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Chapter Thirteen.

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Hey quick question, does anyone know what genre this would be?? If so PLEASE tell me because I have no idea. Anyways, here's the new chapter even though I get no reviews. But hey, I guess if people are reading, might as well keep posting. And I'm having fun writing. Oops, now I'm carrying on, okay here ya go... :]

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Day 35

Mikey's POV.

I swear to god that cat was sent from the devil. It fucking attacked me!! Ray, I hate your cat. Now my right hand is screwed. Luckily that's all the cat reached before Ray came to my rescue. Damn thing...

Ray's POV.

I couldn't believe that my cute little kitty actually hurt something! I'm getting her declawed...I didn't think she'd be that evil. She was fine until Mikey came into the room. After he did it was like she was possessed or is it bad to be scared of a cat?

Day 37

Bob's POV.

Well, we WERE supposed to try and have band practice, but Mikey couldn't play thanks to Ray's stupid cat. Ray insists it wasn't his fault and that he was sorry. That doesn't change the fact that we can't have band practice now. But ah well, I guess it didn't matter because we had to hide Mikey anyway...

Mikey's POV.

It was over a month later and the damn police came looking for me. So there I was smushed between boxes in the damn closet under the stairs. It was SO uncomfortable there. It smelled funny too. Gerard was at the door talking to the police. I could hear everything too...

Gerard's POV.

"No sir, I don't have any idea what you're talking about." God I hate the police.

"So you have no idea where Mikey Way is, yet you're his brother."

I looked at him. I really hate police. I remained calm. "No, don't you think you've put me through enough?" I pretended to be upset, tears coming to my eyes. The police man looked me straight in the eye. I tried not to show any doubt or lie.

"Of course, you are right with that. But we have some evidence that the fire was no accident. And funny, you were there on the same day that the fire was, even though you weren't supposed to be there."

My heart stopped and I started to get nervous when I heard this piece of information. I stayed silent. "So you have nothing to that?" I gulped, "Um..."

"I'm afraid you're going to have to come with me sir. Just for questioning."

Well shit, that didn't go as well as I planned. I looked back at Frank, Ray and Bob. Their faces were all white and the only thing they offered was silence. I let the officer guide me out and down to the car that was waiting. I sighed as I climbed into the backseat.
"Nothing's going to go wrong. Mikey will stay at our house and everything will be fine. ...I think."

Later that day...

Frank's POV.

Gerard still wasn't back and we were all starting to get worried. We knew that it could take him a while, but not this long. Right?

"How much longer do you guys think it'll take?" I looked around at everyone, another bad feeling in my stomach. This time Ray answered, "Frank, again, we don't know." The living room in Gerard's house seemed empty without him there. We had finally let Mikey out, but a few more police cars had come by. He was in the corner of the room, scared. I could tell he was trying to hide it, but he was scared. We all were.

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