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Frankie is possessed by Mikey even though he's an angel, And Gerard's Mom (Donna) somehow will save him from it.. Or Gerard... I guess I'll pick one when I get there.

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Yay, I don't totally suck at cliffhangers! I think this one might be one of the longer stories on here, cause all the ones that I've finished have been kinda remotely short, and for the few of you that sorta haven't caught on yet, I'm done with the 'Revenge' story. So.. yeah.. And anyone who knows German, which I'm using in the possession don't get all pissy if its wrong, I'm using a translator.

Gerard's Point Of View

" Mom, what's wrong with Mikey and Frank?" I asked, tapping her on the shoulder not letting my eyes wander from the scene. " I'll explain later, MICHAEL JAMES WAY YOU STOP HURTING THAT BOY RIGHT NOW!" She yelled, with almost nightmarish anger, I backed up from her and pinned myself against the wall closest, " What is going on?" I asked myself. Frank turned his head away from Mikey and smiled, but it wasn't one of his smiles," But why should I do that, /Mother/, its so much fun" Frank's voice mingled in with that of the voice Mikey would always use when he was pissed, and let me tell you, it was not that fun to hear it come out of the mouth of one of the purest people I knew.

" Frankie....? What... what's wrong with you?" I asked. Frank released himself from Mikey's grip and walked up to me, blocking me into a corner, "ICH sollte müssen auslegen dieses ihnen Sie unwissend Kind!" He growled, his face only inches from mine. I had no clue what he said, but from the way it sounded, it couldn't have been nice, I looked over at mom who was now holding Mikey's passed out body, " Mom! Oldest son being held hostage! Help me!" I screamed,/"Zuschlagen die Hölle rauf!"/ Frank yelled, I looked up at Frankie's face and saw the same golden eyes from the alley, they were scared and innocent.

Mikey's Point Of View

" Mom?" I asked quietly, as I looked up and saw her holding me, " Yes?" She asked, smiling. " Is he gone?" I questioned, I didn't know exactly who he was but I knew he was bad and he had been around for too long, "Sort of, so is this my real Mikey?" She laughed, " Yeah, I think so" I stood up slowly and saw Frank holding Gerard to a corner. I ran over to them and pulled Frank from Gerard, " Come on, fight it! You're an angel, you should be even better than me at keeping a demon out" I said, holding his shoulders. " What? An Angel?" Gerard asked, " Yeah! Frank's an angel, he was sent down here to get rid of the demon that is now possessing him... Well, when you say it like that is sounds crazy, but its the truth" I said to Gerard. Frank's eyes were wild and he was fighting against me, and now Gerard too.

Frank continued cursing and spitting in our direction while the three of us were on the other side of the room, trying to figure out what to do, " So... what happens to an angel who's possessed?" Gerard asked, " I'm not sure" Mom answered truthfully. " HELP!" Frank yelled, his voice was full of fear and... the same way his voice sounded when we met him. Gerard and I ran to him, he was thrashing around, " No! You won't win this time!" He yelled, " Frankie! Frank come on, dude!" I yelled, shaking him. He started muttering The Lords Prayer and as soon as he was done he fell the the floor, out cold. Gerard laughed lightly, " Who knew we could preform an exorcism and not be a priest?"

Hm... So those years of actually paying attention in church sorta kinda paid off. and OOOOOOOH Bet none of you were expecting that, well, you probably were but still, don't tell me that. :-)
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