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Chapter eleven

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Did Gerard live? Find out -

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William wouldnt talk until his throat healed. Luckily this only took a few seconds, but each second was as important as an hour for Gerards life. "TELL ME" Yelled Mikey as Gerard gave a shuddering gasp and more blood trickled out of his mouth. William looked up at Mikey and Frank. He knew he could just lie here and not say a word, they couldnt kill him, Gerard would die and everything would be as he wanted it. But something made him want to tell them. Something he never believed he would feel. "You have to make him drink vampire blood, just a small amount will be all he needs, as soon is it reaches his veins it will increase in amount." He said. Mikey nodded and raced over to Gerard. "Gerard? Can you hear me?" He asked. Gerard didnt make any sign of being able to. "We'll have to force him to drink. Frank bring william here - quickly!" Cried Mikey. Frank rushed over.
"What! Why my blood! Your his brother, I think its fitting that you two should have the same blood dont you think!?" Cried William as Frank dropped him on the floor.
"I disagree William, if he doesnt drink your blood then he wont be able to kill you" Said Mikey, grabbing Williams shoulders and pulling him upwards so his neck was level with Gerards mouth. Mikey gently pushed Gerards face into Williams neck, but Gerards lips remained slightly parted as he struggled to breathe. Eyes closed, the last ounces of life leaving him. "Gerard...drink." Begged Mikey. But either Gerard couldnt hear, or he couldnt bite. William smiled to himself.
"He's going to die" He sneered. Mikey's eyes blazed red and he pulled William roughly into him.
"No he's not!" He snarled and he sank his fangs deep into Williams neck, not stopping until he felt the cold blood running over his lips. He pulled back and shoved William back towards Gerard, making his bleeding neck hover over Gerards mouth. Frank helped Mikey hold William still so the blood ran between Gerards lips and into his mouth, slowly running down his throat. At first Gerard didnt move and Mikey was scared they were too late, but then his eyelides flickered open halfway and he slowly, ever so slowly, leaned forward and Mikey watched in happiness as Gerards lips latched over Williams neck and he began to drink. Mikey only now realised he had blood in his mouth and on his lips, running down his chin. He licked up the blood, it tasted better than he had imagined and could understand why Gerard wasnt stopping drinking. William squirmed and tried to move away but by now some of Gerards strength had returned and his viens were no longer sticking out. "Make him stop - he's had enough. He'll live!" Gasped William, but no one stopped Gerard. If he wanted to kill William. Then he could kill him.
Mikey and Frank watched until Gerard pulled back, gasping for air. Licking the remaining blood off his lips and lying Williams lifeless body onto the floor. "He's dead." He whispered. Mikey and Frank nodded, tiny tears spilled over Gerards cheeks. He didnt know why he was crying. "Gee -" Said Mikey softly.
"I'm not crying" Muttered Gerard, quickly wiping his eyes.
"We know" Smiled Mikey. Understanding how this might be upsetting for his brother, after all, he had just killed the person who made him what he was, and as much as he could say he hated him - Mikey knew the times Gerard had shared with William hadnt always been unpleasant. Gerard leaned over Williams body and gently kissed his lips. "I'm sorry I had to do this to you...It was for your own good, life had made you evil William. I know your better than that." Gerard whispered to Williams body, and then he slowly slipped something out of his pocket and placed into the palm of one of Williams hands, closing dead fingers around it. "I hope you find peace." Said Gerard quietly before getting to his feet and looking at Mikey and Frank. "I dont know whether thats killed him for good... I think it has. But just in case, will you two cut him up. Into pieces, and we'll burn each piece of him in a different fire at a different part of the world. Then we know he'll never come back. I would cut him myself but...I cant..." Gerard looked away as more tears rolled down his face.
"We'll do it. Dont worry about it. How about you go back to the others and we'll come over as soon as we've got the erm...peices. Then we can set off to burn them yeah?" Said Mikey. Gerard nodded. "Thanks" He said, then he hugged his little brother and best friend close before nodding at them and leaving the house which seemed so much more colder. Everything destroyed, it was like William had been expecting everything...

As Mikey and Frank set down to the not so gory task (not gory because there was no blood thanks to Gerard) they had been set, they agreed that they would cut the body into four. "What did he put in his hand?" Asked Frank. Mikey shrugged.
"I dont know, whatever it was I think Gerard wants it to stay there." He said in a warning tone as Frank grasped the hand in question. He began to unfold the fingers. "Frank, dont" Said Mikey. Frank looked at him.
"I only want to see what it is. Gerard wont find out and I'm not going to take it" He promised, continuing to unfold the fingers. Mikey knew he should tell him to stop but the truth was - he wanted to see what was there to. So Frank continued. He looked up at Mikey to make sure he was allowed before finally unvieling what was there. They both stared in shock at the single gold ring that lay in his palm. The single gold ring, that matched the one on Williams wedding finger.

A/N: Ooooh! =O Gerard lived, Williams died and whats with the rings?? Reviews = update!
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