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Drop a Heart, Break a Name

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Nothing's ever quite as it seems...

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A/N: Warning that this chapter features a Jackass!Pete but before you get too mad at me he might be redeemed later on (hint hint)

Chapter 3 - Drop a Heart, Break a Name

Backstage was a flurry of activity and moving bodies. Even Candy was unusually quiet as they both stood and stared, feeling completely out of place. It was mostly crew and security. There were a few reporters and a few fans with official looking people. Also, what Teddy could only assume were friends and family of the band. She was seriously thinking of making a run for the exit when suddenly a smiling girl appeared out of the sea of people.

"Are you Teddy?"

Teddy, feeling a little shocked that someone here knew her, had to take a moment to consider the question. Then feeling rather stupid stuttered out, "Er..uh...yes?"

The girl smiled again and Teddy decided there was something very friendly about her. She had short brown hair and a big smile that reached her eyes and made Teddy feel a little less intimidated.

"Great! I wasn't sure if I'd find you or not in this chaos. Patrick isn't exactly great with descriptions."

Teddy froze, "Patrick?"

"Yeah, he asked me to come find you and make sure he got a chance to tell you goodbye before you left. The guys had to do some press stuff. I'm Marie, Joe's girlfriend."

"Oh, nice to meet you. I'm Teddy but I guess you already know that...."

Marie laughed and smiled at her kindly.

Teddy noticed Marie glancing behind her and she suddenly realized that Candy was standing next to her left shoulder. She'd forgotten all about her, Candy had never been quiet for so many consecutive minutes before.

"Oh, sorry. This is Candy."

Marie nodded, "Hello."

Candy seemed to snap out of her daze a bit and turned her eyes towards the girl. "Hi."

Marie nodded and turned back to Teddy, "So tell me about---"

But before Marie could ask her question a boy with black hair and questioning eyes appeared next to her.

"Well, well, what do we have here?"

All Teddy could do was stare as a very wild looking Pete Wentz appeared in front of her. His black hair was standing out in all different directions and his white T-shirt was damp with sweat, sticking to his skin. The thing that stood out the most, however, was the slightly manic gleam in his eye. She felt herself taking a small step back almost unconsciously.

Marie, for her part, had lost the welcoming smile and was now looking decidedly uncomfortable and more than a little anxious but she quickly hid it well as she turned to face Pete.

"You're all done then, with the interviews. Everyone's done?"

Pete smirked slightly but refused to turn his gaze away from Teddy, who was beginning to feel a little creeped out. "Nah, they kicked me out. Can you believe that? Sent me to the dressing room like the bad little boy that I am."

Teddy could tell that Marie was really nervous at this revelation and seemed to be glancing around for someone. "Really, Pete, well maybe we should go back there and wait for the guys to be done---"

"Do I look like I need a babysitter to you Marie?" He snarled, and Teddy was beginning to get quite a bad taste in her mouth at the thought of Pete Wentz. "I thought I asked a question, who is this?" With that he turned his attention back to Teddy and she struggled not to show a reaction to his obviously hideous mood.

"I'm Teddy."

Pete's face was unreadable and as he swept back his bangs from his eyes she noticed his hands were shaking. "Well, that doesn't exactly answer my question now, does it?"

Teddy stared at him, attempting to figure him out as was her habit with nearly everyone anyway while Marie looked back and forth between the two of them like a referee at a tennis match.

"I met Patrick yesterday, at a record store, he left us tickets and backstage passes."

A smile grew on Pete's face but it didn't make her feel any less uneasy and she watched as he tried to focus on her, his eyes glazing over. "Right, right, I remember him talking about you. So what are you here for then?"

Teddy frowned, "I don't understand."

Pete smirked, "So you're an idiot too than? I was figuring just a gold digging whore hoping to get into Patrick's pants but we all have to be wrong sometimes I suppose."
Teddy felt as though she had been slapped in the face and fought to keep the sting of tears out of her eyes. "It's funny, Patrick never mentioned what a bastard you are Pete."

Pete let out a cruel laugh, "Well, he never mentioned what an ugly piece of trash you were either so I guess he leaves out a few things."

Teddy stood there for a moment locked in a heated stare with Pete before Marie seemed to recover and yelled, "Charlie! Charlie, over here!"

Teddy glanced in the direction Marie was looking and saw the same bald man that had arrived to pick up Patrick the day before hurrying over. Marie whispered something to him and he grabbed Pete, who was swaying slightly now, by the arm and dragged him out a door.

Marie turned towards Teddy. "I'm so sorry, listen, it's not what you think-"

But Teddy couldn't stand in that club any longer, "I have to go." She turned on her heel and ignored Marie's cries of "Wait!" and didn't look back till she had reached the parking lot.

"I'm sorry Teddy."

Teddy's head whipped up in surprise at the sound of Candy's voice. She'd been so wrapped up in the whole ordeal she'd forgotten that Candy had been standing there. She felt embarrassment flood her face.

"Let's just go," she said finally

Candy seemed to find her voice on the way home and laid in to just about everyone they'd met that night, but mostly Pete who 'wasn't even as cute in person'. Teddy listened with half an ear and mumbled an agreement in the appropriate places but mostly just wished for the ride to be over.

Missy was sitting in the kitchen in her pajamas going over paperwork when Teddy walked in the door and forced a smile onto her face.

"So, you're back, how was it? Are you the next Mrs. Stump or what?" Missy asked grinning.

Teddy forced a laugh. "Nah, I didn't even get to see him."

"Aw, too bad you didn't get to see him, but maybe he'll stop by the record store again sometime."

Teddy shrugged noncommittally while filling a glass of water and smiled at her friend. "While, out with it. I want to hear all about your date."

Missy grinned excitedly and launched into the story of her night while Teddy smiled and nodded and laughed.

Half an hour later, warm in her bed, she pressed her face to her pillow and finally let the sob out that had been threatening to escape since her run in with that awful man, Pete Wentz.

She never wanted to hear another thing about Fall Out Boy as long as she lived.
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