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Too Much Candy

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The night of the concert has arrived.

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A/N: Thanks to anyone who's reading and left reviews! Ficwad has been a pain so sorry if there were a few copies of this chapter floating around. I plan to update fast since most of the story is already done and I'm working on a lot of editing right now. Enjoy!

Chapter 2 - Too Much Candy

"I can't believe I let Candy talk me into taking her tonight. Maybe I should just stay home. Yes, that sounds like a much better plan actually-"

"You are not staying home! You're going to go out and have fun and be 22 for a night instead of 42 and that airhead Candy isn't going to ruin one moment of it!

Teddy turned from the mirror she had been staring into to look at her best friend Missy, who was currently sitting on Teddy's bed helping her get ready for the concert that night.

"You know if you were any kind of best friend you'd be ditching this date of yours and coming with me to the concert." Teddy gave her best pathetic face but Missy only smiled back at her.

"You know how long it took Jack from accounting to ask me out, if I backed out now I'd be waiting another six months and I'm sorry but even Fall Out Boy is not worth that kind of misery. You'll have to make do with your blonde bimbo friend for one night."

Teddy turned back towards the mirror and now used it to direct her best death glare at her so called best friend.

"She is not my friend. How she suckered me into this I'll never know."

Teddy smoothed her green v-neck top and blue jeans in an effort to calm her nerves.

"Do I look alright?"

Missy smiled, "You look great. I'm sure this singer of yours is going to be staring at you all night."

Teddy shook her head, "Missy, I probably won't even get to see him again, and he's definitely not mine. I'm just going for the music."

Missy hid her smile, "Whatever you say."

Teddy chose to ignore the disbelief in her friends voice and nearly jumped a foot in the air when she heard the honk of Teddy's pink mustang from the street (the only benefit of Candy's presence all night was that she had her own car).

"That's her!" Teddy grabbed her bag and gave Missy a quick hug as she made for the door.

"Thanks for listening to me rant, have fun on your date."

Missy smiled, "I will, you have fun with the 'music.'"
Teddy gave her a fake glare before she hurried downstairs and into Candy's car.

"About time, I've been waiting down here forever."

"Sorry," Teddy muttered, not sounding very sorry even to her own ears but Candy didn't seem to notice.

"I still can't believe Patrick Stump was in the store for twenty minutes and you never told me! Twenty minutes! You're just lucky it wasn't Pete----"

Teddy sighed and turned towards the window. She'd hoped the girl had tired of her complaining after a whole day of it at work but apparently not. Teddy hadn't even planned on mentioning it at all until Davy had asked her to close for him and she'd slipped up and given him the real reason she couldn't.

"Are you even listening to me? Honestly---"

Teddy nodded and tried to put on her most sincere expression while inwardly groaning at what was sure to be too long of a ride to a small club where Fall Out Boy was going to be performing a not-so-secret secret show.

Teddy leaned her forehead against the cool glass of the window and watched as the lights of the city flew by.


"I'm sorry Candy, but most people are aware of the fact that high heels are not the best thing to wear to a concert!

Teddy felt like beating her head against the rail a few feet (and people) in front of them. She'd been listening to the girl rant for 30 minutes about everything from people touching her to sweating to the current complaint, her feet hurt. Teddy was very close to shoving one of those high heels up a not so pleasant area and giving her something to really complain about. The two of them where in front of the stage and while it wasn't exactly a tea party, she had been in much rougher crowds at concerts. Candy, however, could always be counted upon to find something to complain about in any situation.

The concert so far had been amazing. Patrick had come through tremendously; even leaving them backstage passes for after.

Teddy cheered with everyone else as the next song started up and chose to ignore the girl standing next to her in favor of Patrick's voice.

She was smiling at some rather terrifying looking twirling of Joe's when she suddenly felt the hair on the back of her neck standing up. When she glanced around she found herself gazing into hazel-green eyes under a familiar baseball cap.

Patrick was looking at her.

No, he couldn't see her with the lights and the crowd, she was being silly, and he was just looking in her direction....

He winked.

He was looking at her.

She smiled and winked back and she saw the corners of his lips turn up, much as they had so many times the day before, but then he was back in the song and the moment was lost.

Teddy smiled through the rest of the show.
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