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X Chapter twelve X

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This is the end people.

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Mikey and Frank returned to the house an hour later, Gerard had told everyone what had happened and he was sat silently on the sofa, no one was talking, the TV was turned off and the mood was a sad one. "We've done it Gee." Said Mikey, Frank stood behind him clutching a sack that contianed the quartered William Beckett.
"Good." Sighed Gerard, getting to his feet. "We'll leave now. To burn him." He announced. Everyone else got up too but Gerard shook his head.
"No, I want to do this alone. I think Mikey and Frank just earned their right to come too if they want, and I guess Lucy can because William blooded her. But no one else. Please." He said. Slowly everybody sat back down again.
"I dont want to go." Whispered Lucy, staring wide eyed at the sack in Franks hands. Gerard nodded in understandment and looked at Frank and Mikey.
"We'll come, wont we Frankie?" Said Mikey, Frank nodded and so the three vampires departed without another word until they reached the road. "Where to first Gee?" Asked Mikey. "The English coast." Said Gerard, Frank and Mikey exchanged confused glances before flitting after Gerard.

They stood on top of a cliff on the English coastline, the sky was a swirling mass of grey and a strong wind was blowing. Frank was peering at the choppy sea as Gerard and Mikey struggled to light a fire. Eventually they got a spark and they sat back and watched as the fire grew. Seagulls cryed over head and some tried to pick up the piece of William Frank had placed on the fire. "FUCK OFF YOU PESKY BIRDS!" Shouted Frank, running after them and waving his arms to keep them away as Gerard watched William burn. Mikey placed a hand on his brothers shoulder and gave it a comforting squeeze. "You okay?" He asked.
"I'm fine. Lets leave to the next place." He answered. They called Frank over and flitted away to a different country as the ashes from the fire blew out into the ocean.

Once all of William had been burnt they sat outside the house for a while, Gerard just wanted a moment outside. Frank went into the house but Mikey had something to ask Gerard. "Gee...can I ask you something?" He mumbled.
"Yeah, you just did." Gerard replied. Mikey frowned. Gerard smirked. "Yeah, ask away" He added. Mikey sighed, he hadnt been going to say anything but it was bugging him. "Well...I...uh...Oh Gee I saw the ring." He sighed. Gerards head snapped to the side to look at his younger brother.
"What ring?" He demanded.
"The one you put in Williams hand..." Mikey whispered. Gerard looked like he was about to yell, but he kept his temper and glared at Mikey. "I'm sorry Gee." Mikey said, glancing at Gerard who sighed and looked down. "Its okay...Just...never mention it again." He whispered.
"But Gerard, what was it?" Asked Mikey.
"Just a ring." Gerard answered.
"But it matched the one on his wedding finger." Said Mikey. For a long while there was silence, and Mikey was going to apologise for even mentioning it when Gerard spoke. "We werent married Mikey. You would of known if we were."
"I know but..." Mikey stopped and sighed. "I just...wondered if it had meant something." He mumbled.
"It did mean something." Said Gerard and Mikey looked back at him. But Gerard refused to meet his gaze.
"It was like...when humans give eachother eternity rings. It was like them. He gave it me a few weeks after he blooded me. Said it was to show he'd always be there for me, always care for me. He promised that he wouldnt let anybody hurt me..." Gerard sighed and looked out at the horizon. "After he kicked me out I couldnt bring myself to get rid of it. I hate to admit it but William was the only one who truly made me feel safe." He said. Mikey gave a sympathetic smile and put his arm round Gerards shoulders.
"I'm sure there'll be another person out there who will make you feel safe." He said. Gerard sighed.
"Nah. I dont think so Mikey." He mumbled. "I really dont think there is."


A/N: Bit of a sad ending I know. I havent planned to do a sequel, I dont think there was that many people reading this one. But as I wrote this last chapter I had an idea of how I could make a sequel, but if I did it would probably be Frerard :/ So I dunno if you people would like that, or if you'd like a sequel at all. Let me know please :)
Thanks for reading and thanks to those who reviewed.
Love you all
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