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Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again

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The flight to Japan leaves Teddy with more questions than answers but that won't last for long...

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Chapter 7 - Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again

Several hours later and a little more than halfway through the flight, Dan returned to the back of the plane and knelt down beside her. She quickly took off her headphones and noticed that E and most of the other guys were asleep,

She turned to Dan, "What's up?"

"Pete wants you to come up there for awhile. You can trade me seats for a bit, I'm tired of Joe snoring in my ear anyway."

"Okay." She said, surprised, and stumbled out of her seat clutching her ipod and making her way to the front of the plane.

It was definitely much nicer in this part of the plane and a lot less crowded she thought glancing around. A flight attendant started to move towards her but she heard a familiar voice say "She's with me." She looked to her right and Pete was sitting there with a magazine in one hand and his sidekick in the other. He looked ready to jump out of his seat and she was irresistibly reminded of a little boy squirming in a pew at church.

The flight attendant smiled, "Of course, Mr. Wentz" and went back to doing whatever flight attendants do.

Teddy took the empty seat next to Pete and he smiled.

"I get really crazy on long flights, not a good thing to cage up this much ego for so long I suppose."

Teddy laughed.

She and Pete talked for a while and she noticed that Joe was indeed snoring sleepily away and Andy, also, was sleeping, although much more quietly. She couldn't tell if Charlie, who was in front of Pete, was asleep or not but she doubted it. Patrick was on his computer, headphones stuck on his ears.

"Hey Teddy, will you trade places with Bob for a minute, I want to talk to him," Pete was asking her and typing on his sidekick at the same time. Bob was sitting on the other side of Patrick and she hesitated. He'd acted so strangely the other night. But what could she do, say no to Pete?

She stood up and moved across the aisle.

"Bob...Bob!" She whispered loudly behind Patrick's head whose headphones were obviously turned up quite loudly as he didn't seem to notice her. Bob swiveled around finally. "Pete wants to talk to you, will you trade me seats?"

He nodded and nudged Patrick who jumped about a mile into the air as he noticed Teddy's presence behind him for the first time. "Patrick, I'm gonna go talk to Pete." Bob, who was rather large (as in muscular) maneuvered himself out of the seat and down the aisle and Teddy found herself standing there staring at Patrick who was staring back.

"You mind if I sit down?"

Patrick seemed to snap out of it. " 'Course not, why would I mind?"

She shrugged and stepped around him plopping down in the seat. He glanced at his computer before shutting it and taking off his headphones.

Teddy waited for him to say something but when he didn't talk she finally asked, "Not tired?"

Patrick shook his head and pulled on the end of the now very familiar baseball cap. She wondered idly if it was his favorite this month as she had yet to see him in a different one. He offered her a small smile, "I've never been able to sleep well on airplanes. You think I'd be used to it by now, wouldn't you?"

Teddy toyed with a thread on her faded jeans, "Oh, I don't know. I haven't traveled nearly as much as you of course but I could never sleep on them either."

She glanced up and caught him staring at her but he quickly looked away and it annoyed her for some reason.

"So, Patrick," she began. Her voice came out sounding much different than it had a moment before...more business like, and he turned back towards her with slightly raised eyebrows, "Why didn't you want me to take this job? You might as well come clean with it, I won't be mad, I promise, and then you don't have to look at me with those sad doe eyes for the next five weeks."

He stared at her. "I do not have sad doe eyes."

Teddy snorted, "Whatever Bambi."

Patrick closed his eyes, "I am going to pretend you did not just call me that and then I can be sure that you will never, never be able to repeat it in front of anyone ever again, especially Pete."

Teddy held in a laugh. "Whatever you say."

He tried to glare threateningly at her but it came out more like a desperate plea and she did laugh out loud that time.

"So come on Patrick, out with it, do I get on your nerves? It's understandable and I promise not to get in your face - "

"What are you on about?" He was looking at her like she had suddenly sprouted an arm out her forehead. "You don't get on my nerves, okay? I don't know why you would think that."

She shrugged and suddenly found the armrest extremely fascinating. She felt a hand slide under her chin and tilt it up until she was staring into Patrick's eyes. He was looking at her with a slight frown on his face.

"Look Teddy it's not what you think, okay? The thing is....the thing is - "

But before she could find out exactly what the thing was, Dan was poking Patrick in the shoulder, apparently having had enough of the back of the plane for awhile. Patrick glanced at Teddy but she just got up and moved to give Dan back his seat. She could feel Patrick staring at her as she walked away and she noticed Pete frowning out of the corner of her eye before she walked through the curtain back to her seat.

These boys were so strange, she couldn't figure them out.


Upon landing in Japan, the boys had been driven off to do a couple of quick interviews and most everyone else had been left to settle in their hotel, which was probably the nicest hotel Teddy had ever stayed at in her life. It was beautiful with white marble floors, grand fountains, and lots of smiling staff.

While, they were smiling until they happened to run into Dirty at least, who was sporting his usual scruffy appearance. Teddy had to try hard not to laugh at the looks on their faces and Dirty's obvious obliviousness to it.

The crew were nice enough. They all seemed to like to have a good time but knew how to work hard as well (well, again maybe except for Dirty). Most of them seemed as though they didn't know what to make of her yet and didn't say a whole lot. There were about eight guys in the crew that were traveling with them not counting Dirty, Charlie and Dre (who also did security), Dan, or Bob. There were also two supporting bands.

Teddy was rooming with Mikey who, obviously, was a guy. She had no problem rooming with a guy really but he seemed a little nervous, only stopping in the room long enough to drop his bags and make for the door. All that she'd gathered about Mikey so far was that he was a few years older than her, had blondish colored hair that fell in his eyes a lot, and a habit of wearing Black Sabbath T-shirts.

Teddy put her things down in a chair and sat down on one of the twin beds. She suddenly felt very alone. She thought about calling Missy but knew that she would probably still be at work at that time of the day. She had a strong urge, actually, to call her mom. But she couldn't do that. Her parents had no idea she was halfway around the world. She knew that she couldn't tell them about this job or they would be beside themselves with worry, their little girl getting corrupted by a rock band. It wouldn't matter what age she was, they would be on the next plane to drag her home. No, she would have to keep the whole thing a secret. Maybe tell them afterwards. Like twenty years afterwards.

Teddy sighed and laid back on the bed. Maybe she would close her eyes for just a few minutes.

What felt like just a moment later, she felt someone gently shaking her shoulder and whispering her name. Startled, she sat up quickly and felt all the blood rush to her head. She must have fallen asleep and judging by the lack of light outside the window it had been longer than a few minutes. Suddenly, she remembered that there had been someone waking her up and looked around to see a bemused looking Patrick Stump standing next to her bed.

"Falling asleep on the job already?" He was wearing black jeans and a white T-shirt and of course his ever-present baseball cap. She noticed his hazel eyes were laughing at her from behind his glasses.

Teddy shook her head and struggled to shake away the last remnants of sleep. "Patrick? How long have I been asleep?"

He sat down on the bed next to her and took his glasses off to wipe them with the end of his shirt. Teddy reached beside her and grabbed a box of tissues, handing him one to use instead.

He took the tissue and smiled at her. "Thanks. While, I don't exactly know how long you've been asleep because Andy and I just got back from a radio station about ten minutes ago. I do know it was long enough for all the others to leave for supper without you though." He looked slightly apologetically at her after this last statement but she just gave a slight nod.

"I don't blame them. They probably thought I'd finally realized what I'd gotten myself into and jumped on the first plane home." She smiled at him.

"Where you considering that, then?"

"The thought had crossed my mind."

"While that would be a new record. I think the shortest anyone ever lasted was a week and Pete did pee on that guy, to be fair."


"Accidentally. Completely accidentally."

Teddy stared at him skeptically, "Riiight."

Patrick glanced around the room, "Who've they stuck you in here with?"

Teddy stood up and pulled a brush out of her bag in an attempt to tame her now wild hair back into a ponytail. "Mikey."

Patrick nodded, "Mikey's alright. Doesn't talk much, though, and I'm not sure he's ever actually had a girlfriend so I'd keep a close eye on my panty drawer if I were you."

Teddy reached out a converse clad foot to kick at him since her hands were tangled in her hair. "Perv."

"Fine, fine, if you don't want my advice..." Patrick stood up and started walking towards the door. "Andy, Dan, and I are going down for supper soon so if you don't want to be left behind again be in the hall in ten minutes, okay?"

Teddy suddenly thought of something. "How did you even know I was here if everyone else is gone?"

Patrick smiled. "Pete called to see where we were and he mentioned that you were MIA as well. I had one of the maids let me in. Helps to be famous every once in awhile." He turned around again but she called to him once more.


He turned around with one eyebrow raised. "Hmm?"

"On the plane, earlier, what were you going to tell me, before Dan interrupted?"

The carefree air about him that had been in place since he'd interrupted her from her nap seemed to vanish and she instantly regretted bringing it up. She never could leave well enough alone.

He tugged on the brim of his cap, which she had now come to identify as something he mostly did when he was nervous, and frowned slightly. "Oh,'s just, well, I don't think I ever mentioned - "

Before Patrick could finish his sentence a loud buzzing noise went off in his pocket and he pulled out his phone and stared at it but didn't answer.

"Who was that?" Teddy asked before she could stop herself.

He bit his bottom lip and looked towards the window before glancing up at her face.

"My girlfriend."
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