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X Chapter six X

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"Are you sure it was William Beckett?" Asked Pete, giving yet another yawn. Joe nodded his head.
"Of course I'm sure! I think I would recognise the worlds strongest vampire!" He snapped. Patrick sighed and sat down on the sofa, rubbing his temples.
"I knew there were still vampires round here, but I never thought that it would be William Beckett" He said quietly. Pete kicked the wall, causing a block of concrete to fall and smash on the floor.
"How can we be certain it WAS William Beckett. Joe says he didnt actaully say anything, and it was dark and Joe must have been tired. It could have been anoyone." He said turning back to face them.
"Well, what did he look like?" Asked Mikey. Joe sat down next to Patrick and thought back.
"Erm...he had brown hair, just past his was wavy. He was wearing a black suit, and had a gold cane. He was wearing white silk gloves...he looked very fancy actually..." He said. Gerard grinned.
"William always had fine taste" He said. Pete turned to him.
"You sound like you know a lot about the guy. And you call him William like its no big deal, like he's just a normal person" He said, un - able to hide suspicion in his voice. Gerard smiled at Pete.
"Like I've already told you. He blooded me, did you think he would just leave me like the vampire who blooded Lucy did?" He asked. Pete opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it again - clearly unsure. Gerard began pacing the room.
"I spent the first five years of being a vampire with William. We became close friends, he taught me a lot about the vampire ways. But I always hated being a vampire, and when I found out most vampires are given the choice to be blooded or not I got angry...we argued -"

Flash back
"William?" Gerard entered the fine library in which William was sat, drinking a glass of red wine. A book open infront of him, he looked up and smiled at Gerard.
"How are you Gerard?" He asked casually whilst diverting his gaze back to the open book. Gerard mumbled that he was fine and walked across the room, he sat down on a chair on the opposite side of the small table William was sat at. For a while nothing was said, but then William sighed and closed his book. He rested his hands on the front cover and looked at Gerard.
"Something is bothering you. I can tell." He said. Gerard didnt reply for a moment. But then he leaned forward and spoke.
"I found out that pretty much every vampire was given the choice to be blooded or not." He said. William smiled.
"Is that all?" He asked, Gerard frowned.
"Well...why didnt you give me the choice?" He asked, trying not to lose his temper. William sat back and smiled lazily at Gerard, happy to see it was bothering him.
"I wasnt under the impression that you wanted it." He answered. Gerard glared at William.
"Everyone gets the choice. Its the law. You didnt give me the choice - why?" He asked. William sighed and folded his arms, all the time staring intently at Gerard across the table.
"The choice, Gerard, is something I dont think you understand." He said, a hint of glee in his voice. "You see, the 'choice' as your calling it. Is very simple really, a vampire feeds from you and if, whether accidentally or purposely, he drinks too much blood - while the victim is on the brink of death he gives them their choice - Death. Or eternal life. Simple really." Said William. Gerard glared at William.
"But you didnt give me that choice! You blooded me against my will! Your broke the vampire law!" He cried. William stood up, taking the book with him. Slowly he walked round the library, looking for the place where the book belonged.
"Gerard. Do you honestly think I care about the vampire laws, you have seen me break many of them, some, you have helped me with." He said. Gerard flinched as if he had been struck across the face.
"I just want to know why you didnt give me the choice..." He mumbled. William stopped by a shelf and turned the book over in his hands.
"I didnt give you the choice Gerard because I knew you belonged with us. You belong with the vampires Gerard, without the vampires you are nothing. If I had left you as a human you would be in a dead end job. With a woman you do not love and probably children you wish would just fuck off. I have saved you from a pitiful mortal existance. You should be thanking me for not giving you the choice." He said. Gerard stood up angrily.
"You dont know anything about my life!" He cried. William smiled.
"Maybe not Gerard...can you tell me where this book belongs?" He asked looking at Gerard. Gerard looked across from William and saw the empty space where the book should be.
"There -" He said pointing out the space, it was only a few books down from William and Gerard didnt understand how he had not seen it. William smiled and stood infront of the space.
"Exactly" He said, putting the book on the shelf. "Without that book Gerard, there is an empty space. If I left the book on the table then yes, it would be existing. Sure, it would be easy to find. But it would be out of you understand what I'm saying Gerard?" He asked, facing Gerard and putting his hands in his pockets. Gerard nodded.
"Yes. Your comparing me with a book" He said. William gave a hollow laugh.
"Better a book than dead Gerard. Now then, are you contented now?" He asked. Gerard shook his head.
"Your ruined my life. I should have had the choice, you shouldnt keep commiting all these crimes. I hate you" He spat. William grinned. "I'm leaving" Said Gerard turning to go.
"And where are you going to go Gerard? Without me you'll die. I know how weak you are, how you refuse to kill a human when you feed. Without me you will not survive." Said William walking forward, Gerard turned to face him.
"I may die. But I intend to survive and I swear to god William, you will be the one dieing." He sneered. William smiled.
"Now now Gerard. So violent all because of some silly little choice..." He said. Gerard shook his head.
"No William. I've never agreed with all the things you do, but this time you went a step to far." Gerard pulled a locket out of his pocket. He snapped it open to reveal a picture of woman with long black hair and deep blue eyes. She was smiling cuddled into a slightly younger Gerard who was laughing at something. William smiled at the picture.
"How very sweet." He said coldly. Gerards teeth were gritted and anger was turning his eyes red where his vampire blood was taking full control. William took a step backwards but he looked as calm as ever.
"You killed her. You sought her out and killed her slowly and painfully. You killed her to spite me!" Snarled Gerard. William shook his head.
"No Gerard, not to spite you. Though admittadly, you are the reason why I killed her." He said, Gerard gave an angry cry and lashed out at William, but he was prepared and grabbed Gerards wrist before his hand could reach him. Gerard gave a cry of pain as smoke rose from between Williams fingers and the smell of burning flesh filled the air.
"I pity you Gerard." Said William pushing Gerard away, Gerard fell back agaisnt the wall and clutched his wrist which was streaming with blood, the white of his bone clearly visible. Gerards eyes were flashing red and his fangs were bared. William took a few steps foreward and Gerard sank against the wall. "I was wrong about you Gerard. I thought you were strong, thought it would be easy to get you to join my side. But no - a woman renders you weak. So I got rid of her, but now I see it just means your even weaker than before. Get out, your a waste of my time. Your better off dead" William spat at Gerards feet before walking away from him. He stopped at the window. His back to Gerard.
"Get out. Before I kill you myself" He warned. Un - able to fight thanks to his burnt wrist that was threatening to drop off - Gerard got up and with one final glare at William he left. Never to go back.
End flashback

"And so I left. At first I struggled, I had never been alone since being a vampire. But I managed to return home. I was shocked to find Mikey, Ray, Frank and Bob had all been blooded. But I didnt really care, we agreed to slay vampires who were evil and we have. But I wont rest until I kill William Beckett." Gerard finished his story. The room was silent.
"Who was the woman in the locket?" Asked Pete. Gerard smiled and barked a laugh contaminated with anger.
"She was just someone I knew." He said.
"You loved her didnt you" Said Lucy. Everyone looked at her. Gerard nodded slowly. Yes, he had loved her. But William, for some reason, didnt like it. Was it because he beleived love made you weak? Or was it something else?
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