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Chapter 4

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When a band member gets kidnapped, will the others be able to get him back? And just how far will they go?

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Frank hugged a hysterical Mikey as they sat on the ground in the deserted alleyway, Ray and Bob sitting next to them both looking equally upset. It had been nearly twenty minutes since they had all received the text messages telling them that Gerard had been kidnapped. Frank was still in shock, he couldn't believe that anyone would do that; he couldn't believe that it was happening to them. He sighed as he looked at the others, willing them to have an answer or some sort of plan. Eventually he couldn't take the silence anymore.

"So what do we do now?" He asked the others.

Ray looked up at him, unshed tears glistening in his eyes. "What can we do? I guess we just wait 'til this person tells us what we have to do to get Gee back."

"Yeah, but I hate not being able to do anything! There must be something...I mean we can't sit here forever."

"Maybe we should go back to the bus," suggested Mikey as he sat up and wiped his eyes. "Frankie's right, we can't sit here forever."

The others all agreed and helped each other up of the floor. They walked back to the car park where they knew the bus was parked and then slowly got back onto the bus. As soon as they got on the bus Bob went straight to his room; he always liked to be alone when anything bad happened, and the others sat together in the living area. They figured that the first thing they needed to do was inform the bus driver that they wouldn't need to be driven to their next venue. Frank volunteered to tell him what had happened; hoping that he wouldn't be too shocked.

Frank walked into the driving area and started talking to Bill. "Bill, um we've got a very big problem."

"Oh god what happened now?" Said the exasperated driver with a hint of humour, his face paling however as he saw the serious look on the guitarist's face. "Shit, what did happen?"

"We went into the alley, Mikey and I, and we found Worm. He'd been knocked out by a tranquilizer dart." Frank carried on talking, ignoring Bill's shocked face. "I called an ambulance and took him to the hospital and they said that he's gonna be fine, in fact he's gonna wake up in a few hours so we're gonna need to tell the crew bus to pick him up..." He trailed off as he tried to figure out how he could do all of this without word getting out about what had happened. "Um yeh, and so Mikey, Ray and Bob were searching for Gee but they couldn't find any sign of him so I went back and then we all got text messages. Look." He handed his phone to Bill whose already pale face suddenly turned a deathly shade of white.
"I...I..." Bill was lost for words at what to say and so eventually he just asked, "What are you gonna do?"

"What can we do? I guess we just have to wait until whoever this is tells us what we have to do. I mean they said that we couldn't call the police or else, well you know." Frank said.

"Yeah I guess...well look guys I think it's best if we just stay here for now. I can call Brian if you want and tell him that Gee is really sick and we need to cancel some tour dates."

"Why don't we just tell him the truth?" asked Frank with a confused expression on his face. "I mean, doesn't Brian deserve to know what's going on?"

"Yeah but if these people are saying that they don't want you to call the police then I'm guessing the less people know about this the better. You don't want it to get into the press do you?"

"No...yeah you're right. Just tell Brian that he's really sick and we're gonna see if he gets better and if not we're gonna take him to see someone, make up something like that." Said Frank as he left the driver's area and went back to the lounge.

"Hey guys," he said as he walked in. "I've told Bill and he said that we should wait here until we get told what to do. He's also gonna call Brian and tell him that Gee's really sick and we're gonna need to cancel some shows, as these kidnappers obviously don't want anyone to know about this and we definatly don't want the press to know about it."

The others agreed that it was for the best that they don't tell anyone and so they sat back and put on the television, trying to distract themselves from what could be happening to Gerard at that very moment. They were soon joined by Bob, who they updated on what was going to happen. An hour went by without a word being spoken until finally Mikey couldn't take it anymore.

"Um I've been thinking...I know the text said that we shouldn't and everything but maybe we should call the police?" He said in a small trembling voice. "I mean, they would know what to do...they have tracking devices and things, maybe they could find out where they're sending the texts from or something?"

"Mikey you know they said that Gee would die if we did that." Ray said seriously.

"I know but how would they know? We could be really secretive about it or something, and would they really kill him? That would make them murderers...I mean I'm guessing they want ransom or something for him and that wouldn't be very good if he was...dead. Maybe it's an empty threat?"

The others had to admit that Mikey did have a point. How would the kidnappers know if they got the police involved?

"But are you willing to risk Gee's life Mikey? What if they're serious...they obviously know what they're doing." Frank said.

"No I think Mikey could be right," said Bob. "Maybe it is just an empty threat? And if we got someone really good to help us then they'd know how to be discreet and everything. I think we should at least consider it."


"So, they think that we're making an empty threat do they?" said a sinister, cold voice from the shadows. "I think we should show them just how serious we are." He said as he walked towards the door leading to the captive's room, flanked on either side by two huge men.
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