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X Chapter ten X

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Has someone died? Are questions answered?

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"William...kissed Gerard?" Asked Mikey, looking slightly sick at the thought. Frank nodded. "Define kiss" Said Mikey. Frank frowned along with eveyone else.
"What is it about the word kiss you dont understand Mikey?" Snapped Pete. Mikey blushed.
"No I mean, was it a kiss on the cheek, or the shoulder for hurting him, or -" Frank cut him off as he cried "He fucking snogged him!" Mikeys jaw dropped.
"Snogged him!? As in... tongues and everything?" He asked. Frank opened his mouth to reply before looking confused.
"Well...I dunno if they used tongues..." Everyone looked at Gerard for the answer who was sat on the sofa, knees pulled up to his chest and still looking shell shocked. "Did you use tongues Gee?" Asked Mikey gently. Gerard continued staring at the opposite wall.
"He did." He said quietly. Mikey went paler than usual.
"The strongest vampire in the world got off with my brother after trying to kill him?" He mumbled.
"I just dont get it... why did he do that? He hates me..." Gerard muttered to himself. Lucy looked round at everyone before timidly standing up.
"Maybe he doesnt hate you. Maybe he killed the woman you loved because he was jealous of her, and maybe he only pretends to hate you and only tries to kill you because he's afraid you'll kill him, and then today he thought maybe you could love him too and kissed you to see." She said. Gerard stared at Lucy along with everyone else, allowing her theory to sink in. It did seem possible. Pete scowled and shook his head.
"No way. I think he did that because he wasnt ready to fight you yet, he kissed you to shock you and he knows that you'll be confused about it and so he'll use that to his advantage and kill you before you have a chance to figure out whats going on. Or, he's going to manipulate you into thinking you love him and then as your not ready to kill him because you think your going to get with eachother he'll kill you. He's done this to make us all weaker with confusion. He's making fools out of us. I say we go over to his house right now and kill the mother fucker!" He snarled.
"Calm down Pete. I say we just try and figure this out." Said Patrick.
"But thats what he wants! He wants us to be like sitting ducks trying to figure something out we're never going to because he did it to confuse us. Thats the whole reason why, now we know so lets go!" Pete cried.
"Look! I think Gerard and Lucy should make the decision because their the ones who have to kill him." Said Ray.
"We cant kill him... We dont know how." Whispered Gerard. The others sighed, this was true. "I... I want to go over there, and talk to him." Said Gerard.
"See! See! This is what I was talking about! He's been fooled into thinking he loves William!" Cried Pete, pointing at Gerard who scowled.
"I do not love him. But I have an idea. I just need Frank and Mikey to come with me." Gerard looked hopefully at his brother and best friend.
"Of course we'll come. Right Frank?" Said Mikey, Frank nodded instantly.
"What are you going to do?" Asked Patrick.
"I cant explain, but will you do me a favour patrick and follow the instructions I give you?" Asked Gerard, giving Patrick one of the pendants.
"From here?" Asked Patrick.
"Yeah." Said Gerard, Patrick looked confused but nodded.
"Alright. Come on then." Gerard said to Mikey and Frank who exchanged confused glances but followed Gerard out of the place and back the way they had came. Back to Williams house.

"WILLIAM! WILLIAM BECKEEET!" Yelled Gerard, stood in the huge entrance hall. He checked he had the three stakes on his belt still, and one of the crossbows they had used at East Street. Satisfied he looked around. No sign of William. "WILLIAM BECKETT! HELLOOOO!" He yelled, he waited but William didnt appear. He sighed. "Looks like I'll have to look for him" He mumbled and he set off up the stairs to the second floor. He walked along the corridor back to the room that had been Lucy's. He opened the door and gasped, everything had been destroyed, the rocking horse lay in splinters on the floor. The bed was tatters and the wall paper had been scratched and shredded. Everything looked like it had been involved in a terrible fight... or victim to someones rage. "What are you doing back here?" Said a cold voice, Gerard spun round to find William had been stood behind him. "I...I..." Gerard couldnt seem to find the words, why did he come here? How could he have forgotten? "I came to see you." He said. "Oh really. And the stakes and cross bow?" Asked William.
" know...better safe than sorry." Mumbled Gerard, feeling stupid. William glared at him. " about a drink? For old times sake?" Asked Gerard.
"So, you try to kill me and now your asking if you can stay for a drink." Said William. Gerard sighed.
"I need some things clearing up. Look, I'm not going to try and hurt you if you just agree to answer some questions." He said desperately. William rolled his eyes and stormed off down the stairs, Gerard followed him. They stopped in the library which had also been under attack. Every book had been torn to the shreds, the shelves broken but still standing. The table and chairs had been upturned. William righted the table and two chairs, and grabbed a whisky bottle off the floor. He took a swig and offered it to Gerard who saw the glasses had been shattered. "No thanks." He mumbled.
"Suit yourself" Said William, taking another gulp.
"Whats been happening here? Everythings ruined." Said Gerard. William shrugged.
"Their only possesions, I've had them for centuries. They have no meaning to me anymore." He said smoothly. "Sit down Gerard." He said, Gerard sat down opposite William who sank onto the chair as if he hadnt sat down for years. "Okay...I'll let you ask three questions. Then you leave, or I kill you." He said. Gerard subconciously touched his stakes before saying. "Okay. Three questions right?" William nodded.
"Yes and that was your first one." He said. Gerard frowned.
"Thats not fair!" He complained.
"Lifes not fair Gerard now ask your two questions or leave." Snapped William. Gerard sighed moodily.
"Okay, first question."
"Fine! SECOND question. Why did you kiss me?" Asked Gerard. William shrugged and gulped down more whisky.
"Sudden urge." He said simply.
"So... you dont feel anything for me?" Asked Gerard.
"What do you mean by that?" Asked William with a frown.
" you love me?" Asked Gerard, it sounded stupid when he actually said it. William smiled.
"Why? Do you love me?" He asked.
"Just answer the question." Snapped Gerard. William swirled the whisky around in the bottle, watching it with slight interest.
"Well... I suppose you have a slight appeal to you. Especially when your angry, your anger is a beautiful thing Gerard." He said. Gerard frowned in confusion.
"What?" He asked.
"Sorry, you've had your three questions now leave." Said William.
"Or you kill me?" Asked Gerard. William nodded. "Okay." Gerard got up and kicked his chair to the side before grabbing the table and throwing it to the side of the room. William raised an eyebrow and Gerard spread his arms out. "Kill me." He said. William smiled, but he still looked confused.
"Excuse me?" He said.
"Kill me. Go on. Kill me. I wont try to defend myself." Said Gerard, praying this worked. William looked around before dropping the whisky bottle and getting to his feet. He walked over to Gerard and placed his hand on his cheek before slowly bringing it along his jaw line, he then placed a finger under Gerards chin and lifted his head. Exposing neck. Gerard tried to remain calm but he couldnt help but feel panic. If Mikey and Frank didnt get the timing just right they would fail. "You confuse me Gerard." Said William, running his fingers round Gerards neck. "Your just giving yourself up to me?" He asked.
"Kill me or give yourself up to me." Said Gerard. William chuckled.
"Oh I get it, you think I love you and wont be able to kill you. How wrong you are...your a fool Way. And I'm going to enjoy this." William pressed his cold lips to Gerards neck, one hand on the side of Gerards face, the other gripping his hip strongly so Gerard couldnt pull away. He was pressed into the wall and William began sucking on the flesh of his neck. Gerard gave a shrill whistle - the signal. William didnt even seem to notice. "Doesnt this remind you of the day I blooded you?" He teased, before baring his fangs and sinking them into Gerards neck. Gerard gasped and felt blood start to drain out of his neck, he didnt even know vampires could drink eachothers blood. He could feel himself getting weaker and weaker, was this how you killed a strong vampire? By killing them the way you took thier life in the first place? "Stop...S - stop" He gasped. But William continued draining him. Where was Mikey and Frank? Had they missed the signal. Gerards knees gave way and the only thing keeping him up was William. He could feel himself dieing, but then Mikey and Frank burst through one of the windows and William pulled back in shock, he spun round but Mikey and Frank were already upon him. He was knocked to the floor and Mikey burnt every bit of him he could get to whilst Frank rushed to tie his wrists and ankles, using chains for strength. When William was finally tied up, Frank lifted him up and slung him over his shoulder. "Okay Gee, we're good to go. Gee?...Gerard?" Mikey and Frank looked around before spotting Gerard slumped against the wall, his eyes closed and head tilted to one side. His neck drizzled cold blood and every vien in his body stood out vividly. "Shit.." Whispered Frank, looking shocked.
"GERARD!" Yelled Mikey racing over to his brother and moving his head so it was level. "Oh god Gee, talk to me! Please!" He begged. Gerard was silent, motionless. Mikey turned round to face William who was still over Franks shoulder but twisted round so he could see Gerard. "You've killed him... MOTHERFUCKER YOU'VE KILLED HIM!" Mikey yelled, tears streaming down his face as he raced towards William.
"Mikey..." The voice was weak, barely audible but Franks excited yell made Mikey turn round. "M...Mikey..." Gerard tried to get up but he instantly slumped back against the wall. Every couple of seconds his body would convulse violently. "Gerard" Gasped Mikey, stood staring at his brother as blood began to trickle out of his mouth. "How do I save him?" Mikey turned and stared at William, he crossed over to him, eyes red with anger. Tears still falling freely. "How do I save him?" He asked.
"Why should I tell you?" Sneered William.
"TELL ME YOU SON OF A BITCH OR I SWEAR TO GOD YOU'LL BE BEGGING ME TO HAVE MERCY!" Mikey screamed ramming a small dagger into Williams throat. "You may be able to heal if I take the dagger out, but if I dont you'll just slowly bleed here." Mikey let go of the dagger and William writhed about choking. Frank dropped him on the floor. "Tell me how to save my brother" Ordered Mikey.
"O...Okay...Okay..." Gasped William., Mikey continued to stare at him. "OKAY! I'll tell you!" He cried.
"You fucking better" Snarled Mikey, pulling the dagger out of Williams throat. "Tell me. NOW!"

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