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I can't!

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Gerard and Mikey take Frank to a strip club and Mikey and Frank start to clash and the possession happens in the next chapter, and kinda starts in this one.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Horror - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-07-20 - Updated: 2007-07-21 - 605 words

So yeah, Gerard Mikey and Frank go out to a strip club and Frank has so major issues with that cause well.. he's an angel, you know. And Mikey gets tired of him and they fight in front of Gerard and then.. well... You'll have to wait on the cliff hanger, but it does happen in this one.. the cliff hanger I mean :-D

Frank's Point Of View

" Gerard, please just tell me where we're going!" I whined as we walked down the street, me being dragged by Gerard and Mikey looking on with a slight amused but rather upset look. " I can't cause I know you'll say no, so at least this way, you're already stuck there" He smiled back at me. I sighed and let him pull me down about five streets and almost narrowly missed death by car crash a few times before Gerard is rather slow when it comes to noticing things like that until we reached the building.

" Gerard! What is this?!?" I yelled as he pulled me into the darkened room, " Its a strip club, dumbass." Mikey retorted for him as he kicked me in the back of the shin and walked on with Gerard. I growled slightly and hissed a cruse at him. Mikey looked back at me and smiled with an amused face. " Thats gross! I don't wanna be here!" I whined at Gerard as he smiled back at me. I closed my eyes and hid my face in Gerard's arm. " Oh come on, it'll be fun, wanna get a lap dance?" He asked, " A whatkindadancenow?" I asked rushed.

I tried to hide myself as best I could, whispering verses and other assorted things that would pop into my head, Mikey was laughing from behind me and Gerard was edging on the girl in front of us to 'show me a good time' I stood up and grabbed Mikey's arm, pulling him to the bathrooms of the club and slammed him against the wall, " Look, why don't we just handle this like abnormal creatures of God, other than children?" I growled at him, " We'd have to find somewhere for that" He smiled, " Frank? Mikey?" Gerard called over the music, "Tracto him , commodo!" Mikey hissed at me, " He's your brother" I laughed. I let go of him, " Gerard, lets go back him, I'm kinda tired" Mikey sighed. Gerard thought for a second and then nodded letting us lead the way out.

" So, you wanna settle this like men of God, then lets go" MIkey hissed, we were sitting in the living room of their house after the whole family had gone to sleep. " Of course" I nodded, not getting up. He hissed then, realizing that I was whispering verses, directed at him. He slammed me against the wall and recited the same verses back at me, laughing in my face, " I hope you know that just being an angel doesn't hold you away from being possessed," He smiled, " You wouldn't possess an angel, you'd have hell to pay, oh wait, you already live there anyway" I laughed. " Mikey? Frank what's going on?" I heard Donna ask, Gerard wasn't far behind, " Mikes! What the fuck are you doing?" " Stay out of this Gerard!" He hissed, his voice going deeper and more evil, I was assuming the demon side of him was appearing now. I felt him invading my mind, and I continued the prayers.

I think I suck at cliffhangers :-D Just saying. I hope this was good, cause Frank is gonna be possessed, and its gonna be like a medival one because thats the only ones I've studied.
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