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[8] I don't Love you (Gerard)

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Benji is a chic who decided that her boyfriend of four days was moving too fast with the talk of kids and running away togeather. She was 18 and she had a life to live! So instead of being smart an...

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Everything was perfect. Of course the message was a lie, but hopefully the bought it. On my way back from her house I did stop at the mall, I did a little self-searching. I didn't know what I was going to do, I am so stuck on her. I ended up walking into a jewelry store when I saw the ring. It was meant to be hers, the price didn't matter, it was hers. I made the purchase and bought some other things at other places and headed home. Some of the guys were there, but when I informed them of my plans, everyone left except Frank, who offered to help.
We started getting the place ready, it was almost 5:45 when we finished. There were candles lit everywhere. We ordered take out (Romantic, I know) and set that out on the table. Blood roses and their petals were strewn everywhere. We turned out all the lights so only candle light remained as Frank left, wishing me luck, that I sure as hell needed. It was make it or break it time.
It was quarter after six. I was having second thoughts... she had told me once that she wanted to just be friends now. Was I assuming to much, that her mind had changed?
There was a knock at my door at a quarter to seven. I opened it and there she was, so beautiful.
"Sorry I'm late...I didn't know if I wanted to come...Kept turning around." She said, her eyes on the floor. "...I wanted to talk to you about something..." She finally looked up and noticed the room. "What's-?"
I cut her question off by pressing my lips to hear and with great relief she kissed back. I pulled her inside and shut the door, our lips never disconnecting.
She pulled back. "I thought-" I cut her off again.
"I lied." I smiled, kissing her again softly.
"I thought you didn't want to be with me, just friends."
"I lied." She smirked.
We sat down, and ate, mostly in silence, neither one of us wanted to break it. She played with the flames of the candles as I finished eating and decided when I was going to this.
"Well it's now or never." I mumbled to myself. She looked up at me, and followed me with her eyes until I was kneeling in front of her. I pulled a ring box out of my pocket and opened it, showing her the white gold band that adorned a diamond cut into the shape of a rose. She was silent and I managed to find my voice. "Will you marry me?" I asked and she was silent still, I feared the worst until she whispered.
"Hell yeah." Her smirk turned into a full on grin. She slid the ring on her finger and I got lost in how excited I was. I couldn't stop grinning, I didn't know what else to do, she stood and I held her for the longest time.
"I love you." I whispered. I held her close to me, kissing her.
She pulled me with her as she backed into the hallway. When she got to the stairs she pulled away, taking my hand and leading me upstair. Damn right I followed her. We ended up in my bedroom, locking the door. She pushed me down on my bed, getting on top and kissing my neck, unbuttoning my shirt as she did.
"Teenagers scare the livin shit outta me, they could care less.." I picked up my phone swearing my brother to all hell.
"What can I do for you?" I said trying not to snap.
"How did it go? What did she say?"
"She said yes...but I'm a little busy right now, can I give you detail later?"
"No tell me now..."
"I said I was BUSY." I said, adding a certain tone to my voice.
"Well what are you doing?.......oh shit.....awwww god that's sick..." He wined.
Benji grabbed my phone. "Good night." She said laughing and hung up. "Now...where were we?" She mumbled, still smiling. God she was beautiful. "Oh Yes..." She unbuttoned my jeans and I kicked them off, doing the same with hers.
Awhile later, she was laying, drifting to sleep, with her head on my chest. She was amazing. That girl had made me see stars. I made a promise to myself right then. I would never loose her. She was mine, forever.

~Two Months Later~

We decided to get married so soon because I was going on tour and it would push it back
another year. So here I was staring in there mirror, waiting. It should be easy right?...All I had to do was go up there, say some words...that was all. Shit, I'm screwed. I shouldn't be this nervous. My best man, and brother, Mikey opened the door.
"Two minutes."
"Shit." I swore under my breath, combing out my hair for what seemed like the zillionth time.
"It's fine" He pushed me out the door, walking next to me. " and Benj ever think of having kids?" He was trying to make me less nervous. Wrong topic.
" Why?.." I scrambled for words.
"Just wondering." He shrugged.
There I was standing, watching her walk up to me. Frank gave her away, I hadn't notice how close they had gotten. My mind raced to a million different subjects while the Priest was talking. Damn this was taking so long.
Then...Finally. "I do." I said, looking right into her eyes.
Then it was her turn. "I....I..." She hesitated, looking over at my brother, who whispered something that I didn't catch. "Gerard.....I'm pregnant...." There was nothing but silence. What the hell?
"Benj...I said tell him, I didn't mean NOW!" I heard my brother mumbling.
"Oh..." That's all she said, waiting for me to say something back.
"This couldn't want till we got home?" I could suppress my smirk.
She shook her head. God she was so adorable. I just started laughing, everyone else around me was trying to stay quiet. "It's...Okay." I managed to finish.
The ceremony finally ended and the reception was held at my place. I was happy as hell. I had every thing I wanted, and then some. I wanted a son...a girl would be nice but... I decided it didn't matter, either way, they were going to be amazing.
After talking to Cade, who seemed intent on a conversation about what makeup I use, I went looking for Benji. Cade kept following me...shit... she was trying to distract me. I should have figured when she asked me to describe in detail what the color 'gash' looked like. I started searching rooms for Benji, worried. What the hell was going on. Billy came over and dragged Cade away mumbling something about me having a right to know. My heart sped up. I stopped at a closed door, all the way in the back of my house, the guest room Mikey was using. I heard his and Benji's voices.
"I thought you said you were sure it was his!?" Mikey was panicked. "You're the one that had to tell him during the fucking ceremony, after you told me that you were 100% sure that it wasn't mine!" I swear my heart stopped.
"I don't know. I was thinking about it more, I don't want to tell him...until after we know for sure." Benj was crying, part of me wanted to hold her the other part wanted to shake her.
"I can't lie to him anymore." Mikey whispered.
"You already lied enough, might as well finish it!" She screamed, the door opened and she looked up at me. Tears streaming down my cheeks. I took my ring off and threw it, as if it had burned me. Benj stayed there, watching me leave, down the stairs, out the door, past all the people. Mikey followed, yelling for me, but I didn't want anything to do with him. As far as I was concerned, neither of them existed.
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