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Chapter 15

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"Did Gerard hit you a lot?" "No."

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Jason stopped gawking and glanced at his mom.

"He hit him?" he asked.

His mom shrugged.

"Like, abused him?"

"I don't know honey, something's going on. Think we should take him to a counselor or...?"

"No, don't. I think that would make it worse... Let me talk to him." Jason said, heading for Frank's room.

Frank was now half on the floor with his legs up on the mattress and his head on the hardwood, seemingly looking under the bed. Jason called his name but he didn't move.


"Can I talk to you?"

"Yeah." Frank answered glumly.

"Did Gerard hit you a lot?"

"No." Frank replied in the same tone.

"Oh, okay." Jason said.

"Only when I did something really wrong. Like really wrong." Frank told him, still in his awkward position.

Jason nodded and sat down next to Frank, who finally flipped down with a thud onto the floor. They just sat for a while until Jason had to go back downstairs to help clean up some more.
The next morning Frank felt sicker. He spent the early morning sprawled on the couch, sleeping. He woke up at about 7:30AM and clutched at his head. Jason gave him water but it didn't help, so he kept convulsing and after a while fell off the sofa. He didn't say anything, but kept rolling around on the floor and banging his face on the sofa leg.

"Frank? What's wrong?" his father asked, coming in from the breakfast room.

"Aggh, headache... that's all..." Frank answered, now flat on his stomach with his face squished on the floor.

Jason yelled from the kitchen suddenly that someone weird was in the backyard. Frank instantly jumped up and ran out onto the deck, not even half as cautiously as his family who were following behind.
A young man had just jumped over the back fence. He looked to be in his late teens or early twenties. His hair was dyed blond and his eyes were a striking hazel color. He was wearing a leather jacket over a too-small black t-shirt that showed less than an inch of the skin of his lower stomach. A black studded belt held his dark loose pants up on his slim waist. He wore a pair of fingerless gloves and black boots.
Frank froze on the wood, his eyes wide. The man froze as well. Frank's mouth opened, but no words came out. A look of vulnerability came over his features, but was replaced with affectionate anger a moment later. He ran at the man and knocked him over onto his back, hitting his chest softly but enough to cause aggravation. He was on top of the man, crying into his shirt, still pounding him with punches that were getting weaker and weaker as he did. The man sat up on one elbow and used the other to put his hand over Frank's scarcely moving fists.

"Stupid, stupid, you're so stupid, stupidhead." Frank accused, looking up at the guy.

"Excuse me, will someone tell me exactly why this person in on my lawn?" Frank's dad interrupted, standing a few feet from the two.

"You're so dumb, stupid, dumb, shitface." Frank continued, ignoring his father.

"Frank is that really you?" the man said finally, seeing Frank's eyes light up when he spoke.

"What do you think? ...stupid." Frank added as an afterthought.

"Who is this?" his dad repeated.

"Gerard... the stupidest person in the whole world." Frank said matter-of-factly.

Gerard sat up more, causing Frank to fall off him. Frank scrambled into his lap and clung tightly into his shirt. Gerard lifted his chin and watched Frank's eyes get big. Frank kissed him hard, knocking him back onto the grass, his also-gloved fingers tangling in Gerard's hair, his tongue flicking encouragingly across Gerard's bottom lip. Exploring the once-familiar area of the other's wet, inviting, hot mouth that each had been missing for the past two decades, they stayed like that for minutes, Frank's legs innocently weaving through Gerard's. One of Gerard's hands fisted the ground beside them, the other letting a finger hook into Frank's belt loop. They ignored the gaping adults around them, but sat up a moment later, Gerard resting his chin on Frank's head.

"Frank, I think we have some unfinished business to attend to." Gerard said softly into Frank's hair.

"You remember?" Frank piped, looking up into Gerard's eyes.

Gerard smiled and Frank got off his lap, sitting in the grass hopefully. Gerard pulled a bag from his back pocket and produced a ring identical to Frank's from it. He took Frank's hand and slipped the ring on his ring finger.

"Frank, will you marry me?" he asked, kneeling in front of him.

"Of course I will doofus!" Frank said, burying his face in Gerard's chest again, "I've been waiting for you for twenty years!"

Frank paused to take the ring he had out of his back pocket. He put it on Gerard's finger and let him stand up.

"Don't leave me like that again..." he said, gripping the front of his jacket.

He finally acknowledged his family and turned to them.

"Mom, dad, Jason... this is Gerard. Uhm... first things first... I'm not really your son." He paused, waiting for this to sink in.

"What? You're being ridiculous Frank." His mom said.

"No, I mean... I had to stay with someone, because I couldn't survive homeless without someone, so Gerard told me to stay at pre-set houses, like this. I've had to switch a couple of times because of how I can't stay a teen forever without someone noticing. I have to like input memories into families brains so they think they remember me being born and being in kindergarten and so on..." Frank told them, fiddling with the strings fraying off his sleeves.

"I don't understand." His mom said.

"I'm centuries old. Gerard saved me. Uh... I was born in England about 500 years ago... Gerard was born in Italy like a trillion years ago or something; I really don't know how old he is... But I was some sort of stable boy for my mostly normal life when I didn't know about... uh, Gee and myself. This guy told me, he was some old man or something, and he sort of like stole my soul or something, so Gerard found me one day and made a sort of bargain with him. I know I'm not explaining this so well, but..." Frank said, "Uh, like Gerard had to do this little slave turn to keep me away from the guy. I kept working as a horse keeper until they made railroads, then I worked on railroads. Yeah, uh, I've been having to get different jobs, so... Well, Gerard decided to take Mikey, his brother, to like make some huge-o deal... By the way, where is Mikey?"

Gerard grinned and a rustling noise came from above. A moment later a brown haired kid jumped on Frank from the tree above them.

"Mikey!" Frank exclaimed, hugging the boy tightly.

"Hey! I missed you buddy! Oh, now we're in-laws!" Mikey said, referring to Frank's ring.

"I thought you said you weren't married." Jason pointed out.

"I was engaged. There's a difference. Gerard promised he'd marry me once he got back, well, if he got back, from his last trip. See, he planned to like do something to make the guy like die or something or like give up completely so neither of us had to do anything for him." Frank said confusingly, "Basically... we're immortal. We're just a few kids who were born lucky. We'll be this age forever. And... I used you guys, I'm sorry. I really do love you like family. But I gotta go on now."

"What the hell are you talking about?" his dad said, "Is this real? Is he real?"

Frank shrugged and stood up next to the two others. He took Gerard's hand in his and kissed his knuckles before leading him to the side gate, Mikey following. His "family" rushed out to the front, but he was gone. No one was down the street, there was no movement whatsoever.


oh yah, i actually wasnt born in america. but n e wayz, uhm, yeah...awkward. i WISH i was born in Jersey lol. sort of. if i was a guy, 20 years ago with good looks n a singin voice. meh.
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