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XChapter eightX

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"GERARD!! How good to see you!!" Cried William as Gerard entered the graveyard. William was sat on a headstone grinning at Gerard and Lucy, who was holding his hand nervously. "And look, you brough...

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"GERARD!! How good to see you!!" Cried William as Gerard entered the graveyard. William was sat on a headstone grinning at Gerard and Lucy, who was holding his hand nervously. "And look, you brought darling little Lucy. I presume you realised you had no choice but to give her to me?" Sneered William. Gerard scowled along with Lucy.
"Swear you wont hurt her Beckett" Ordered Gerard.
"Oh you have my word." Said William, taking Lucys hand and examining her as if she was a piece of treasure. "Oh Gerard you have made my day." He laughed. Lucy glared at him. "Do you mind not treating me like an inanimate object" She snapped. William smiled widely.
"Oh, you are a charm!" He said happily. "Well Gerard, you may go now. Come with me little one. Your going to love your new home" He waggled his fingers at Gerard and dissapeared, Lucy along with him. Gerard sighed and left the graveyard, the others were there waiting in case William had tried to hurt Gerard. "Lets go" Said Gerard quietly.

Lucy walked around her room in Williams mansion. It was finely decorated and was filled with old fashioned toys. A big rocking horse, a wooden train set and lots of china dolls and tea sets. She sat down on the fourposter bed and looked out of her window, her view was of a huge garden with a giant pond and a swing on an oak tree. Rain plummeted out of black storm clouds, causing the world to appear dark and grey. William didnt have lights, instead he used hundreds of candles, adding an eery affect on everything. She raised her pendant to her lips and whispered "Gerard?".
Gerard was sat with the others in the living room. Patrick once again on his computer. Everyone else trying to concentrate on watching the TV. He jumped when he thought he heard Lucy whispering his name, but he decided he had imagined it and carried on watching TV. "Gerard?" This time it was louder and Bob, who was sat next to Gerard heard it too. "Is that the pendant?" He asked excitedly. Gerard had completely forgot about the pendant and instantly raised it to his lips, everyone else realised what was happening and swarmed round him, eager to hear what Lucy had to say...
"Lucy!? Is that you!" Lucy sighed with relief when she heard Gerards voice. "Yes its me. Is everything alright back there?" She asked quietly, incase William was walking past the door. "Yeah we're fine. What about you? Are you ok? Has William hurt you?" Asked Gerard in hushed tones.
"No...he just took me to my room and left me. He said he'll come to get me when dinners ready...this room is really fancy. Everythings all victorian style, and it all looks so expensive, but I dont like it here. I dont trust anything to do with William" Lucy replied. She could hear Gerard sigh.
"William is so predictable. Doesnt sound as if he's changed one bit. Dont worry Lucy, we'll come and get you whenever you want us to" He said.
"I want to come back now. But I cant, not until I find out why William wants to keep me." Lucy replied.
"I can understand that. But just so you know, we're all ready to come and get you anytime, day or night, dont hesitate to talk to us ok?" Said Gerard. Lucy nodded, remembered Gerard couldnt see her and said. "Thanks". She could hear Frank begging Gerard to let him talk to Lucy. She smiled when she heard everyone fighting over the pendant.
"Let me talk to her!" "No let me!" "Hey I'm the fastest talker let me talk!" "You talk to fast she wont understand you!" "I want to talk to her!" "I want to more!" "Hey stop arguing you lot!" "Shut up Patrick and tell Pete to give me the locket!" "Its my locket!" Lucy giggled, but soon she was getting bored with thier arguing and shouted. "SHUT UP!" There was silence and then Gerard mumbled "Sorry. They all miss you thats all."
"I miss you guys too. Give them all my love" She said, even though she knew they could hear her.
"Yeah, they give you thier love too." Gerard replied. Suddenly Lucy could here footsteps approaching her door. She gasped.
"Williams coming. I'll talk later, Bye!" She whispered quickly before putting her locket down the top of her dress so you could only see the chain round her neck. Seconds later the door opened and William walked in. "Goodness child, all these nice things to play with and you just sit thier looking out the window" He chuckled. Lucy forced a small smile. "Yeah err...I didnt feel like playing" She said. William smiled.
"No matter. It is time for dinner. I have much to talk to you about" He said, holding his hand out which Lucy reluctantly took. William lead the way to the dining room, it was huge with three fireplaces, each one alight with a roaring fire. William sat at the head of a long oak dining table, Lucy sat on the chair to the side of Williams so they could talk. As they waited for food to arrive William placed a silver goblets infront of himself and Lucy. "Red or white wine?" He asked. Lucy looked shocked.
"I'm only six" She said. William chuckled lightly.
"Oh sweet child, you have my blood in you. Havent you realised your not like another child vampire or otherwise from how maturely you speak? And besides, you are a vampire, alcohol doesnt affect you" He said, pouring red wine into his goblet and then filling up Lucy's. "We'll start off with the red wine eh? You can try white wine later." He smiled. Lucy picked up her goblet and gingerly took a sip, it was sweet and tasted of berries, but their was a different taste to it. Something which she had never tasted before, it felt funny as it went down her throat. It warmed her up and it felt as if a spirit was gliding through her bloodstream, making her slightly light headed. But the feeling past quickly, her vampire blood evaporating the alcohol. She took another sip, and another, before taking a huge gulp. William smiled. "I see you are enjoying it. Thats good." He said. Lucy blushed and placed down her goblet, she wished William would be horrible to her, do or say something to replace her hatrid for him because she was ashamed to find she was growing to like him. Maybe Gerard and the others were wrong...or maybe William had changed and was good now. Maybe his threat to kill them all was just an empty threat. Maybe he hadnt meant to kill Gerards fiancee. Lucy shook her head. No! He had meant it. He hadnt changed and Gerard was not wrong! "Are you alright child?" Asked William as he sipped at his wine.
"Why did you bring me here?" Asked Lucy. William smiled.
"To take care of you of course. You are just a child after all." He said.
"But Gerard was looking after me, they all were. Even Pete and he doesnt like me that much I dont think." Lucy replied. William chuckled.
"You are a strong vampire Lucy. With me I can show you your strenghs, destroy your weaknesses. With me you can have un - imaginable power." Williams eyes flashed with excitement. "I dont want power." Said Lucy quietly. William barked a laugh.
"Of course you do!" He cried. "Everyone does." He added under his breath before downing his goblet of wine and refilling it. Lucy went to say something but the food arrived and she fell silent. It was bloody steak and roast potatoes. "Enjoy" Mumbled the butler who had brought the food. William waved him away with his hand before digging into the food. Lucy picked up her knife and fork and cut up some of the potatoes. She rasied it to her mouth, blood off the steak dripped off the potatoe onto the plate and she gingerly ate it. She had currently been living off Petes 'fake blood' drink and the taste of real blood, though animal, cuased her vampire blood to kick in strongly. William noticed and smiled. "See Lucy. With me you can be a real vampire. Those pitiful excuses for vampires you used to live with are a humiliation. Forget about them." He said. Lucy smiled and nodded. "I will -" She lied. William smiled, seeming satisfied he cut off a peice of his steak and put it in his mouth. "But why am I strong? Whats so special about me? I bet I'm just like a normal vampire and your just pretending I'm not..." Said Lucy, trying to sound convincing. William chewed thoughtfully on his steak. He swallowed it along with a gulp of wine. "Your not a normal vampire Lucy. Be sure of it. What makes you strong is my blood in you." He said simply. Lucy stared at him but he didnt continue. "But whats so great about that? Whats so important about me? I know your not telling me" She said. William smiled.
"You will find out in good time. For now just enjoy the food." He said. And Lucy knew it was best not to argue.

Later that night, after spending a lot of time in the library together, William reading stories to his new 'daughter', Lucy was sat on his lap by the fire in the living room. Hot wine was infront of them and William was talking about how he was going to help Lucy get over any weaknesses she had and to bring out her strenghs. "Will you tell me what makes me so special?" She asked. Willaim ran his fingers through her hair.
"You were blooded by me, thats what makes you special." He said.
"Other than that?...Please tell me." Lucy begged. William seemed to think about it.
"Well..." He mumbled. Lucy was clever and she instantly spoke up.
"Dont tell me if you really dont want to. I love you, your my father now and I cant force you into doing things" William smiled and continuing running his fingers through her hair, he had been wooed into a false sense of trust. "What makes you so special, you are blooded by me, and the only ones who can destroy me are the ones I blood." He said. Lucy was sure if her heart was still beating it would have missed a beat.
"Then why do you blood people?" She asked. William chuckled.
"Because the ones I blood are the only ones who can help me rise to become the overall leader of all vampires." He said. Lucy tried not to show her shock and excitement. "Can other people help the ones who can destroy you...destroy you? She asked. William nodded silently. "Yes. But I need not worry, because if you help me we will both become vampire leaders." He said. "If you help me" He added.
"I see...I will help you." She lied. William nodded.
"I know. Now come on, it is time for you to go to bed." He stood up and took her up to her room. "Sleep tight" He smiled before closing the door. Lucy waited until she heard his footsteps dissapear before seazing the pendant and whispering loudly - "Gerard!"
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