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The Minds of Boys

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A little forgiveness goes a long way...

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Chapter 5 - The Minds of Boys

Teddy stood nervously behind Pete at the entrance to the VIP room of the restaurant, which was a space they closed off when they had "exclusive" patrons. She supposed Fall Out Boy would definitely qualify. She was clutching a tray that held several glasses to conceal her face and suddenly doubted this plan of Pete's to surprise Patrick. For one thing, there were several people in the room. Pete, Joe, Patrick. Several guys she recognized as members of the crew and the now infamous Charlie, head of security, and the always-infamous Dirty, roadie extraordinaire. Marie was sitting next to Joe as well, whispering in his ear as he smiled at whatever she was saying. The room was loud and full of noise but when Pete entered the attention seemed to focus on the slender man standing in the door.

"We were getting ready to come looking for you Pete." Charlie was staring at him suspiciously.

Pete shrugged, "Funny thing happened on the way to the bathroom..." He cut himself off and turned towards Patrick who, Teddy couldn't help but notice, was staring morosely into his plate. "Hey, Patrick, what were you drinking again?"

Patrick raised his head slowly and stared at Pete, a frown playing on his lips, before turning back to his apparently more fascinating plate without uttering a sound. Teddy noticed the others shift uncomfortably and fall silent.

"Patrick, dude, are you deaf?" Pete smiled and winked at Teddy.

A look of anger crossed Patrick's features as he stood up throwing his fork on the table. "Fuck you, Pete, I am so--"

Teddy stepped out from behind Pete and lowered the tray before he could get any further. "Excuse me, but my arms getting tired here, I'm not a mind reader you know."

Patrick froze mid rant and his mouth literally fell open. Pete was standing next to Teddy smirking and the others crowded around the table were looking back and forth between the three of them in apparent confusion.

"Teddy? are you doing here?" Patrick seemed to be in shock and Teddy smiled.

"I work here, silly." She sat the tray down on the table and turned to Pete. "I happened to run into this guy here who insulted me quite thoroughly not two nights ago and after a long heart to heart I've decided I no longer want to kick him in the balls."

Everyone at the table laughed, seemingly aware of the cause of the tension between Pete and Patrick, and looked a bit relieved.

Patrick glanced over at Pete. "Did you know she worked here?"

Pete shook his head, "No man, I honestly just ran into her in the hall and explained what a bastard I can be, which you of course figured out years ago."

Patrick glanced back and forth between the two of them looking torn and Teddy smiled at him. "Pete apologized and explained what happened and there's no hard feelings, Patrick."

Pete was nodding eagerly over her shoulder and Patrick looked over at him as finally he sat down and laughed. "You can be a bastard though."

Pete smiled happily and everyone else laughed as Teddy marveled at the minds of boys.

She shifted awkwardly as Pete took his seat, not sure what to do, but Patrick pulled out the chair next to him, the one between him and Marie, and said, "Can you take a break for a minute?"

Teddy couldn't help but smile and, ignoring the fact that she was actually just returning from a break, she sat down as everyone started chatting animatedly again, including Pete who was making fun of Dirty across the table.

"Teddy, I'm so sorry. You do me a favor and how do I repay you? By letting my best friend call you horrible names -- " Patrick began as soon as she sat down.

"Patrick, it's okay, honestly," she smiled.

"You won't get in trouble, will you, for being in here and not out there?"

"Nah, I asked Pete to request a special server, yours truly. I think I could have asked for his first born though and he would have obliged. Guilt is apparently a good motivator."

Patrick laughed and tugged once on a curl that had escaped her bun before turning to take a bite of his pasta.

Teddy watched him and wondered how it was possible to feel so comfortable with someone you'd just met. It usually took her a very long time to trust someone. But with Patrick it felt like he could see right through her and for some reason she didn't mind.

Everyone had been sitting there for probably an hour talking and laughing when an Asian man entered the room clutching a cell phone and looking slightly panicked.

"That's Dan, he's our tour manager," Patrick whispered in her ear as everyone turned to stare at the new arrival who had stopped behind Bob, the band's manager, and Pete.

"Bad news everyone, I'm afraid Jeff's broken his leg. He's going to be out of commission for a while."

Everyone was frowning and muttering and Teddy turned to Patrick who was also frowning.

"Jeff was a part of the crew," he explained. "He handled a lot of the meet and greet stuff, interviews, merchandise. Whatever needed to be done and the stuff Bob couldn't be here for day to day. This is pretty much a nightmare because I don't know who we're gonna find to take his place, the big international tour starts in two days.

Teddy frowned, "Rotten luck."

She glanced away from Patrick and noticed Pete staring at her and Patrick oddly, an almost thoughtful look on his face, before suddenly breaking into a huge grin.

"Don't worry Dan, I've already found you a replacement."
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