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X chapter nine X

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William and Gerard fight and theres a surpising twist...

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Gerard heard Lucy first time this time, he grabbed the pendant. "Lucy!" He cried, the others heard and ran over. "How are you? You ok?" Asked Gerard.
"I'm fine. Gerard, I've found out why William wants me" Lucy cried. Gerard and the others stared at eachother in fear and excitment as Lucy began telling them what William had told her.
"So...only you and Gerard can kill him" Said Patrick when she was finished.
"Yes, but other people can help me and Gerard destroy him. We're just the ones who have to finish him off." Lucy said. Gerard grinned along with the others.
"This is brilliant! Lucy, we'll come and get you right now!" Cried Gerard.
"Now? Really? I havent exactly been here long." Lucy replied. Gerard raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah but we've got what we wanted to know." He said.
"But we dont know how to kill William."
"Believe me, I dont think theres any specific way of doing things." laughed Gerard. Lucy gave an unsure 'ok' and Gerard promised that he would come and get her right away.

William sat in the library, wondering whether he should have told Lucy everything he had. Surely it was okay, she was only a child. A sweet, innocent child... But William was not one to be easily fooled and knew that he had just been maipulated, whether it had been Lucy's intention or not. He sighed and leaned back in the chair, closing his eyes and deciding not to let it bother him. He was just falling asleep when he heard a land bang come from upstairs and somebody laughing hysterically, using his powerful vampire hearing he managed to hear an all to familiar voice whispering loudly - "For god sake Frank! Shhh, its not funny you idiot - get up! I cant beleive you tripped over that, its a bloody lifesize rocking horse! How did you not notice it!?" Williams eyebrows knitted together in a frown, and his breathing became heavy with anger, his eyes flashed red and his fangs grew. How dare he come into this house! William sprung to his feet and darted out of the room and up the stairs. Oooh Gerard wasnt going to know what had hit him this time...
Frank was rolling around Lucy's bedroom floor laughing like a lunatic as Gerard tried to make him get up and be quiet and Lucy stood looking nervously around, just waiting for William to show up. Surely he had heard... And sure enough William banged the door to the room open so suddenly Frank gasped and fell silent and Lucy screamed in shock. "Gerard Way... Back in the old house eh?" William spoke with a sneer but rage was evident in his voice despite how he was trying to mask it. Gerard grinned and replied "It would seem so" Just like William was trying to hide rage with a sneer, Gerard was trying to hide fear with confidence. William looked at Lucy.
"So... already you have plotted against me?" He said. Lucy looked terrified and she took a step back.
"N - no... err...Gerard and Frank came to get me because they dont want you to have me. I had no idea they would be here. I swear!" She cried. Wiliam walked towards her shaking his head. "Is that so?" He asked. Lucy Gerard and Frank all nodded frantically.
"Yeah, they wanted me to go back with them but I wouldnt go and then Frank ran after me when I tried to run out the room and he ran into the rocking horse" Said Lucy. William siezed her by the arms and raised her to look him directly in the face. "You lie." He spat. Lucy shook her head, eyes wide, William went to put her down when Patricks voice filled the room. "Lucy? Have Gerard and Frank found you yet? You guys are taking a long time. Lucy? Can you hear me?" The pendant round Lucy's neck glowed as Patrick talked using the pendant that Gerard had had. Lucy, Frank and Gerard exchanged nervouse glances and remained silent. "What was that?" Snarled William. "N - nothing." Stammered Lucy, William stared at her a second before darting his hand to her neck, finding the pendants string and tearing it off her neck. He dangled it infront of him and his anger worsened. "You've been keeping contact with them...telling them everything." He breathed. Lucy shook her head but the truth was reflected in her face. "YOUR STILL LYING TO ME!" William yelled, his eyes blazing red as he threw Lucy across the room like a broken toy. Gerard ran over to her and picked her up, she looked shocked and scared, William began walking over to Gerard. "So you know why she's special then huh Gerard? Know why your special?" William stepped over Frank who seemed to only have just noticed he was still on the floor and instantly got to his feet. Gerard kept a strong face but inside he was panicing. He couldnt fight William, he wouldnt be able to so much as scratch him. "Gonna kill me Gerard? Gonna kill the very person who made you like this?" Asked William, suddenly a brief spot of red went across Gerards eyes - William had hit a nerve. Silently Gerard put Lucy down and shoved her towards Frank who scooped her into his arms, watching Gerard and William facing eachother only a foot apart. "You made me like this without letting me have a say" Snarled Gerard. William rolled his eyes.
"Oh not this /again/. Isnt that the whole reason I made you leave this place? Do you remember that? Your lucky to be alive." William spat the words and Gerard scowled at him. "You deserve to die William. I should have killed you so long ago." He said quietly. William barked a laugh.
"You cant kill me Gerard. You dont have it in you." He taunted. "Because your too soft, you always thought love was the answer. Loved that woman, I did you a favour when I killed her. But all you did was cry and whine and think about her. Do you miss her cuddles Gerard? Miss her smile and her laugh? Do you know what I miss? Her scream of pain when I took her life, the look of fear in her eyes. I miss the way she begged me to show mercy -" William was forced to the floor as Gerard barged into him with his shoulder. "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!" He shouted as he pressed his hands to Williams face, the flesh instantly began to burn but William just laughed as his skin dissapeared and blood coated Gerards hands. Gerards eyes were glowing red and he began to rip Williams shirt open, once his chest could be seen Gerard pressed his hands over Wiliams heart and burned. William stopped laughing and yelled out in anger, his eyes glowing red too. He tried to push Gerard off but even as Gerards shoulders began to burn he didnt move. Blood and the smell of burning flesh filled the air and Lucy sobbed into Franks shoulder who watched in horrified awe at the two vampires. Suddenly William shoved Gerard off of him and rolled them over so he was on top. His face was already healing and the blood on his chest sucked back into the skin. "You cant kill me Gerard!" He cried. Gerard stared in horror at William.
"You can heal..." He gasped.
"So can you only you take weeks and I take seconds." William replied. Gerard just panted and stared in terror at William, his mouth open in shock. And then William did something completely unexpected.
He kissed Gerard.
Slow and passionate, filled with love and care. Franks jaw practically hit the floor and Lucy's eyes became as wide as saucers. Gerard remained still in shock beneath William. His eyes were wide and he seemed to gobsmacked to push William off. Soon William pulled back, Gerards mouth remained open, still as a statue. William looked to the side and closed his eyes in a look of pain as he licked his lips. He got off Gerard and leaned against the wall, putting his head in his hands. "Get out." He whispered. No one moved, still too shocked. "Get - out" Spat William. Lucy kicked Frank who was still holding her and he seemed to come back into reality.
"Gerard come on." He ordered quietly, Gerard had to be pulled to his feet and he followed Frank to the door like a zombie, he stopped and turned to look at William. Leaning against the wall, crying quietly into his hands. Gerard didnt have a clue what had happened, William looked up - his eyes a flaming red, tears streaked his cheeks and he screamed "GET OUT!" Gerard jumped and ran out of the room with Frank and Lucy.
In the entrance hall they found the others who had been waiting outside and had wondered what was taking them. "Whats happened?" Asked Mikey at the look of their faces as they ran over to them. "No time - explain later - run!" Cried Frank following Gerard who had sprinted ahead and fled into the night - his mind whirling with confused thoughts. If someone had told him William Beckett was going to make out with him in the middle of a battle for death...he would have been more likely to beleive he was going to meet a talking Flamingo wearing a santa suit and eating a carrot when he next went to the supermarket!

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