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Feeling Young And Restless

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What's life without a little risk?

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Chapter 6 - Feeling Young and Reckless

Everyone stared at Pete as Dan said quite intelligently, "Huh?"

Pete was still smiling and looking thoroughly pleased with himself.
"I've got the perfect guy - while actually, girl." He turned toward Teddy and she felt her face heat as every pair of eyes in the room swiveled to stare at her.

She managed to squeak out a rather pathetic "Me?"

Pete just nodded, still smiling, and Teddy felt Patrick shift in his seat beside her. "What are you on about Pete?"

'It's perfect, Teddy has three jobs so we obviously know she can multitask and keep organized right? And I think you'd agree she seems quite intellectually capable. Plus, she's already seen me at my worst and we haven't read about it in the papers, at least not yet."

He gave her a teasing smile but she was too shocked to do anything but stare at him like he had two heads.

Everyone else seemed slightly shocked too and it took a moment for Dan to recover enough to say, "Pete, and I'm not trying to offend anyone, but we don't know anything about this girl."

Pete frowned and stared at her for a moment. "Where did you grow up?"

Teddy felt slightly like she'd just been tied to her chair for an interrogation. "Indiana."

"Why did you move to Chicago?"

"Didn't have anywhere else to be."

"Have you ever been arrested for stalking?"

She gave him a wry smile, "I swear that Patrick Swayze fan club was legit."

He smirked at her and turned back to Dan. "Good enough for me. And Patrick, right?"

Suddenly everyone turned to Patrick, including Teddy, and she thought he possibly looked more cornered at that moment than he had running from a pack of crazed fans.

Finally, he glanced at her and opened his mouth, before closing it and starting again, "The thing is - the thing is, while, you didn't exactly ask Teddy if she wanted the job, did you?"

He effectively shifted everyone's gaze back to her and it would have been comical if she wasn't feeling a thousand butterflies swimming in her stomach. She couldn't go on tour with a band. Could she? She had a life in Chicago. Admittedly a quite boring and tiresome life but still...

Missy. She'd couldn't leave her...even if they never saw each other much anymore anyway....

What was she thinking? This was impossible wasn't it? Things like this didn't happen to girls like her.

She realized she'd been quiet for too long and Pete interrupted her thoughts, "While? What's it gonna be Teddy girl?"

She took a deep breath and glanced at Patrick once before allowing a smile to finally show. "If you want me, I want to be there."

Pete smiled one of his big toothy grins. "Great."

Teddy noticed Bob and Dan glance at each other before Bob finally nodded and Dan sighed and said, "Fine but we're doing a background check this time, I mean it."

Teddy couldn't keep the smile off her face as everyone came over and introduced themselves and welcomed her. It wasn't until later after she'd finished speaking to Bob about the official parts of the job that she realized Patrick had never actually said whether he wanted her to take it or not.


Teddy had finally lost it.

There was no other explanation. Why else would she currently be on a plane to Japan with a rock band that she had known two members of for approximately one week, half of which was spent thinking one of them believed her to be a whore?

She'd definitely lost it.

This was all Missy's fault.

2 Days earlier

After returning home that night from the restaurant, Teddy had sat down and realized that she had made a huge mistake. There was no way she could take this job. She had no idea what she was doing and they expected her to be able to pack up her life and leave in two days. She didn't know any of these people. And this tour was overseas. They wanted her to fill in for Jeff for five weeks and then when the time came to return for the US leg of the tour, either Jeff would be able to come back or they could have found a more suitable replacement.

She had been sitting at the kitchen table, phone in hand, about to call Dan up and end the whole bout of obvious insanity she had suffered, when Missy had came home. After Teddy told her the whole story, Missy had just smiled at her.

Teddy, obviously, was quite taken aback.

"I clearly, very nearly lost my mind today and all you can do is smile? Thanks a lot Missy."

"You're going to go."

Teddy just stared at her. "Missy, no, I can't go, I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"Because....just because, that's not me okay."

"How do you know?" Missy leaned forward and put her hand over Teddy's, "You're my best friend and I'll miss you terribly but you are wasting the best years of your life. You didn't come to Chicago to work dead end jobs and hide away from the world inside this apartment. Take a chance, Teddy, it could be the greatest thing you ever do...or not. But at least you won't have any regrets."

Needless to say, Teddy couldn't not go after that heart to heart chat. She'd packed up two suitcases, took all the money out of her savings, and found the passport that she hadn't used in two years in the bottom of an old purse.

Somewhere, deep inside, she knew that Missy was right. That she needed to do this. Needed to take this chance. But she was still terrified.

And now sitting on the plane next to a sound guy they called E she was sure she was crazy for doing this. The band and the security still weren't on the plane yet. She hadn't seen or talked to Patrick since that night at the restaurant, but he had smiled and welcomed her like everyone else. Only it wasn't a real smile and thinking about it wasn't doing anything to calm her nerves. Not to mention the fact that she was the only woman on tour. Period. She had not imagined that until she'd turned up at the airport that morning and looked around at all the unshaven, slightly grumpy looking faces. Several of the guys' girlfriends would be along later in the tour but for now it was just her. She'd found that her job had started right away as well, immediately having to get everyone organized and sorted through security, not an easy process with this lot, which included Dirty. She would definitely be earning her money.

Finally everyone got boarded, some in the front and some in the back. She'd never flown this far before and despite herself she felt a little excitement grow in her tummy as the plane took off. She put on her headphones and tried to think about everything that was to come and not everything she was leaving behind.
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