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XChapter sevenX

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Gerard couldnt sleep after he had re - told his story. Everyone had agreed they would make a plan once it was morning. but Gerard lay in his coffin, thinking about that agrument with William. He didnt like thinking about it, it had been a bad day, and he didnt like remembering Katy...she had been so beautiful. So perfect. So -
"HOLY HELL!" Gerard dived out of his coffin as a stake came falling from the ceiling. The stake landed with a dull thud where Gerards heart would have been.
"Oh shit, sorry Gerard!" Cried Frank falling from the ceiling and landing next to Gerard. "Are you ok?" He asked. Gerard was paler than usual and he glared at Frank.
"Are you trying to kill me!?" He cried. Frank walked over to Gerards coffin and picked up the stake. He tucked it through a loop hole in his belt.
"Of course I'm not trying to kill you. Lucy was worried that William Beckett was gonna come back so I decided to check all the rooms, but I didnt want him to dissapear if he was here, so I crawled across the ceiling, the stake just fell when I was crawling over your coffin." He said with a sheepish grin.
"Frank, that isnt exactly the safest place to have a stake" He said. Frank grinned properly.
"Yeah well I know that now. Theres no sign of Beckett anyway." He said. "By the way, nice reflexes. Most vampires wouldnt have moved in time" He added. Gerard didnt thank Frank for the compliment, instead he climbed back into his coffin and lay there. Frank leaned over the edge of the coffin and looked at Gerard. "Are you ok?" He asked. Gerard nodded silently. "Are you sure? You look depressed" Said Frank. Gerard turned his head so he didnt have to look at the younger vampire.
"I'm fine" He insisted. Frank stared at him for a while before muttering 'goodnight' and leaving the room for his own coffin.
Gerard lay there for what felt like days, but really was only an hour or two. He was just slipping into sleep when he heard someone approaching his coffin. "Ugh...Frank - Go.Away!" He groaned, still on the brink of sleep. But the person appraoching didnt stop, Gerard heard a quiet chuckle and knew that it wasnt Frank. He sat up and stared thorugh the darkness at the approaching figure. Soon he could see that it was William Beckett, Gerard gave a warning hiss, baring his fangs, his eyes flashed red. "Easy Gerard, no need for violence tonight. I only want a word" Said William. Though he gave that cold smile he always did, his voice sounded weak and tired.
"What is it?" Asked Gerard, a hint of red still in his eyes.
"Its about the child - Lucy."
"What about her?"
"Oh dont be ignorant Gerard. Isnt it obviouse that I blooded her?" Gerard had to admit, he was a little shocked by this.
"You blooded her? Why?" He asked. William sighed.
"Because, she had the air about her of a strong vampire. And she still does, I wish to take her off your hands. I will care for her, I'm sure you can trust me when I say I will keep her safe, no harm will befall her, I will take care of her just as well as, if not better than you." He said. Gerard shook his head instantly, if William wanted Lucy that could only mean she was important in some way. "I dont think so Beckett, she's staying with us and thats final" Said Gerard. William chuckled.
"I must say I'm very impressed with how well you all fought in East Street, but dont fool yourselves into thinking that your safe. I will return. And I will get Lucy, wether you like it or not." William dissapeared and Gerard stared at the space where he had stood. He considered waking everyone, but he was still extremely tired and for now, though it was probably foolish, he decided he would go to sleep. He could tell the rest about William wanting Lucy in the morning.
"Gerard...Gerard, wake up." Gerard grunted and rolled over as someone jabbed him in the shoulder. "Gerard. Get up." Gerard was jabbed between shoulder blades and he flapped one arm lazily as if trying to get rid of a fly. "Gerard - up! NOW!" Gerard was jabbed sharply in the ribs, he gave an angry cry and jumped out of his coffin, he turned and glared at Frank. But his glare turned into a look of concern when he saw how frightened Frank looked. "What is it?" Asked Gerard stepping forward. Frank didnt say anything but grabbed Gerards wrist and dragged him into the kitchen. All of Pete's ingrediants had gone, the cuboard had a red 'X' on it, and a small box stood on the side. A note attached to it read - 'Only Gerard knows how to open this.' Everyone stared at Gerard as he looked at the box. Lucy was on Pete's shoulders and he held her hands protectively, her cheeks had tears dried on them. Gerard looked at them all. "Whats gone on?" He asked.
"Someone tried to drag Lucy out of the house, she says he looked like William Beckett. She beleives that she hit his face and burnt him, so he fled. When she woke us we found that" Pete pointed at the wooden box. Gerard ran his pale fingers over its lid.
"Have you ever seen it before?" Asked Patrick. Gerard nodded.
"It was in Williams library, he never told me what he kept in there" He replied.
"Do you know how to open it?" Asked Ray, Gerard shook his head.
"No. He never told me." Gerard tried to lift the lid and to his, and everyone elses shock it lifted.
"Huh? We've all tried opening it and it didnt work. How did you do it?" Asked Joe. Gerard shrugged and looked inside the box. There was a gold ring and a note. Gerard picked up the note and read it out loud -
I'm sorry that you do not beleive I can take care of Lucy. And I'm also sorry that this is going to mean I will have to take her by force, you may have won the battle in East Street, but the element of surprise was in your favour then. This time, the element will be in my favour - you may keep on your gaurd, but you cant be wary forever Gerard, and I will be waiting for the best time to attack. I have taken all of the 'ingrediants' you and this Pete use, for now, I want to see you feed like a normal vampire, I know you hate killing humans, which is why I will enjoy watching you suffer to sruvive. Remember Gerard, I know your weaknesses, I know your strenghs - dont forget what I can do Gerard. Dont think I cannot do it again.
William Beckett xxx
While everyone was looking confused at this, Gerard picked up the ring, it was gold with a small diamond set in it. Tears pricked at Gerards eyes as he stared at it. "What is it?" Asked Pete.
"The engagement ring I gave Katy..." Said Gerard, his voice breaking. Frank walked forward and layed a hand on Gerards shoulder.
"I never knew you were gonna get married." He said quietly, Gerard nodded.
"Yeah. She wanted to marry me and then we agreed I would blood her on the wedding night. William killed her 3 weeks after I proposed." He said swallowing back his tears. Everyone looked sympathetically at Gerard, Pete on the other hand looked angry.
"That bastard. He knows exactly how to hurt people. Like he said, we cant be on our guard forever. What the fuck are we meant to do?!" He asked. Patrick stepped forward and took the note off Gerard, he re - read it. "Dont forget what I can do Gerard? I presume by giving the ring he means dont forget he killed Katy...Dont think I cannot do it again...Gerard, is there a woman you are in love with, anyone you've shown an interest in?" He asked. Gerard shook his head. "Then what does he mean?" Asked Patrick, Lucy looked at them all, surprised that they didnt know the answer. "Its obviouse" She said, they all looked at her.
"What is?" Asked Joe.
"What he means. He's on about us." Cried Lucy, when everyone continued to look confused she continued. "He means Gerards friends. Gerard loves us all, in a friendship way, friendship is a form of love. William knows he'll hurt Gerard by killing us all, because we're his friends. He's warning Gerard, saying that if he doesnt let William take me then he's going to kill us." Understanding dawned on all their faces. "Gerard you have to let him take me. If you dont he'll kill us" Said Lucy.
"No! Thats exactly what he wants!" Cried Pete.
"Pete, William is extremely clever. He's given us two choices, with no loopholes. Either way he wins, we can give him Lucy, or we can die trying to keep her." Said Gerard. Everyone looked back from Lucy to Gerard, un - sure of what to do.
"I say we fight. If we die, we die, but if we survive then we keep Lucy and we've beaten William." Cried Pete.
"Thats what he expects us to do..." Mumbled Patrick.
"What!? So you think we should just give Lucy to him?!" Asked Pete, rounding on Patrick. Patrick nodded.
"Yes. But Pete, you've got those pendants havent you? The ones you can talk into. Give one to Lucy, we'll keep one and then we can keep contact with her and make a plan to get her back!" He said, Gerard and Lucy both nodded in agreement, the others didnt look sure.
"Come on guys, this will work. William wont kill her, from what I can gather she's important to him. I think theres something to do with her he needs, maybe a hidden power? But he's not going to kill her, and this way we can find out more about him and what we need to do to kill him!" Gerard cried excitedly.
"I'll do it! I'll go with him with the pendant! We can do it!" Cried Lucy just as excited as gerard.
"I agree" Said Patrick.
"Well, I'm in if you guys are." Said Frank stepping forward. Soon, Bob and Joe stepped forward too. Ray, Mikey, Andy and Pete still looked un - certain.
"I dont like the idea of sending her to Beckett on her own...But I guess sometimes you have to take risks." Said Mikey joining Gerard, Andy nodded his head in agreement and followed Mikey. Ray sighed and joined them, Pete gave an angry snarl. "Doesnt look like I have a say in the matter!" He said stepping foreward. Lucy and Gerard grinned. "Alright Pete, get those pendants!" Ordered Patrick, Pete left the room and returned holding to necklaces, each had a dark blue crystal pendant. He handed one to Lucy and she put it round her neck. "Who's going to have this one?" Asked Pete looking round at them all.
"Let Gerard have it!" Cried Lucy, Pete handed the necklace to Gerard and he put it on.
"Alright then...I think I know where Beckett will be." Said Gerard, and so they stood and devised a plan.
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