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Chapter Eighteen

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it was a plane ride from New York to Chicago, and what happened next was a series of unfortunate events... (not completely, though ;])

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William's POV-

"Hey, we'll have to keep in touch, seriously dude, your amazing, and the video came out great." Gabe said, as me, Pete, and Sisky stood, our bags in hand, at the airport.

"Thanks Gabe, I can honestly say I made a new best friend in these past weeks." I told him, hugging him.

Gabe hugged me, then pulled away.

"Who?" he asked.

I chuckled.

"You, I mean, how else would I had known about cobra ice cream, if I hadn't met you?" I said.

He shrugged.

"I usually give off the 'wish-I-never-met-you' vibe, so this is different, but good." Gabe explained. I chuckled.

"I'll call you sometime, Saporta." I said, hugging him again, and letting him bid the others farewell. I'd have to say right behind Pete, Sisky, and Mike, Gabe was up there in the favorite person spots.

"Hey Bossman, have a safe flight, I mean, if it weren't for you, I would have never been making this music period, I'll definitely call you sometime soon." Gabe said, hugging Pete.

"Sounds good dude, your pretty amazing, so I'm glad I found you before some other lucky basterd did." he said. Gabe smiled, and bit his lip.

"Thanks Pete." he said.

"SISKA!" He said, or so, almost hissed.

"SAPORTA!" Sisky Biz said in a Spanish accent.

"I'll miss you bud, but it's okay, we'll cyber." Gabe joked, hugging Sisky tight.

Sisky chuckled.

"I love our cyber, it's something no amount of sex could ever top." he said to Gabe.

Gabe smirked, and soon, he lent an ear to the loud speaker as they called out our flight number, we were all headed for Illinois.

"I guess this is so long, for now." Gabe said.

"Bye Gabe!" I said, one last time before leaving.

"Take care, William." Gabe said, as I followed the other too off to the plane, to board.

"Come on Bill, your sitting next to me." I heard the voice that always lurks my dreams tell me.

I looked up from spacing off. I was apparently lagging.

"Huh?" I asked.

I felt an arm slide around my back and around my waist, and looked over at the shorter figure standing next to me, smiling.

"Alright Pete." I said, smiling.

He smiled, and took his hand away, which was once dangerously close to my stomach, and walked beside me, as Sisky ran, tugging his bags, through the airport to our flight.

"It was a plane ride from LAX to O'Hare,
and what happened next was a series of unfortunate events.
(Please stay tuned for what happened next...)
The life I breathe for you gives to me new wounds
Well to patch and dress as I reflect on what else I could give you."
Pete began to sing.

I smiled, as he sang what I once sat at a desk writing, then stood behind a microphone belting.

"Do I sound like that guy?" Pete asked, as he sang the rest of the song in a ridiculous
high pitched voice.

I laughed.

"Yes!" I said, pointing, and jumping back a little.

Pete raised his hands up.

"YES!" He said, triumphantly.

I laughed. He always made me laugh.

"Come on guys!" I heard. I looked up from my laughter, and saw Sisky was standing right at the terminal, waving us on.

"Race ya?" Pete asked.

"Your on, prick!" I said, as we raced through the chairs and seats, and people and bags, and busboys, and carts, pushing and shoving.

"I'm almost there, Pete!" I called, as I reached the end of the race.

"In your dreams, Beckett!" Pete said, letting his small legs triumph over my race horse legs, as he ran through the tunnel into the plane, leaving me to run through as loser.

As I entered the plane, out of breath, I saw Pete turn back, and smile deviously at me, as to rub his victory in my face.

I just shook my head, a smile plastered on my face, also.

"Prick." I mouthed, as Pete took a seat behind Sisky, who immediately took out a pillow to sleep.

I crashed next to Pete, and we both started to laugh.

"I beat your ass, William. Now, bow to the wrath of the Wentz." Pete told me.

I sighed.

"It's just because this one lady would not just move for me. Just one step back would have paved my way to victory Pete, she obviously wanted you to win, or maybe you paid her?" I said.

He gasped.

"How'd you know?" he asked.

I raised my eyebrows.

"Cheater." I said, under my breath, giving a smirk to him, afterward.

He smiled, and patted me on the back.

"Fine, why don't we declare the match a draw then, and have a rematch when we get home, to Patrick's car?" he asked, sticking his hand out for a shake.

"Seems reasonable." I said, shaking with him.

Suddenly, Pete yawned, and stretched his hands over his head.

"Don't you dare." I said, pointing. Pete laughed, while in mid yawn.

"I won't, I know how much you hate sleeping next to me." Pete said.

"No, no, I like it, I'd just be happier if you didn't attack me." I said.

"You like it?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.


"Uh, I mean, I don't mind it." I said, covering it up. He nodded.

"Great." he said, turning on his TV. I turned to mine, and turned it on, soon finding myself dozing off to the graphics and noises, and the sounds of the roaring plane engine.

It was a plane ride. (plane ride)
It was a plain ride. (plain ride)
It was a plain ride.
Just a plane...

Pete's POV-

I soon looked over at William, after watching some TV. He was out cold. I smiled, and just watched him for a bit, his mouth slightly opening, breathing. His body moving up, then down, then up, then down. His eyes shut delicately, and his head turned to me.

I remained smiling at him, as I took my hand, and slowly caressed his cheek, hoping he wouldn't wake up. He was so gorgeous, and heaven help me if he was a light sleeper, because suddenly, I got a raging urge, and I just leaned forward slightly, and brushed my lips against his soft cheek.

As I quickly pulled away, and shamefully covered my mouth, slapping myself mentally, over, and over again, I saw a smile spread across William's sleeping face. He must be imagining that I'm some hot girl he likes, or something. Thank god, he still slept soundly.

I skewed my mouth to the side, and slunk down in my seat, staring at my thighs, until finally, I too, fell asleep, trying to erase the guilt and memory, of taking advantage of the sleeping William.


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