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Good and Evil

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War erupts in Hyrule as Ganondorf Dragmire attempts to conquer the kingdom. King Harkinian gathers his armies in preparation to liberate his people. In the middle of all this is a young man named L...

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I do not own the Legend of Zelda or anything related to it. Nathan, Ammon, Talius, Orgis, Ophelius, and Mandrag are all the property of me. However, the name Mandrag is the property of Nintendo.


By: Janus Kamaren

Chapter 12: Good and Evil

Ganon immediately took the offensive, running straight at Link. Having years of fighting experience, the youth was undaunted. He nocked a Silver Arrow onto his bowstring and drew it back to his lips, taking aim at his foe's heart. He released the string, the arrow flying through the air. Ganon easily spun out of the way and continued his charge. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to hit his opponent, Link dove to the to the right, throwing his bow aside. He faced Ganon and drew the Master Sword while getting up. Ganon came at him again, coming in with a diagonal strike. Link blocked and counterattacked, but Ganon evaded the youth's strike. Their swords continued clashing, sparks flying from the blades each time they collided. Ganon swung down towards Link's head, but he deflected it, pushing against Ganon's blade and turning the Master Sword at an angle, causing Link's right fist to smash into Ganon's face. In retaliation, Ganon kicked Link in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Link quickly got back up.

"Well done," Ganon said, some blood streaming out of his nose. "You have drawn first blood, and you have shown that you can control your fear and are confident in your abilities." Not responding, Link adjusted his stance. If the Master Sword disturbed Ganon, he wasn't showing it.

"But now it's time to be serious," Ganon said.

Outside, a battle was raging. The Hylians and Calatians had successfully split Ganon's forces in half and flanked both sides. Cries rang out from both armies, blood staining the valley. Magic spells flew through the air, although most of it was coming from Ganon's Wizzrobes. However, despite the number that had fallen, all was looking well for the Hylian and Calatian forces. Several of Ganon's minions were giving in to fear.

Mandrag's blade clashed against Ammon's. Blood and sweat ran down the faces of both. Determination was in the eyes of Ammon, while malice was in those of Mandrag. Believing he had found an opening, Mandrag swung his blade down towards Ammon. The Hylian slashed upward, hewing off Mandrag's arm. Mandrag cried out in pain, which was soon ended by Ammon's sword breaking through his black armor and thrusting into his heart.

Harkinian stopped, taking a good look around. Ganon's forces were falling, but why were the hairs on the back of his neck standing up? A loud, high-pitched horn blew. Harkinian and many other soldiers turned to look back behind them. Caldin spoke first.

"Arcadians," he whispered. The barbarians hailed from the land of Arcadia, once the home of a very wise and advanced civilization. However, political uproar led to the country's ruin, and the people had given into their carnal desires, becoming a repulsive band.

Their skin was heavily tanned, and their faces had either striped or blocky markings of various colors. The Arcadians chanted in their native tongue, all of them riding enormous lizards known as Dodongos or on hideous, one-eyed arachnids known as Ghomas.

"Re-form the line! Re-form the line!" Harkinian shouted, a large division of soldiers doing so.

"Royal guard, to my side!" Caldin ordered, Hylian and Calatian horns echoing once again.

"All right," Talius said. "You four, take the door to the right. Zelda and I have the left." The four remaining soldiers ran down the right passage, the Prince and Princess entering the left. As soon as Talius and Zelda entered, a door slammed shut behind them. Talius growled and rammed his shoulder into it, but it wouldn't give. Zelda looked upward and gasped.

"Talius, watch out!" she cried. She raised her hands above her head, creating a magical shield with a watery appearance. An arrow struck the shield and fell to the ground harmlessly. Talius looked up to see Orgis, or Ophelius, with a bow in his hands. His eyes narrowed. The old man smirked at them. They were in a small room with a balcony.

"Greetings, my Prince," Ophelius said. "Ironic, don't you think, that your life is-" The traitor was interrupted as the balcony crumbled, below him. He cried out in pain as he hit the ground, breaking his back. He gasped out profanities directed at Zelda, whose hands were still glowing. Mustering what little strength he had left, he raised his left hand and pointed in Zelda's direction, chanting in a dark tongue. Suddenly, he stopped. He gasped and his eyes widened, one of Talius's swords thrust in his heart. The traitor sighed and laid his head back, his eyes closing.

The door opened again.

"Let's go," Talius said, removing his sword. The left the room, and heard hundreds of voices down the right passage. The other soldiers had found the captured Hylians.

Link was thrown against a pillar. He ducked below Ganon's next strike, and managed to strike Ganon lightly on the stomach. Ganon roared in pain and fury, lunging at Link, who continued to evade him. The symbol of the Triforce glowing on his right hand, Ganon began to change. Screaming like a madman, his muscles grew larger as he continued his assault. His skin was turning into a dark shade of blue. His stature grew even larger, most of his armor tearing away. His horns grew larger and curled. Breathing heavily, he glared at his foe. Ganon was more of a monstrous pig than a man.

"Curse you, Link," he growled, his voice much deeper. "Die!" Throwing his sword to the side, Ganon raised his right arm. Electricity swarmed out of his fist, and a gigantic silver trident appeared.

Link prepared himself. He would not give up. Hundreds of thousands would suffer if he gave in. This creature had taken many lives, including the hero's greatest friend. And he had harmed Zelda.

"This ends here, Dragmire," Link said, charging his foe. Ganon whirled his trident around, ready for the attack.

Soldiers launched small bombs into the mouths of the Dodongos, but the battle was growing worse for the Calatians and Hylians.

Hearing an ear-piercing roar, Harkinian turned to face Castle Dragmire. His heart sank into his stomach as he saw several black dragons rising from behind the fortress. His men gasped as they saw what had happened. Harkinian knew that they could not win this battle. Raising his sword, he looked up to an enormous black dragon flying straight towards him.

"For Hyrule!" he cried, charging the beast, knowing his end was near.

But it didn't come. More earth shaking roars and cries reached his ears, and Harkinian looked up to see what was happening. The soldiers cheered as gold dragons, led by Drakyira, attacked the black dragons, as well as the rest of the enemy forces.

The gigantic reptiles' punches were heard throughout the battlefield, draconic blood falling to the already stained grass. Harkinian was overjoyed at his fortune. But there was still a battle to be won.

"Onward!" he cried, cutting through more hostile foes.

Link charged Ganon, ready to strike. Smirking, the pig whirled his trident around, pointing it at Link. Black electricity fired from its tips, throwing Link to the ground and continuing to shock him.

The Hero of Legend cried out. Never had he felt pain like this. He felt as if his very soul was being ripped in two. His heart felt like it would explode. Ganon laughed as his foe rolled on the ground, screaming in pain. He finally stopped.

"It is over, boy," he taunted. "You should have realized that it is impossible to stop fate. Now you will face your own."

Link rolled over on his back, barely able to move. He had failed. After all he had done, he had failed. The free lands of the world would fall.

Arise, Hero of Legend.

Link gasped as he heard the voice of the Triforce of Wisdom. A blue glow surrounded him. The pain completely disappeared, and strength returned to his limbs. Ganon was stunned, trying to make sense of what had just happened.

Link, however, realized very quickly what had happened. Zelda's power as a Triforce bearer as well as her love had revived him, allowing him to accomplish what he had to do.

Roaring, Ganon fired at Link again. The youth raised the Master Sword, catching the spell. The sacred blade glowed white as it caught the magic.

Ganon fired again, but this time Link rolled to the side, disappearing into a shadowy area of the chamber. Dragmire swung his trident, knocking down a pillar, but he still couldn't see his foe. He turned around and caught a glimpse of Link. He launched another spell, but Link had moved to the left. He had a Silver Arrow nocked onto his bowstring. He released it, and the arrow flew straight into Ganon's heart. Ganon squealed in pain as he felt divine power flood his evil heart and mind. He ripped it out and threw it to the side. Seeing Link charging him with the Master Sword, he made a quick thrust with his trident. Link tried to move out of the way, but one of the blades cut the right side of his abdomen. Shouting and ignoring the pain, Link thrust the Master Sword deep into Ganon's heart. Ganon gasped and his eyes grew wide. Link removed the sword, and Ganon backed away, dropping his weapon and clutching his chest. Breathing heavily, he looked at his own blood on his hands. He looked back at Link.

"Link," Ganon choked, falling to a knee, "you will never be truly rid of me." Ganondorf Dragmire fell to the floor, finally silent.

Link exhaled and sheathed his sword, the door behind him opening. Clutching his right side, he left the room, the door slamming shut again. Blood was streaming between his fingers, and he was feeling dizzy.

He fell to his knees, darkness clouding his mind. He bent over, supporting himself with his right arm. He could barely see. Everything seemed so distant.

He could hear footsteps in the distance, and someone crying his name.

"Zelda," he whispered very quietly to himself, "I'm so sorry..." Link fell flat on the cold, hard ground, the darkness finally filling his mind.

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