She shook her head.

"Marty, alrighty then. You need him?" she asked, again.

"Uh, not yet at least..." I said, staring at her more. She took my breath away, really.

"Oh, forgive me for being a creep, I mean, a random chick playing your guitar, creep like, to say the least. I'm Elle...I'm a roadie thing..." she said.

I shook my head.

"Patrick...I play...for the band..." I said.

She shook her head.

"I know, I'm from the evening out days, don't worry, I understand you." she said, smiling.

Wow, that there, got me real good.

"So you ride in the tour bus behind us?" I asked.

She shook her head.

"Quite a nice life, really." she said.

"I can image." I said.

"I'm sure you could, Stump. Hey, I have a quick question?" she said.

"Sure, what's up?" I asked.

"Are you, or have you ever been eighteen feet tall? I need to gather information for your wikipedia, I manage it." she said, smirking.

I laughed.

"No, really?" I asked, still in mid laugh.

She scoffed.

"Hell no." she said, looking off.

"Good." I said, laughing more.

"Patrick were are you?" I heard. Soon, Pete stepped in, looked at Elle, looked at me, then smiled.

"We're on in like, five." he said.

"Oh, alright." I said, turning to Elle. I didn't really know what to say, so I did some stupid hand movements.

She giggled, as I became totally tongue tied.

"Uh, Uh, talk you to later." I spat.

She smiled, handing me Marty.

"Sounds nice." she said, as I took him, and walked out.

"She's cute. Someone likes?" Pete whispered, as we walked down the hallway.

I rolled my eyes.

"Oh come on Pete, I just met her for Christ's sake." I said.

He laughed, as I followed him onto the stage.

"Ridiculus." I scoffed at him, as he quickly picked up his bass, and I got on the riser in the middle, at the bottom of the stage, waiting for the intro to be over, so we could be shot out of the stage.
A set or so, later (still Patrick)-
Ah, first show, down and set.

"Good show tonight, Troh." I said, as Joe hurried past me, dripping sweat. He turned around, and smiled a toothy, very Jewish smile.

"Thanks." he lisped.

"Good show, Wentz." I told Pete as he walked by.

"Thanks, hey, your guitars looking a little uh, funny. Go get it checked out by the techy." Pete said, obnoxiously raising eyebrows.

"Pete, get over yourself." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Hey Stump, Wentz says your guitar is whack?" I heard a voice say.

I turned around, and saw Elle, standing there in all her glory, her hands on her hips, a smirk stretched across her face.

I gulped. Embarrassing much?

"Uh-um, no...he's a retard...a...a petard." I stammered.

She giggled. "Oh, I've been well aware for a while now, really." she said.

Pete pouted.

"Are you kidding me? Why do you all hate me?" Pete scoffed.

Elle just giggled, covering her mouth with her hand, and shaking her head.

"Hun, please. I'm not a bad guy." Pete pleaded.

She shook her head.

"I don't hate you, Pete, I admire your stage frolicking skills, actually." she said, her hands traveling back to her hips.

Pete smiled.

"Great! Thanks! Wanna see pictures of my daughter? I got them right here, in my wallet..." Pete said, fishing into his pockets, still dripping sweat.

"Oh sure." Elle said, walking up to him. I walked up to her, and whispered in her ears. "Escape while you can, he'll go on for hours."

She looked at me, and smiled, and nodded.

Pete was showing pictures, and talking, and she and I backed slowly away.

"Lovely..." she said, from time to time.

"Come on." I whispered, grabbing her hand, when we came to the hallway, and pulling her into a sprint.

We sprinted down the hallway, laughing, as we could still hear the faint voice of Pete talking about his life. We came to the first door, which I was sure was mine, and I swung it open, pulled her in, and our backs hit the wall as it closed.

I looked up, as she did, and we both saw Joe, in the middle, but frozen, of putting his shirt on from the shower he had just taken. Thank god he puts his pants on first.

"Uh..." he said.

Elle started laughing uncontrollably, and I followed soon after.

"Hi..." Joe said, clueing in, yet again.

We kept on laughing.

"I'm sorry, Trohman." Elle finally managed to say.

He nodded.

"It's alright...Patrick's...friend?" he said.

"I'm Elle, roadie, tech kind of thing...we were running from Pete...and stuff.." she said, as I caught my breath from laughing.

"Oh, I see now. So, you and Patrick good friends?" he asked her.

I nodded.

"Yeah, I'd say he's my favorite so far, but of course, I haven't met the vegan yet, and you know how vegans are..." she said, winking at Joe, sarcastically of course.

"I'm your favorite, you say?" I asked.

She turned to me.

"Duh, I pretty much love you, Stump." she said, laughing after.

I laughed. She was great, I really got a kick out of this kid.

Joe laughed, and shook his head.

"Do you work with guitars?" he asked her.

She nodded. "Yeah, I play too." she said.

He raised a brow. "Oh?" he asked. "Yeah." She said. "So, how do you like Betty?" he asked.

"Is Betty the white and red one? Washburn, is she?" she asked him. He nodded. "Yeah, it's all I play." he said.

"My first was a Washburn, they're lovely." she said, nodding. He nodded too. "Yeah, really." he said.

"Patrick, whats your view on Washburn's?" Joe asked me.

I just nodded, kind of out there.

"Good guitars." I said.

"Yeah." Elle agreed.

Soon, the door opened again, and a shirtless Andy waltzed in.

"Hi guys. Oh, whose this?" He said, regarding Elle.

"I'm Elle, tech, slash uh, Patrick's biffle." she said, putting her hands behind her back.

I nodded, and stuck my arm around her, a little nervous and hesitant at first.

She smiled, and looked up at me.

Andy smiled.

"Lovely!" he expressed.

"Yeah!" I expressed, with a priceless face, giving off a prep like vibe, sarcastically, of course. Elle chuckled a little.

"Uh, just checking in. Patrick, Pete has since realized you all left him, or something, and told me he was putting on movies on the bus, guys wanna get going over on to the bus?" he asked.

I nodded

"Movies, sounds good." I said. Joe nodded. "I love those." he said.

Elle turned to me. "I should head to my bus, too. I have to catch up on school work, and shit...uh, I'll talk to you later?" She said.

I smiled, and I could feel my cheeks start to blush, so I rubbed them, and shook my head.

"Yeah, uh, talk to you tomorrow." I said.

"Bye you three, nice meeting you. Goodnight." she said, walking out.

When she was gone, Joe and Andy turned to me.

"What?" I asked, reading the looks.

"Our little Patrick has a crush!" Joe said.

"Aw! And she's perfect for him, too!" Andy added.

"Shut up, guys, I don't like her like that!" I said, walking off towards the bus.
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