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Chapter 5- "Open your eyes Pierre, You'll see that love has been right in front of you all a long"

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Pierre and me where getting along better everyday. Its almost to the point where I can talk to him about anything. But I had a feeling that it was soon going to change Alexis was coming back today.
I was now sitting in the back of the bus will Pierre sitting on the couch talking to him. "Pierre, Are you going to ask Alexis when she gets back?"
"Yes I will, You do know that nothing is going to change when she gets back we are still going to be good friends" He said looking at me. I looked up into his big brown eyes and frowned.
"Pierre you don't believe that is going to happen do you?" I did not wont to start a fight with him but. I wonted to know why he was feeling this way.
"I have my doubts about it. Rox's Alexis has never gave me any reason for me not to trust her" He said. I sighed got up and walked off I did not wont to say anything else.

Pierre's POV
3 hours later

I pulled up to the airport and waited for Alexis to come out. Soon she came out. I did not bother to get out and help her put her stuff in the car. She soon got in. I turned to her. "Alexis, Did you lie about being Pregnant? Just so I would ask you to marry me? Has this whole relationship been a lie?" I looked at her. She was quit for a few seconds.
"Pierre no I did not. I would never do that, I love you with all my heart and respect you way to much to do that" She smiled at me. I gave her a weak smile back and drove off. I really did wont to believe Roxanna but it was really hard cause I loved Alexis dearly and I trusted her.

Roxanna's POV
2 days later

Pierre said that he had asked her and I believed him but when he told me her answer I frowned. He told me that he was going to ask her till she cracked. That gave me a smile knowing that he believed me. I jumped up and hugged him

I was now on the phone with Kevin. I really needed to talk to him about ower relationship.
"Kevin we really need to talk," I said with a shigh
"What is It?"
"Kevin, I hate to do this over the phone but. Umm well I think that I was only in this relationship cause I needed to be loved by someone, Iam so sorry but I think that we should break up. I feel so bad that you said I love you so many times to me. And me not saying it back" I really did feel bad. I felt especially bad about doing this over the phone.
"Rox its ok really, I saw it coming, Brittany told me everything that happened and that you had strong feelings for Pierre, Its ok really, But I got to go now bye" he said all to quietly. I took the phone away from my ear and pressed end to shut it off.
As I turned around Pierre was right there he looked me and smiled. I hoped that it was a happy smile.
"Rox we really need to talk" He said taking my hand leading me to sit down on a bench.
"Ok talk"
"Rox iam sorry I talked to Alexis, And she said she did not do it" He said looking down at the ground "And I believe her" He said I looked at him in disbelief.
"Fine Pierre be with her I don't care anymore, Have a great life with her, And with out me, I hope that she leaves you" I said got up and walked over to the other guys. Trying to act as if nothing was wrong
"Rox's what's wrong?" Chuck said looking at me
"Nothing iam fine let go do something fun. So we don't have to hear Pierre and his slut doing the dirty deed" I smiled and walked away linking arms with David. I did not feel the least bit bad about what I said to Pierre. If he did not wont to believe me then fine. But I could not help but feel that heavy feeling in my chest and my head telling me that I was making the biggest mistake of my life by cutting Pierre out all together

4 Mouths later
Pierres POV

Well today was the day that I married the woman that I loved more than the world. It have been hard 4 mouths with Rox giving me the silent treatment. But that was all worth it in a few hours I would be married to the woman that I loved
"Pierre are you sure that you made the right choice?" Jeff said from behind me
"Yes iam positive that I made the right chose"
"Can you do me a favor?" He said turning me around so I was looking at him
"Go to see Alexis" He said and walked out. That was really weird. But curiosity got the better of me and I went to her room. Some thing told me not to open the door but just listen. And when I did her voices what they said surprised the hell out of me. And made me see that she was using me.
"Ashley, It was so much fun using him, And that little slut Roxanna it was so much fun making Pierre hate her" Alexis laughed wildly. I frowned and mentally kicked my ass for not believing Rox when she told me that Alexis what up to something.
I knocked on the door I had to make it look like I had heard nothing.
"Come in" Her voice said so I opened the door walked into the room and sat down next to her.
"We need to have a talk" I said trying desperately not to yell at her
"What is it sweetie, Are not having doubts?" She took my hands and looked at me. I took my hands away
"Alexis, Iam going to ask you one more time, Has this how relationship between us been a lie? Have you just been using me to get what you wont?" I said then waited looking at her intently for her answer. She sat quiet for a few minutes
"Iam waiting"
"Pierre, I love you why are you questioning that" I just starred at her as if she was crazy
"Is that the truth? Iam going to ask you one more time. Was this whole relationship a lie?"
Again she stated quiet. Then she quietly got up and looked at me "FINE I ADMIT IT, I WAS JUST USING YOU FOR YOU FAME AND FORTUE. I HATE YOU WITH EVERY BONE IN MY BODY." She screamed
"Good get the fuck out of my life" I screamed right back. She ran out of the room
I shied and walked to where everyone was waiting to start the ceremony. I walked to the front of everyone and started to talk.
"Hello everyone, You are all hear today for this wedding obviously. But the wedding will not be happening. It turns out that the woman I was to marry was using me. For my fame and money witch to tell you the truth I don't have a lot of" I stopped and looked at Roxanna than looked away. "Well everyone you can still head to the reception tent in the back and have fun." I said lowing my head and walked out of the hall.
I took a deep breath and watched all of the people head into the tent. I started off into space thinking about the past year. I heard the door open I ignored it
"Pierre you ok?" I turned around to see Sebastian standing next to me
"No, I feel like an idiot."
"Well you did not believe. One of the people that you have known a long time and trust"
"Thanks Seb, Make me feel like more of an idiot. I just one someone to love is that to much to ask?"
Seb laughed and shook his head and said
"Open your eyes Pierre, You'll see that love has been right in front of you all a long" He said than walked away

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