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Everytime I Close My Eye's All I See is You

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AHHH! you better enjoy this chapter cause its time to start counting down the chapters. That's right, im ending it pretty soon. Don't stop reading till i tell you!

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The next morning, Patrick awoke from his light sleep, to the sound of Pete screaming in his ear. He opened his eyes to find Pete lying in bed on his back, with his eyes closed tossing and turning. He screamed repeatedly, until Patrick woke him up.

"Pete...Pete wake up." He shook Pete's arm.

Immediatly, Pete sat up in bed. He took a deep breath and shook his head.

"You ok?" Patrick asked in a concerned tone.

Pete didn't say anything.

"Pete? You alright?" Patrick asked again.

His friend snapped back to reality. "What? Yeah, i'm....i'm fine." He layed back down next to Patrick.

"What do you dream about,Pete?" Patrick sat up in bed. He looked down at his friend.

He simply answered "Death."

"Who dies?" Patrick asked. He was getting more interested in his friends dreams.

"Kate. Every fucking time. Every dream, every night. She..Dies." Pete closed his eyes, still having flashbacks of his recent dream.


"I kill her." Pete said quietly.

"I always kill her."

Patrick was a bit disturbed by this new information. He didn't know dreams could get that scary. He never really did get nightmares his whole life.

"What do you think it means?"

"No fucking clue." Pete shook his head.

Patrick looked over at the alarm clock. It read, 10:00. "Shit! I'm sopossed to meet Joy for breakfast! I gotta go Pete. We can talk more when i get home."

"Sure Pat..." Pete mumbled.

Patrick quickly slipped on a pair of jeans and a red T-shirt over his PJ's. He had no time to pick out something to wear.

"I'll see you later." Before Pete could say his goodbye, his friend left the room.

Sorry about it being so short, i guess i didn't have much time to write anymore. Please review, i would be awfully happy.
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