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Chapter Fourteen.

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yay for crazy days! :P

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The Next Day...

Mikey's POV.

I was woken up by the phone ringing in my ear. I went to answer it, but when I read the caller ID, I stopped. "SOMEONE GET THE PHONE!!" I called downstairs.

"Why would the police station have to call the house...they know nobody's here since I'm 'on the run' I guess..."

Frank's POV.

I groaned and opened my eyes. I got off the couch and ambled over to the stupid ringing phone. I picked it up, "Hullo..." Gerard's voice came to my ear, and I woke up a considerable amount faster. "Frank?" I yawned, "Yeah?" "I need your help, now." I could hear something weird in his voice, "Why? What's wrong?" "They're trying to do me in for that damn fire." I had a puzzled look on my face, "But...wait..." Ray quickly took the phone from me before I said anything, "Gerard what's wrong?" He mouthed 'idiot' to me. I shrugged and sat down.

Gerard's POV.

I heard Ray answer the phone, seeing as Frank was about to give me away because the stupid police were listening in. God, idiot. I mentally sighed with relief. "They're trying to pin the fire on me." I was trying to contain my composure, but I kept getting more and more nervous. "Why? What did you do?" Thank you god, Ray was smart! YAY FOR RAY! "I don't know, they think it was me." "Well, that's dumb. They have no evidence except that you were there that day. Plus, that fire took hours to put out, so obviously you ran down there because you heard it was on fire, and your BROTHER was in there." I was so happy, thank you god for having smart friends. "Yeah, I know but they won't believe me." "Well you can tell the police that you have three people backing you up! We all know it's true, and we all would've been there, but unfortunately we were elsewhere in the state."

Ray's POV.

Stupid ass police. We don't need Gerard in jail, that will NOT help Mikey. He's currently hiding in his room because of all this. Stupid police. After a little while longer on the phone Gerard said his goodbyes and that he would be home within the hour. Once again, STUPID POLICE.

Day 39

Mikey's POV.

Gerard was back, and I was happy about that. Don't get me wrong, I was frikkin ecstatic! But still, I was down. It's hard to explain. It just sucked, much like the rest of my life. But then something changed that night, I heard a crash coming from downstairs. I looked up and carefully made my way downstairs. My mouth dropped when I saw what had happened. "No..."

"This can't be happening. It's not"

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