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Chapter 5

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Gerard stirred as he heard the door open. He looked up at the three men who had just walked into the room and now stood in front of him. The one in the middle was very thin and Gerard could just make out greasy blonde hair and a smirk from under his hood. The two men on either side of him had black balaclavas covering their faces like the man who had come in before.

"Please...wh...what am I doing here?" asked Gerard, his voice dry and croaky from not having had a drink since before he went on stage, which seemed like a lifetime ago.

He did not expect them to reply and so he was surprised when the blonde stranger answered him.

"We're holding you for ransom. Your friends know that you have been taken, but they do not know what we want yet. First we need to show them that we are serious and we are not making empty threats." His monotonous voice was cold and empty. This scared Gerard almost as much as his predicament.

"What are you going to do?" he whispered.

He didn't receive an answer this time, only a swift punch to his stomach by one of the other men. He winced and his body tried to curl in on himself to protect his stomach but the chains holding him to the wall wouldn't let him. He was completely at their mercy.

He heard his unknown captor telling the others not to take too long. Well at least whatever they were going to do to him was going to be over quickly he thought as he felt another punch to his stomach followed by another. He closed his eyes as he tried to escape the pain flowing through him but he was drawn sharply back to reality with every painful blow to his abdomen. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he couldn't feel anymore pain and he looked up at saw that the two men had temporarily left the room. He breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that his pain was over but he was sorely mistaken as he heard the door open again.

He looked up and he felt all the colour drain from his face as he saw the knife and lighter one of the men was holding. The man laughed as he handed the lighter to his friend and they both walked closer towards Gerard. All the while the blonde haired man was standing by the door with the same smirk still plastered on his face. Suddenly Gerard felt a burning pain as the lighter was roughly held to his wrist. He tried to pull his arms to get away from it but they wouldn't move far enough. He could feel tears streaming down his face as he desperately pleaded with them to stop. His words fell on deaf ears however as the man simply laughed and held the lighter to Gerard's forearm whilst the other man slowly pressed the blade into his leg. He tried to kick at the man but his stomach seared with pain as he tried to move his leg and at the same time the man with the lighter pressed it right into Gerard's arm, causing him to scream in pain.

"Shut the fuck up," one of the men said as he kicked Gerard again in the side. Gerard felt the knife being pressed harder into his leg now, easily breaking the fabric of his trousers and creating a large bleeding gash. Gerard screamed out in pain again and started thrashing about in his restraints, trying to free himself. He could feel punches and kicks to his body, in between painful cuts and even more painful burns. Soon his mind became cloudy, and he could only feel pain...pain everywhere. In his legs, his arms, his stomach, his chest and finally in his face where he had just been punched hard. He could feel blood dripping from his nose and he knew that he wasn't going to be able to stand much more before he fell unconscious. His screams had become nothing more than whimpers as he felt himself slipping away into darkness, darkness which he welcomed. Before he closed his eyes fully, before he slipped away, he saw the blonde man walk towards him and take out a camera. Through half-lidded eyes he saw a flash of light as the man took the picture and then he fell into the darkness.


"So are we gonna wait until they tell us what they want or are we gonna call the police now?" asked Frank. They were all sitting in the bunk area of the tour bus, trying to decide what to do. They had already agreed on calling the police, with only Ray being slightly apprehensive. It was roughly 4am and they could all feel sleep beckoning them.

"Um I'm not sure...shall we wait 'til we wake up tomorrow and then call them, whether they've told us what to do or not? I just want Gee back as soon as possible," said Mikey.

"Yeah...I think that's a good idea," agreed Bob, and Ray and Frank nodded their approval as they all went to find something to sleep in.

"You really think they're bluffing do you Mikey?" asked Bob when the other two had left.

"I...I dunno really...but I'd feel better knowing that someone professional knew about this. Then we'll be able to get Gee back and hopefully catch the bastards who did this." Mikey answered truthfully.

Just as Frank and Ray appeared in the doorway in their pyjamas, they all heard the simultaneous noises that signalled four text messages being received at once. They felt both fear for Gerard and excitement at maybe knowing what they had to do to get him back as Frank reached for his phone, which was nearest and read the text allowed.

"I'd check your email if I were you..."

"Mikey turn on you laptop, quick!" yelled Ray as Mikey grabbed his laptop and turned it on, typing in his password. He opened an internet window and asked which email they should use.

"Does it really matter Mikey? I'm guessing they're all gonna say the same thing" said Frank.

Mikey typed in his email and password and opened his inbox. They all crowded around him as he opened a message from an unknown sender.

"So you think that we're an empty threat? You think that we don't know how to get what we want? You think we're bluffing? If you call the police Gerard will die. We mean it."

There was an attachment to the email that Mikey opened with shaking hands. As the picture filled the screen Mikey burst into tears, Ray gasped, Bob looked away and Frank stared at the screen in horror. The attachment to the email was a picture of Gerard. He was chained to a wall behind him, there were slashes all down his legs and his once blue jeans were now stained a horrible red. There were what looked like burn marks all up and down his arms and Frank could see bruising on his stomach, as Gerard wasn't wearing a t-shirt. There was blood caking most of his face and he was barely conscious. Frank turned away from the picture with tears streaming down his face and looked to the others, all of them knowing that now there was no question. There was no way they were going to call the police.
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