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Chapter 16

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"I had no idea you had a brother."

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Frank wasn't in the house, he wasn't anywhere in the streets. In fact, there was no sign of him being there at all in the first place. His room was painted brown; a bed that looked like it had been made up without an occupant for months in the middle of the room. Band posters no longer adorned the walls and there was no 2 inch pile of crap on the floor. They called Frank's friends, getting the same responses from all of them, "who the heck is Frank?"

"How can you not know who Frank was? He was like your best friend Sam." Jason said over the phone to a boy Frank spent a lot of time with.

"I'm serious, J. I had no idea you had a brother. Really." Sam answered.

Then Jason noticed the sign outside. The never used, small, apartment-like basement was up for rent. It had been for the last month apparently. The family was sitting in the living room, almost about to call the police when the doorbell rang.
Gerard stood shyly on the other side, two boys behind him. His hair was black again, but this time chin length, wavy almost. He twisted the sleeves of his unzipped hoodie in his fingers nervously. The same black and silver rings were visible on the boys' fingers. Frank stepped in front of Gerard, noticing his fiancé's discomfort.

"Uhm, you must be the... Johnsons? Hi, uh, my name is Frank Iero, and we're the ones renting your basement... I think I talked to one of you on the phone a few days ago and..."


(first EVER chaptered fic i've finished...)
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