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The second act.

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Just for a moment she arches on the floor, breath caught in the throat and all thoughts of just leaving flee from Regina's mind. She helps her stand, tears pricking Janis' eyes while she tries not to put too much pressure on her leg, and they hobble to the nurse together.

(Only later it occurred to them that Regina could have gone for help.)

The nurse inspects her foot while Janis grips Regina's hand and tries not to cry, because you don't cry in the presence of your enemy. The logic of the situation is lost in a haze of pain and when the nurse drops her a little too heavily and she can't bite back a yelp Regina squeezes her eyes shut.

(It was eventually decided that the only place for her was the emergency room and Regina was reluctantly forced to stay behind. They conveniently forget that fact.)

Three days later it's decided by the parental units that Janis is well enough to return, foot wrapped securely, lumbering along on crutches. Regina never acknowledges her existence, but, at some point during the day when she's passing, Janis tells Damian it's three weeks until she's off the crutches and she should be fine after that.

(Maybe just a little too loudly.)

The atmosphere is chilly between them still, but Regina always seems to be around when Janis needs a door opened or something picked up./ (They've never mentioned it, but one day Janis actually met her eyes and Regina supposed it was thank you enough.)/

Three weeks later they just happen to the only two people in the otherwise empty restroom. Regina smiles briefly at her when she's leaving and she guesses that's "You're welcome."

(They've never mentioned the floundering moments when they almost spoke, neither willing to apologise, because they both knew they were right in their indignant fury. But later they both dwelled on it, in their lonely embarrassment.)
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