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Ch. 14 - Finding Frank

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I stood next to the stage watching the guys of My Chem as well as the new members. I brought Frankie's camera and snapped a few shots. After they finished practicing "Hang 'Em High" Frank waved me over.

"Yea?" I asked.

"You know you can walk around on stage and take pictures of us if you want?" He said, slightly sweaty.

"You sure?" I asked looking at Bob and Ray who had joined us.
"Yea. But Only if we can put some on our site and use them for our own personal uses. And you have to stay clear of us." Ray laughed.

"Mmkay then," I agreed and they started the set back up. I ended taking hundreds of photographs by the time they were done. Thank god for Frank's uber-expensive camera.

Just before show time, we were all back stage and the guys needed to get ready. Apparently, me being there wasn't a problem. At least not for Frankie. He lifted his shirt over his head; James and Matt followed his example. As much as I was enjoying the show, I spoke up.

"Um, Just...come get me when you guys are done undressing." I said, making my way to the door. My foot was starting to feel a whole lot better.

"Undressed huh?" Ray asked.

"I mean ...when you guys are done getting changed. I'm not a perv." I said hurriedly. I heard bouts of laughter as I left the room.

I was brought back in the room 20 minutes later.
"We've a suggestion for you." Bob said.
I looked at him questioningly.

"How would like us to send you back on Sunday instead of tomorrow?" He asked.

"Wow. Um, sure. I'd love it!"

"Good. Because I just bought you the ticket," That was the first thing Gerard had said to me since the little incident earlier.
"Where will I be flying out of?"


"Sweet!" I said excitedly.

Seeing them perform so close was exciting. Not only My Chemical Romance, but Muse as well. I was in awe. When they came off stage, they were all smiles, even Gerard. He seemed to have forgotten earlier, because he gave me a bear hug and kissed the top of my head. When Frank came off stage he wrapped his arm around me and sort of tickled me. I was starting to consider him my best guy friend.

All of us congregated in My Chem's dressing room and Chris (tour manager) came in.

"Alright guys. We need to leave in the morning my six a.m. if we're going to get to Washington by noon tomorrow. So I need you all to go to the hotel and get some sleep. We paid for these hotel rooms, so use 'em." Chris spoke.

After his little speech we all headed back to the hotel. I stayed on the bus to sleep, just like I had said I would. I tried to sleep, but every time I was close, I thought I would hear a funny noise. I was scared of the dark as well, so that wasn't helping any.

I looked at a nearby clock and saw that it was two o'clock, I finally gave up and got out of bed. I hoped Frankie wouldn't mind if I joined him.
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