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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-07-22 - Updated: 2007-07-22 - 816 words

So those of you who decided to come back and listen, I must say you'll think I am crazy but I'm just as sane as you are. It all started when one day I sat alone at lunch being made fun of as always and I went into one of my moods. I started drawing a beautiful woman it amazed me how well I was drawing it, I'm no artist so to see a portrait I was amazed. I continued drawing this woman who was everything I wished I could be long black hair, dark blue eyes she was very attractive. She wasn't 15 either she was 25; kind of like an alter-ego who was portrayed as an older sister figure. I rode the bus home and continued working on my masterpiece. My family wasn't all that great, I wasn't really attached to them either. I wished it could be just me and Claire, as I named the unknown sister. I finished my picture of Claire and gave her some color. The black hair, dark blue eyes, red lips, very pale skin, dressed in red and black corset and she wore a necklace that was an orb that glowed green. Very Witchlike. Just as I crawled into bed my parents started arguing and my sister ran in saying it was my fault. I started crying and put a lot of energy, all the energy in my body wishing Claire would be real and that my family didn't exist. I put in so much energy of that thought I passed out.
When I awoke the next morning, everything changed in my room. No bunk beds just a big queen sized bed, a plasma screen TV, a computer, a phone, and a stereo. I was confused and I walked down the hall all the mess that used to be my house wasn't there, everything was neat and orderly. Everything I wished my house looked like. I stood there dumbstruck; I had to have been dreaming. When I walked out a woman was in the kitchen cooking. It was Claire. She turned and gave me a perfect smile.
"Good morning Angela would you like breakfast?" she asked, I shook my head unable to speak, "Well I expect you're just nervous!"
"More like shocked" I said, she giggled
"Well meeting your favorite band would be shocking" she said, my jaw dropped
"I'm meeting My Chemical Romance?" she nodded and held up backstage passes, "How'd you get these?" I asked
"Honey I work for someone who works for them now go get ready" she said, I nodded and ran and took a shower. This was awesome! I could get used to this. Then I realized I had to have been dreaming, I had no intention of waking up and going back to the cruddy life I had before. I put on my MCR merch and was ready to go. When I got to the living room Claire was dressed in her MCR clothing.
"You ever think that you'd start dating Gerard" I said half knowing it would come true,
"Me and Gerard Way? The hotty me and you used to fight over?" she asked
"Yep, I'm over him just so you know." I said
"Yeah I wish!" she said laughing. I smirked. It was going to happen I mean it was my dream. I put on my Converse and just stared at the clock it was noon when Claire spoke up, "Come on let's go out to eat before the show"
"When is the show?" I asked
"8 but you know I was thinking about going shopping, maybe getting you a new cell. Call Ash up and see if she's ready" she said, now for those of you who don't know Ashley is my best friend. She's always been my friend through everything. I called her up and she was ready. The three of us went out to eat and went shopping; Claire bought me and Ashley both Sidekicks.
"Thanks so much Claire!" Ashley said
"No problem girl, now let's go see us some Gerard Way and Bob Bryar" she said knowing me and Ashley's love for those two members. Yeah we love all of them but Gerard and Bob are just, there's no way to explain them. Well we got to the venue and we had floor tickets. We waited but even waiting was fun. They played some music and me, Ash, and Claire just danced around. The opening act came out and we started jumping up and down. Finally My Chemical Romance came on stage and we went crazy along with all the other people we were pressed against the icy barrier and the security guards just frowned and shook their heads. Gerard noticed Claire and winked at her. She went red and smiled. I loved this dream so much, until reality came down and I found out I wasn't dreaming. Ouch.
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