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1. 6:00 p.m the boy's finally arive...
"Frankie!!!" squealed Michelle as she ran down the short hallway from her room to her adoring uncle.
"Elle!!!" Frank shouted back as he streched out his arms to catch her into her swinging her around in a circle.
" You know what this reminds me of Elle girl?" he asked setting her down.
"What?" she asked smiling up at Frank.
" the very same way I was greated very time I saw your mum, she was small and light just like you, I have missed those hug's girly. And you too." he answered after kissing Michelle cheek.
" I have missed you too Fankie" she said while looking behind Fank.
" who are you looking for?" Frank asked.
" were's Mikey monkey?" she said while looking at the open door feeling the cold air rush in.
" he's getting your suprize out of the car." he replied nodding towards Gerard as he walked into the living room setting down another bag filled with their hygiene products.
"Really, what suprise?" she asked walking to the door.
"You will have to see." he said bringing her back to were he was standing.
"Suprize?" questioned Gerard
"don't be mad Gee, it's really awsome" Frank said in a reassuring voice.
"Okay..."Gerard replied not sure weather to belive him or not.
"Mchelle, come and what I got!" yelled Mikey as he walked into the room cradling something that was to hard to see because it was so small.
"Awww its so cute." Michelle said going up to Mikey and taking the bundle out of his arm's.
"what is it?" questioned Gerard as he walked closer.
"Don't be mad bro. One of my cat's had kittens and I thought Michelle would like one so she could have someone to take care of on the trip." Mikey said while greating his brother.
" it's okay, I guess she's old enough to have her own pet." Gerard said while looking at Michelle smiling at the new smokey black kitten.
"Oh, thank's daddy. Look at it's eyes their blue. Isnt it cute?" michelle said looking at the small kitten.
"It's almost as adorable as you." replied Gerard.
"What are you going to name it Elle?"asked Frank as he bent down to pet the kitten that was on the couch.
" well, I think im going to name it Lucy. You know like from that song you sing all the time daddy." she said petting kitten.
"Okay hun. That sounds like a good name."Gerard said trying to stay happy for his daughter. But memories made everything worse.he just put them aside because now is what's important not the past.
"Hey guys can you help me load up our bag's into the car?" Gerard asked as he shruged off his fealing of sadness that overwhelmed him. "Yeah, sure let me just give elle the coller i got her for lucy." Frank said getting the green and black coller out of his pocket. "Perfect!" Michelle said while putting the coller on the kitten. "Thanks guy's for getting her the kitten." gerard said while lugging in two black bag while mikey and fank come folowing behind him holding for suitcases.
"shure bro , when I saw that kitten I thought that they would fit. Im just glad she likes the cat." repiled Mikey as he out the bag in next to the large black car waiting for Gerard to open unlock the car.
"Yeah she seem's to like it." Frank said while holding two more bag's.
"yeah thanks." Gerard said now deep in thought.
"Hey, whats up?" Mikey said noticing how spaced out he was.
" nothing it's just. She look's so much like her mother you know. It can get really. Idk, it just makes me think of her." Gerard said now putting the bag's in the trunk.
"I know what you mean, but remembering her shouldnt be a bad thing. She was amazing, and I think she would have wanted you to be happy when you think of her." Mikey replied as he put the bags that he had after Gerard.
"Yeah and Elle want's you happy to. She loves you so much." Frank said after picking up the two bag's he had.
"I know. I know. Ill be fine. She is here and her life is what im working for now. That is what's important." Gerard said while heading back to the house.
"Yeah but make sure to take care of yourself to. You need to be happy too." Frank said.
"Okay. But the real question is. Pizza, or Chinese?" Gerard said trying to feel better.
"PIZZA!" yelled Michelle from the living room.
"Okay. Sounds good to me." Mikey said while smiling at Gerard.
"Yeah, im just hungry."Frank added.
"We better get three then." replied Gerard.
"Make it five Ray is coming over and he has been working all day." Frank said
"Oh great." replied Mikey.
"Now we have to hear Ray's nagging all night."
"We will just have him play with Elle. She will distract him long enough for him to forget to nail us about not working together this week." replied Frank.
"She alway's does. He's crazy about her." Gerard said grabbing the last three bag's.
"yeah we all are." Mikey said.

For the rest of the night all they thought of was pizza, and movies. Ray was more then happy to put Michelle to bed and everyone was at ease. They might not be the most conventional family. But they were at least one of the most loving. And thats all michelle needing. They were everything and more to her, and she was what made all of them happy. Espeshally Gerard, she was life to him. She she his air, with iut her he would have never made it this long.
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