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welcom to our new life.

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wow....i took a break and now im ready to finish this sucker. i took two chapters away cuz i have a new story line for this. hope people start reading this again.

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Three years later...

"Hey Hun, are u packing yet?" Gerard called from his room down the hall of their new small house in Belleville.
"Yup im almost done with my books" Michelle replied as she started to rearrange her books so she could fit more into her duffle bag.
"Good, remember to pack Jeffrey's food to when your done with you cloths" Gerard remarked.
" I already packed my cloth this morning" Michelle replied as she took a few video's out of the back or her bag."
"PERFECT!" Michelle as she stepped back from her bag that she could now zip up completely.
" What's perfect?" Gerard asked as he leaned against her bedroom doorframe.
" I got all of my books and movies in my bag, and I can zip it up too!" she answered with a smile on her face.
"Do you need ALL of your books and movies? Cant you just leave behind one or two or ten?" he asked while he studies the bulging bag.
"That won't last three months Hun."
"Well I need them for summer reading." Michelle replied.
"This is my first year and I want to do a good job."
"They give you summer reading in kindergarten?" he asked.
" Yup here's the record sheet they give me before the last day party" replied as she handed the white piece of paper to Gerard.
" Wow, well we will help you with it wile we are on the bus inbetween shows" he replied as he read the instructions at the top.
" Thanks" Michelle replied
"Mhmm, just put it into your binder with all of your drawing stuff, so it wont get crinkled up." Gerard replied handing the paper back to Michelle.
"Okay, I got all of my cloths packed, all of my book's and video's, everything in the bathroom, and all my hair stuff. And I will pack the cat stuff next, is their anything else I need?" she asked trying to think if you cat need her bed and her couch.
" Nope it looks like we got it all covered, were did you put the clothing bag we packed for you?" he asked.
" It's in the living room, I dragged it out of my room so I could have room to pack in here." Michelle replied as she pulled out a small green and black-checkered backpack to put all of her cat toys in.
"Okay, when Mikey and Frank get here I will lode all of our stuff into the car, but please put half of your books and movies back. We are only going to be gone for three months and if you really need more reading books we can pick them up on the road." he replied while looking at the huge bag of books.
"Okay...but I'm bringing my doll." she answered while going to the large bag and started taking out the books returning them to their shelves.
"Thank you" said Gerard.
"Mhmm, umm daddy? Do I look like mum?" she asked looking at the doll sitting next to the pillows on her bed.
"You are like you r mother in every way, beautiful, smart, and kind hearted. Everything she was and more."
He said smiling at his daughter and remembering her.
"He he.... good" she said taking another stack of books.

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