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A Change Of Plans

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The Second War is about to begin, with Voldemort gaining power, and the Ministry denying his return. Ron&Hermione are looked as the ones to destroy HIM, but no one saw the return of the Savior they...

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Well, I finally finished a new chap, and I'd like to say that the story will come to a close soon. I am very pleased people liked this, and it gives me a great reason to finally write my novel, which I hope people will like as well. As always, read, and tell me what you think.
Chapter 16: A change of plans

Three days had passed since anyone had seen Harry, and rumors began to circulate around the school. The teachers, however, didn't seem bothered by his absence, and any questions about said person remained unanswered.

So, it was a bit of a surprise when Harry walked in during lunch that Saturday, obviously pleased about something.

"Harry, where were you mate?" Ron asked the moment he sat down.

"Just had a few things I had to care of, Ron. I'll tell you more later." Harry replied as he dug into the food. Despite the fact he didn't need it, he had developed a taste for the food at the school.

"Mr. Potter, the Headmaster would like to talk to you after lunch is over. The password is 'Mars bar.'" McGonagall informed him and left just as quickly.

"So, Harry, did you make a decision?" Hermione asked, thinking about the nano-injectors.

"Not yet, Hermione. I decided to wait until this war is over before I do anything." Harry replied and returned to his food.

They were mid-way trough dessert, when Hermione suddenly snapped up in shock.

"Hmm, they're a bit early." Harry mused, as everyone near him turned towards him in confusion.

"Who are early?" Neville asked.

"Just a few old friends. I asked them here to give me a hand, so to say." Harry replied, as those closest to the door screamed. Instantly, everyone turned to see four rather intimidating individuals.

All were wearing the same black uniform with blue collar and lining, and the same grim mark on the chest displaying a boned hand gripping a fanged skull. However, the four were very different. The first was easily seven foot tall, and rather slim, giving him a sylvan appearance. He had very short violet hair that seemed a bit out of place. His face had a cold and calculating look, and his hands were close to the weapons he had hanging from his belt. The one next to him was about a head shorter, but twice as wide, showing a well toned and muscular body that most body-builders would kill for. His face showed boredom, and the only weapon he wore were two huge strange looking swords.

Behind them was a rather shifty man who was significantly smaller than the first two, but he had an aura around him that clearly said that he was the one to fear in the group. Noticing the many daggers on the blonde's person, most could agree with this.

Next to him was the only woman in the group, a slim redhead about the same height as the man next to her, wearing a pair of bulky metal gauntlets that looked far too big or heavy for a woman like her.

Harry smirked lightly, and walked to them. Seeing him. All four stopped, put their right fist over their heart and bowed lightly. Harry returned the bow, and said with an amused tone "You always knew how to make an entrance, Nathan."

"Thank you, Kosh Dar-tuor. It is a pleasure to see you again." The shifty man replied with a smooth voice.

"Please, follow me, we have much to discuss." Harry led the four away, leaving the Hall to erupt in babble.

"Who the hell was that?" Ron asked Hermione.

"You'll know soon. Go to Harry's room, I need to tell the Headmaster to go there as well." Hermione headed towards the staff table, leaving a lot of confused people behind.

The group was met with laughter and long strings of Lantrisian, but everyone went silent when the new arrivals walked in.

"Ah, everyone's here then. I'd like to introduce some friends of mine. This is Nathan, the squad commander," He pointed to the shifty man, "back there is Stefan," his finger pointed out the one with huge muscles, "Halel to his left," he introduced the slim man, "and last but certainly not least, Elisabeth." He finished with the woman.

"Call me Beth, everyone." The woman giggled lightly, and threw a seductive look at Ron, who blushed like a tomato.

"Now now, don't tease the boy. He's far too young for you." Harry threw her a look.

"How old are you?" Ron asked with curiosity.

"You know it's impolite to ask a lady for her age." She admonished him. The effect was ruined by four loud snorts.

"The day you become a lady is the day I beat Lord Deathhand." Nathan laughed. "She's 732 Earth years old, kid. Stefan is the youngest with 467, and Halel is 694. I'm 984." Nathan's words shocked most people.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to this immortality bit." Ron said in shock.

"That reminds me, Nathan, did your secondary skill emerge yet?" Harry turned to him.

"Yeah, I can do some small changes, but it takes time. I was told to just wait and practice." Nathan replied with a hint of pride.

"Yeah, it took me twenty years to get to my level, and I'm still not even close to full mastery yet. When you see one of them do it, it does look unreal eh?" Harry smiled.

"The Deathhands are in a whole different level then the rest of us, kid." Nathan replied.

"But anyway, I think our friends here deserve an explanation. You see, I've been thinking about the war, and I'm a bit displeased how it's been dragging on, so, I contacted Lord Deathhand and asked for some support. Fortunately, he had a few spare Order squads." Harry smirked when the humans stared in shock.

"You're from the Order of Death?" Ginny squeaked.

"Yeah, we're one of the heavy assault squads. Not as good as Daroth here, but still above most. However, with the war going on, we've found ourselves in a bit of a problem. Our squad is made of specialists who lack the officer skills that the assassins posses. This means we're not qualified to fight in space, and too valuable to risk on anything else than planetary assault. So, coming here was the only way to see some action." Nathan replied.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Nathan, but our targets won't be much of a challenge. They have the combat skills of Alliance civilians." Harry told the group who looked rather disappointed.

"Hey, they can do magic, right? That should count for something." Beth said hopeful.

"Remember the Shilian conflict?" Harry asked, and the woman's face turned to shock.

"This will be pretty much like that." Harry said smugly as the woman turned from shocked to angry.

"Hell no! I won't do something like that again. If I'm going to fight, I want at least some challenge, Daroth. I'm not going to slaughter helpless civilians again." The woman glared at him.

"You will do what you are ordered to. Is that understood?" Harry's voice was cold, and the woman instantly calmed and nodded.

"Now, Harry, her reluctance is perfectly understandable." Dumbledore tried to intervene.

"If she was anything else, I would agree. But she is a member of the Order of Death. Even a low ranking member like her should know what that means." Harry threw her a cold glare.

The squad reacted differently to this. Beth gasped, while Stefan jumped up, only to be stopped by Nathan, while Halel still stood by the window, seemingly ignoring the talk.

"He's right, Stefan. Such complaints should be heard from an infantry grunt, not an Order specialist. However, if she's reluctant, she doesn't need to help. I'm sure her Ladyship will overlook one failure." Beth's eyes widened as Nathan said that.

"You wouldn't report something like that, would you?" She sounded hopeful, even though she knew the answer.

"I have to submit a full report on my squad's performance after every mission, you know that. I'm sure she will inquire why you did nothing. Now, you're my friend, but not even family would make me lie to her." Nathan said with a tone of sympathy.

"I wouldn't expect you to. Alright, I'll help, but this is my last mission for the Order. Once we get back, I'll request to be sent for officer training." Beth surprised everyone.

"Beth, I don't want to ruin your career. I'm sorry if I sounded harsh." Harry spoke with a sincere voice.

"No, this is just the last straw. This is not the life I want, I tried and I failed. I'm not cut out for the Order." She said, looking away from her squad.

"We'll certainly miss you, although, it's good to lose a teammate to something other than death." Nathan laughed lightly, breaking the depressing scene.

"Alright, enough of this sappy stuff. Let's see some action." Beth smiled.

"I was thinking the same thing. So, Daroth, when do we attack. I admit, I am somewhat eager to fight." Halel suddenly joined the talk.

"I have just the target in mind. Right here." Harry pointed to the map that showed the Death Eaters.

"Interesting map. So, what's the target and how many hostiles?" Nathan shifted into soldier mode.

"About eighty, the structure is a large three storey mansion. It is completely warded against magical means of transport, so, Beth and Halel will remain outside, and take down all who try to flee. The three of us will enter the first floor from three points, and systematically cleanse it of enemy presence. We'll go over the details once we're on site." The four nodded, and stood up, while Harry's clothes changed into the same uniform as he stood up.

"Harry, I don't think I can make you reconsider this course of action?" Dumbledore asked solemnly.

"Sorry, old man, your way is far too slow. Now we'll do it our way." Harry smirked as the four others grinned.

"What way is that?" Ron asked.

"Just like sex, kid. Fast, hard, rough and brutal." Beth shocked the humans as the red glow of the transporters took them away.

"Hermione, are all of your kind insane masochists?" Ron turned to the vampire girl.

"Actually, it's an Order requirement. Everyone else is pretty much normal, well, for a race of highly advanced immortal bloodsuckers." Hermione replied.

"You know, that actually answers a lot of questions." Ron nodded and walked away, waiting for his friend to return.

The Order squad appeared near a mansion that stood isolated in the plains, the nearest settlement was at least five miles away. The home was pretty quiet, and there were only three guards patrolling the yard.

'Nathan, Halel, take out the two guards, I'll go for the third.' Harry spoke mentally to his squad. Thoughts of confirmation returned, and Harry stealthily moved towards the Death Eater, slitting his throat with his knife before the man could even gasp. His teammates reported success as well and Harry sent new orders.

'Beth, Halel, take positions. Nathan, the back door, Stefan, take the front. I'll take a window. Remain quiet for as long as possible.' Harry moved to the nearest window, and heard light chatting from the inside, telling him there were five people inside.

'Move in.' Harry commanded, and pulled a handful of small throwing knives, then stood up rapidly and threw the knives at the people inside, killing three with hits in the head, and nailing the fourth's hand to the table. Before the survivors could react, two knives stuck in their chest, killing them instantly.

'Entry point secure.' Harry reported.

'Back door clear.' Nathan added.

'Front is secured.' Stefan replied.

Harry grinned, and silently opened the door, keeping his senses sharp for other humans. He heard someone coming down the corridor, so he jumped to the ceiling, and made his skin match its color. The pair of Death Eaters had only time to moan as he crashed into them, stabbing his daggers in their throats.

Stowing the bodies in the same room as the other five, he proceeded to search the other rooms.

Outside, the two vampires were getting bored. From the reports that kept coming for the last three minutes, at least thirty enemies were dead. Suddenly, a window erupted with the shout of 'Avada Kedavra.' Instantly, the whole house turned into a hive of activity. Shouts came from the inside, followed by the occasional scream, followed by more shouts. Crashes and explosions became more and more frequent, and they heard Harry 'Beth, Halel, they're trying to get away. Don't let them clear the wards.' Sighing, Beth flexed her electro-gauntlets, which instantly began crackling with bluish energy, seemingly eager to kill. The gauntlets were extremely sharp, with added shock system that scorched the wound and electrocuted the victim. Death was certain with anything but a glancing blow.

As she stood there, absently looking at the charges arcing between the fingers of the gauntlet, three Death Eaters ran out the house in her general direction. She jumped off the tree she was perched on, and rushed the trio. They didn't notice her at first, but the light crackling sound made them turn just in time to see a black and red blur impale the one in front. The man's face was frozen in shock as he body quivered from the electricity coursing through it.

The other two took a step back, raising wands in shaking hands.

"Don't be afraid, I'll be quick." Beth grinned, and rushed again, dodging spells with inhuman grace. Moments later, the two joined their friend, huge, sizzling gashes clear on their bodies.

'Three escapees were silenced.' Beth reported.

'Five escapees stopped.' Halel added.

'Good. We're half done with the second floor. Keep watch.' Harry replied shortly.

Thirty minutes later, the house was silent, and the five vampires stood outside, all of them covered in blood.

"What do we do now?" Nathan asked.

"Monument." Harry replied shortly, and moved towards the nearest body.

Three hours later, a Death Eater recon squad reported back to their master.

"Everyone was killed my Lord. We searched the whole house, but we found no survivors." The Death Eater spoke shakily, aware of Voldemort's anger.

"I see. Did you find out who did this?" Voldemort hissed angrily.

"Yes, my Lord. They had arranged the dead throughout the grounds, they even nailed some on the walls of the mansion. There were two messages written in blood. 'Never piss off a Potter', and 'We won't go so easy next time'."

Voldemort's cry of rage was the last thing the Death Eaters heard before their world dissolved in pain.

"Well done, everyone. Now is the time to hit them even harder." Harry and his team sat in the mess hall on the Voice of Despair.

"These two targets are a lot smaller, and we can divide to take them out. Me and Halel will take out this old warehouse in Manchester, while you three can raid this old factory in Calais. We attack in fifteen minutes. And remember, this time, get creative." Harry grinned evilly.

The next day, the papers were filled with the grizzly raids on the Death Eater hideouts. The school day was once again, interrupted by a visit from the minister.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Dumbledore? Those places were a slaughterhouse. Our investigation teams say that whoever did this aimed to kill from the start. I demand to know who did this." Scrimgeour shouted.

"We did, minister." Everyone turned to see Harry and the Order squad enter the Headmaster's office.

"Potter... you... you did this?" The minister stood slack-jawed at this.

"Yes, me and my men are responsible for the attacks." Harry replied calmly.

"In that case, you five are all under arrest for murder." The minister said angrily.

"I don't think so, minister. You see, there were a few changes from the last time we met. You no longer have the authority to do anything to me." Harry stood calmly before the shocked wizards.

"What do you mean by that? I am the minister of magic." The man roared.

"Three days ago, Lord Deathhand has appointed me as a Lantrisi Lord, and has designated this world as the main planet of my clan. As such, all inhabitants and governments are immediately under my direct rule." Harry further shocked everyone.

"The ministry of magic will never acknowledge this, nor will any other government." Scrimgeour hissed.

"Oh, but they will. My people can be very persuasive. In case you don't know, I have a ship in orbit that can attack any point on the surface. One short order, and the ministry will be a smoking crater. Am I clear, Minister?" Harry's body rippled, and now stood before them as an adult Lantrisi.

The minister was shocked, and could only nod.

"Good. Now, I want you to publish a notice in the papers. All humans under thirty who are willing to join the Lantrisi are to come at this spot in one week. Joining us will guarantee gaining magic for the squibs, as well as curing all incurable diseases, including lycanthropy, as well as restoring missing limbs. All answers will be given then. No one will be forced, people are free to join on their own free will." Harry gave the minister a paper with a set of coordinates, and the minister could only nod.

Once the minister and his entourage left, Dumbledore turned to Harry with a weary look.

"Harry, just because you have such power, it doesn't mean you can force people like that." Harry, however, seemed unfazed from the comment.

"A show of power was needed, Headmaster. People in power never react well when they are told they are no longer in charge. Whether you like it or not, this planet is my responsibility now. Now, I'm afraid I'll have to quit this school, I have too many things to do." Harry replied.

"You are of course, welcome to stop by anytime." Dumbledore said, and Harry nodded, before the five transported away.

In a large plain south-west of Hogwarts, the five vampires reappeared with many large crates around them.

"Let's get to work, everyone, we have a lot of work to do." Harry spoke and opened the first crate.

A week later, nearly three thousand people showed up at the designated coordinates to see a large metal building standing there, it's doors wide open.

Once everyone was in, Harry appeared, and the crowd fell silent.

"Greetings, everyone, and thank you for coming. I'm sure you all have many questions, and I'll be happy to answer them. First off, what does it mean to join us. Well, that is..." Harry began to explain what would happen to those that chose the change, and what they could expect afterwards. When he was finished, the crowd stood silent, every man thinking if the change was worth it.

"Anyone who does not wish to go through with it, please leave within the next fifteen minutes. This is completely voluntary, no one will force you, and no one will think any less of you if you leave." A handful of people left, but most stayed behind.

"There is no turning back after this. Do you understand that?" The crowd nodded or murmured a 'Yes'.

"Then, we shall begin." Harry said, and from both sides, the Order squad appeared, carrying two large metal cylinders which they set down in the crowd.

"Activate them." Harry told the four. They pushed a few buttons on the cylinders, and instantly, they opened hundreds of openings, and a reddish mist began to emanate from them, until it covered the hall. One by one, the people began to fall and some began to shiver.

'It has begun.' Harry thought as he walked away.

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