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Chapter 3

"So yeah my knees might tell you a story,"
Lia sang, passing a careless hand towards her knees that were exposed by her worn out leggings,
"These band-aids are there for a reason, you know...

Lust is no different from love.
This is possibly wrong, though.
Surely I've hurt myself more than once..." ,she patted her chest with her microphone-free hand and stared deeply into the crowd, not recognizing anyone in particular but knowing them all anyway.

"Or maybe I've hurt myself all along,
And those around me.
We might experience joy from time to time,
But who are we kidding? "
She raised her voice and sang loudly, her voice powerful,
"We're all screwed up anyway! "

She closed her eyes to slits and sang as if it was a whisper all of them were sharing,
"I tell you,
Lust is no different from love.
No, it's not.
This is very goddamn possibly wrong,
Surely I've hurt myself more than once
In the past, the present and the future...
All along"

She walked to her brother in the guitar and disheveled his hair with her free hand. She kissed the top of his head, on her tiptoes so she could reach and sang into his ear,
"I assure you these days will come again
Maybe when I'm old
Maybe in an hour or more

I do not regret what I've done. "
She jumped from his side and put one leg in one of the amplifiers, bending forward, "I'm happy I've done it all of this time.
I won't apologize for living.
I won't, I won't! "
She opened her arms as in sign of freedom then closed them once more, moving her eyes from side to side as if afraid, and then grinning to the crowd,
"You know why?

Lust is no fucking different from love!

There's an 'l' in both.
They're the way I feel,
And so do you,
Everyone fucking else, too. "

She laughed and went to Nathan on the bass and wrapped one arm around him,
"Everyone's fucking anyone
Anyone is fucking everyone"
She went from his side and patted his butt as she did so, the crowd cheered and she grinned as she continued,
"We're all covered in love
And lust
'cause you know what?
Lust is not different from love. "
She finished powerfully, until her voice slowly started to lower.
Then she ran to the stage and jumped to the space in between the body guards and the crowd, giving them all high fives, after a couple of seconds one of the body guards lifted her to stage once more, she frowned at him and then sang,

"These band-aids might tell you a story or more" and gave the bodyguard the finger.
"LET ME HERE YOU GUYSSS!!" She roared into the microphone, raising her arms to the sides. The crowd cheered for her.

"That was a kick ass show" She muttered as they walked to their merch booth covered in sweat.
"What was that butt grabbing about?" Nathan asked, laughing.
"I just like how they look in those pants. Those were the ones I gave you for Christmas, aren't they?" She replied, smiling widely.
"Yeah" Nathan replied and winked at her.
"It'd rather go to the bus and chill for a while, you know..." Tom said, yawning.
"There's T again, attempting to escape business once againnn" Lia sang.
"Don't you ever get /tired/?" Tom asked rather rudely, raising his eyebrows.
"No" Lia spat, "Get the hell out if you want to, then" She said as rudely as he did only she was smiling.
"Thanks, love" Tom said, and scampered away before Lia changed her mind.
"I'm going too" Brian said, placing a finger on his arm and making a face as he did so, "I feel sticky as hell. Nora thought it was funny to drench me in Gatorade when she saw me posing for a picture"
"'kay, off you go." Lia commanded.
Nathan and her continued to make their way to their merch booth.
"Nice one, Nora" Lia said, smiling at one of the techs.
"Yeah. See, it's good when you follow my advice" Nathan said, winking at her.
"Right, Nathan, boy" She snapped, rolling her eyes, "Like that was your idea"
Lia laughed and turned her head, at the end of the merch booth lines was a skinny guy she recognized. She put a hand in the merch table and jumped, running towards the guy while yelling a "be right back"
Ryan turned around, looking among the multitudes for that particular person that was shouting his name, somehow the voice was not that unfamiliar.
"RRYYYY!" Lia said as she faced him, a smile upon her face. Ryan looked at her and then it clicked, the pancake girl, only underwear...
The corners of his mouth turned into a smile as he greeted her,
"Hey! It's so weird to see you with your clothes on," He paused to acknowledge the weird looks everyone around him was throwing him.
"That's not a polite thing to say to a lady in such an open space, Ry." Lia said jokingly, imitating a frown.
"Yeah, well... you know I didn't mean it. Did you finish your vodka yet?"
"Oh, yeah...right after Brenny left"
"I don't know what you did to that guy, but he didn't stop smiling the whole day" Ryan commented, passing a hand through his hair, with a very good idea of what she might've done to him.
"Yeah, well I tend to have that effect on people. Hopefully it'll be the other way around next time...I think that if I keep doing this my knees are going to end up marked for life" Lia stated as she took a curios glance at Ryan's tattoo,
"/Mad as a hatter thin as a dime/...Interesting" She added, smiling.
"Yeah, it's from that song by.."
"Yeah, I know" Lia cut him off. They both laughed.
"So what are you doing today?" Ryan asked casually.
"Dunno...Just came back from a show...Guess I'm gonna continue selling merch or just staying at the booth goofing around..." She said, resting a finger on her chin thoughtfully, "What about you?"
" in a couple of hours...until then I'm going to stay here and chill I guess...Afterwards me and the guys were going to some fancy dinner by some magazine"
"Wow, magazine dinners...We barely got to be in this tour..."Lia raised her eyes to the tent and read their name for the very first time, "Panic! At the Disco?! are you kidding me?!"
"Ha ha, I thought you knew, Lia" Ryan said, eyeing her suspiciously.
"NO I DIDN'T! I mean I know the band, just didn't know THEY were YOU" She said in between laughs.
Ryan looked at her laughing, and she laughed along with her, absently placing a hand on her lap,
"Why don't you come with me to that dinner? I'm sure you'll make it fun" He said.
Lia looked at his face smiling, and then looked at his hand, smiling even more. She placed her hand on top of his and pushed it towards her very near. Ryan looked at it go. Lia looked around; everyone was busy with something else.
She leaned forward, and put his hand under her, pressing it against her and letting a small, almost silent sob that only Ryan could hear. Then, as suddenly as it had begun she let go of it and playfully pushed it aside.
"I'm sure of that." She said, and leaned forward to hug him, "I've heard that there are big bathrooms in that kind of parties"
She walked backwards, looking at Ryan and then bumped into someone. She winked at Ryan before turning around and facing Nathan. She smiled seductively and placed her hand on his package, squeezing slightly before going with him to the merch booth.
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