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Chapter 6- Better off

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Chapter 6- For the best

Roxanne’s POV

I was walking down the hall looking for Pierre I needed to talk to him before I leave. I know what you are thinking where the fuck iam I going. Well you will find out as soon as I can find Pierre. I saw Seb walk out of a room.

"Seb. Have you seen Pierre I really need to talk to him" I said

"Rox I think you should just leave him alone for now" Seb said walking past me. I shook my head and walked up to the door that he had just walked out of. And knocked on it.

"Pierre are you in here?" I questioned looking inside when I saw a figure by the bay window I decided see if it was him since there was not answering from the figure. I walked up to the person and it was indeed Pierre.

"Look Rox’s. I don’t wont to hear it ok. I know I messed up." He said looking out the window. He then turned his head to look at me "Just go, I don’t wont you to make me feel worst then I already do." I shigned and started to walk out. But turned to look at him at the last minute.

"I just wonted to say bye" I said turning back around and walked out the door. I waited outside his door for a few seconds. Hoping and praying that he would come out and ask why I was saying bye and where I was going. Then when he found out where I was going he would tell me to stay cause he loved me. But soon I realized that he was not coming out. So I walked away. I need to say goodbye to the guys

I walked into the big white tent that the reception was supposed to be in. The only people that where there where. The people that Pierre had invited of course most of the people he invited where band members and his parent where still there. I spotted Jeff talking to Paul Thomas of Good Charlotte. I walked up to him

"Hey sorry to interrupt but can I talk to you for a minute Jeff?" I said with a fake smile on my face. Jeff nodded and said good bye to Paul and followed me

"What’s up Rox?" He new something was wrong cause he had concern plastered all of his face

"Look Jeff. Iam leaving again but this time iam not going to come back. I decided that I wont to make something of my life. Iam going to go to collage in Lowell Ma" I said he just looked at me blankly.

"Katie don’t do that, I know you don’t really won’t to go there. This is because of Pierre?" He yelled at me

"Yes, ok, It is partly because of Pierre. But not all of it I really won’t to go to school, Iam not going to tour with you guys all my life" I said trying to convince Jeff and myself.

"Rox’s stop lying to yourself you love him. You are making all these decisions about leaving cause of Pierre. You say how much you wont to be with him." Jeff stopped and raised my head so that I was looking at his face. "Stop beating around the bush, Go get what you wont" He said and walked off.

Shaking my head I walked off to think about everything. I new Jeff was right, But I was to stubborn to admit it.And even though it was hard for him to believe I really wonted to go to collage

Next day

Roxanne’s POV

I had just woken up and started to get ready to leave. If I took a shower I would think to much and in turn I would think of something stupid to fix everything. And I already played to stupid card when I started to like Pierre.

When I finally had all my things pack and ready to go. I walked out of the hotel room and to the lobby. Walking outside I put my things into the cab. I looked up to see Pierre walking to the hotel door. Looking away fast so he would not see me. I got into the cab told him where to go and I was on my way. Looking out the back window I was Pierre looking at me confused. The look was hurting me so I turned around tried to block his face from my mind for good.

Sitting on the plane looking out the window while the tears where falling down. I wiped them away as fast as they came. I need to get this off my mind. I don’t need him he nothing to me I hate him he’s scum. I told myself I did not believe it one bit.

Jeff’s words kept relaying in my mind ‘Stop beating around the bush, Go get what you wont’. Resting my head on the back of the chair. I soon fell asleep.

Pierre’s POV


Where we on the bus back home for Christmas break. Sitting in the back of the bus thinking. The whole feel of the bus was tension filled. Thinking about everything that had happened in the past few mouths. Made me think why did everything happen this way. I mean if we never book the show that I had met Alexis at none of this would have happened. I would still be friends with Rox. She would be here on tour with us. Cracking jokes. Beating me at video games. Pulling pranks on us with David. Being all-smart with Chuck. Helping Patrick edit videos. And Jeff would not be all pissed of at me. I thought about what Seb said to me "Open your eyes Pierre, You'll see that love has been right in front of you all a long". Thinking about what he meant confused me. I new all the guys new something that I did not. But I would she her again soon. Maybe the time apart would be for the better.

Roxanne’s POV

Today was one of the days that I did not have any classes. I deiced to call Jeff and tell him I was not coming home for Christmas this year. I had everything planned out I would tell him that I was happy and I had a lot of homework to do. And that I would see him some other time.


"Jeff! Hey big brother. How you doing" I said happily like a cheerleader on speed.

"Fine, so are you coming home for Christmas?"

" No, I have a lot of work and iam having fun with my new friends"

"Yea, stop lying please come home and see the guys that miss you"

"Yea, Jeff I need some time to myself" I said and hung up the phone. And started to cry. I had not stopped crying since I left and saw Pierre looking confused standing on the sidewalk. Everyday I thought of him and always wonder if he thought of me. And the funny thing was I had a weird feeling that he thought of me. Even thought I had not proof of it I new it deep down inside he was thinking of me.

We would meet again soon and something would start. But for now I think that its better for us to be apart. Ower relationship needed to get back to where it used to be before we could. Have a relationship on a new level. Soon real soon ill see him again
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