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We could be perfect

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We strolled down the street, hand in hand, smoking our cigatettes.
We reached the coffee shop around the corner from my school, we stepped inside and ordered coffee.

We sat down in a booth.
"Your missing your class arent you?" Gerard smirked.
"So are you!" I punched his arm playfully, "you've missed like two weeks of fucking school! Youre dead!"
The woman who was serving us our coffee gave me a funny look and raised her eyebrows.
"Not litterally, obviously." I looked in her direction and shrugged my shoulders.
Gerard laughed.
"Seriously Gee, Mikey is slowly drinking himself to death because he misses you so much, and I hate to think what your parents are like! Im suprised they havent arranged a fucking funeral!" I said softly, noticing a tear in the corner of Gerards eye.
"So.. lets talk.." I took a sip of my coffee.
"Please let us keep it!" Gerard blurted, so quickly I barely understood what he was saying. He took my hand in his. "Ive never thought so much of anyone in my life. I love you. I know it sounds strange, we're fucking 15 and 16. But youre the most amazing fucking girl have ever fucking met in my entire fucking life. I want us to be a family, with our baby."
I placed my finger on Gerards lips.
"I know honey." I smiled, "And how many times did you say fucking in that sentence" We laughed in unison.
"About 50 fucking times.." Gerard leaned in to kiss me.

"So? will you come back to my place with me?" I began.
An old woman sitting in the booth across from us looked at me, disgusted.
"..and fuck me" I said loudly, looking over at her after I had spoken.
She turned her nose up and tutted.

In a fit of giggles, Gerard nodded, "I really want us to have this baby together. So yeah, I will."
Gerard bent his head down, lifted my t-shirt up slightly and gently kissed my stomach.
We stood up and left our table, and arms linked we left the shop and headed for my house.
I was actually dreading it to be honest. I had an awful feeling my Dad wasnt gonna like Gerard, and say no to me keeping a baby that is half his.
Long greasy black hair, leather jacket and cigarette in hand was not the kinda guy a dad would like his daughter to get pregnant with.

"Here we go.." Gerard muttered as we entered the house.
"Mum? Dad?" I shouted. "Anyone home?"
Mikeys head popped around the corner of the living room door. Beer bottle in one hand, and video game control in the other.
As soon as he clapped eyes on Gerard he dropped what he was holding. A startled Ray then emerged from behind the door.
"Gerard?" Mikey edged nearer to Gee. "Oh my god bro!"
Gerard and Mikey were involved in the biggest hug in the history of big hugs, when my mum came downstairs. She looked the Way brothers up and down, and then stared at me. "Whats going on?" She said in a bland, monotone voice. This whole baby thing had really got her down.
"I need to talk to you and dad.." I lead her into the kitchen where my dad and Frank sat drinking tea. Gerard, Mikey and Ray followed close behind me, and a confuzed Bob entered a few minutes later.
I broke the awkward silence, "Dad, this is Gerard." I pulled Gerards arm, making him step forwards.
"What the fuck are you doing here!" Frank stood up, nearly knocking the drinks on the table flying.
"Frank!" My mum squealed.
"Sorry mum.." Frank looked at Ray, "I forgot she was there."
"Oh my god its Gerard!" Bob suddenly said looking astonished, a little late.
"Have you only just noticed?" Mikey chuckled. Bob nodded honestly. "Twerp." Mikey said, being careful not to swear infront of my parents.

"So, youre the bastard that did this to my daughter?" My dad stepped up. It was not often you heard him swear.
"Yeah, Mr Iero. And to be honest, Im not sorry at all." Gerard put his arm around my waist.
"Take your filthy hands off my daughter.." My dads fists were clenched.
"Dad.." I was interupted by Gerard.
"..Mr Iero. Look, Im in love with your daughter, and no matter how crazy it sounds I wanna keep this baby."
"You stay out of her life. You have already ruined it enough!" My dad went to hit Gerard, but I stepped infront of him and ended up being punched in the face.
Gerard took me in his arms and held me tight. I buried my head in his shirt.
"Sarah!" My dad pushed Gerard away from me. "What have I done, your face, are you alright?" My dad questioned, "Talk to me Sarah!"
"You know what dad? I love Gerard and I want this baby, so what if Im only 15, its my choice. And if you wont support me, then fuck you!" I screamed, holding my hand to my face.
"Sarah honey.. I.." My dads face dropped, and he looked hurt.
"Gerard." Frank stood up.
"Frank, please dont.." Gerard pleaded. "Just leave it okay, I know you hate me but dude, drop it.."
"No." Frank interupted, "I know Im gonna sound all soppy and shi..stuff when I say this, but I was wrong about you." Frank looked down at his feet. "I mean, all that stuff you just said, and all the stuff Sarah said. It made me realise that you care about my sister. Im not gonna hold the baby thing against you. Will you forgive me?" Frank looked up.
"I forgive you. Friends?" Gerard put out his hand for Frank to shake.
"Friends." Frank went to grab Gerards hand, but as he did the first time we met, Gerard pulled away his hand, "Too late."

My dad held his head in his hands, elbows rested on the breakfast table.
The life of the human growing inside me depended on him../ would he let baby way live?/
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