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Chapter Twenty Nine.

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I'm baaaack!!!!

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Nicky's POV

I got home again, but ignored the girls as I changed and put my stuff away. I ran out the door as fast as I could and to the hotel. Those damn elevators could not go fast enough. I ran to the band's room and banged on the door, bouncing on the balls of my feet while waiting for the door to open. Jon opened the door and as I shoved by him to Ryan's room, I heard him chime "She's baaaaaack!" Like that creepy little girl from Poltergeist.

I flew through Ryan's closed door to find him lying on his bed reading and jumped on him.

He yelped then realized it was me that was on top of him and rolled us over so he was on top.

"Hi." He grinned. "How was your day?" He asked between kisses.

"Great! But it was lonely without you." I pouted as best as I could while kissing him.

"Mine was too." He rubbed his nose with mine.

"What did you do while I was gone?" I asked as he rolled off me. I cuddled up to him after he was next to me. I really did miss him all day.

"Just read and listened to music."

"Oooo. What book?"

He held it up and I read the cover.

"Harry Potter?" I laughed.

"Yes." He pouted.

"You're 22!" I cried still laughing.

"But...But.." HE searched for a good excuse and finding none he just sighed.

"I'm sorry, hum. Here we'll make up for it." I grabbed his ipod turning to the now playing list. "What did you listen to?" When I read the song currently playing I actually fell off the bed from laughter.

"What!" He asked. "Its good!"

"Its girl music!"


"Ryan, Frou Frou is most definitely something girls and gay guys listen to."

He crossed his arms and pouted as I climbed back onto the bed. "You're gone all day and when you come back I get made fun of."

I climbed on top of him, placing my legs on either side of his body. "Awww I'm sorry Ry. I don't mean to be mean. Plus I love your..." I searched for the correct word. "Feminine side even if it shows more than in normal men."

"Yeah, I guess I should just get a vagina since I'm pretty much a girl already."

I giggled at that. "No!" I bent down putting my fore arms on either side of his face, so my elbows were supporting me and put my mouth next to his ear. "I'm not a lesbian." I said as I carefully grinded my hips down on his which was easy since I was sitting on him. I heard a sharp intake of breath from Ryan and turned to connect our lips as my hand moved down his side. His hands were on the hem of my shirt and he started to pull it up over my stomach-

"More than meets the eye!" I heard sung from the other room and I sat up with a confused look on my face. Ryan just rolled his eyes and got a frustrated look on his face.

"He saw Transformers today." I smiled in reply.

"Hey, Bren!" I called, still sitting on Ryan. "Which Transformer are you?"

There was a pause. "I'm really a Street Shark at heart. How about you?" He called back.

"Optimus Prime baby!"

"Nice choice! I'd high five you if you weren't naked right now."

I gasped loud enough for him to hear. "I am NOT naked!"

"Whatever you say!"

"You know, we could always make what he's claiming true." Ryan whispered and raised an eyebrow.

"Ry, I want my first time to be special. It has to be the right moment and obviously this is not that moment." I said as I tucked my hair behind my ear.

He nodded and sighed. "Ok. I'm kinda hungry. You want to go get something?"

"Yeah sure!" I got off of him. I waited for him to get up and grabbed his hand as we walked out of the room.

His hand felt wonderful in mine. My small hands, sort of stubby fingers and just generally small, felt slightly insignificant compared to his large, thin, graceful hands. But I liked it that way. His hands are one of his many attractive physical attributes. I have a hand fetish, so what!

We walked past the other boys.

"We're going out to eat." Ryan said as past them.

"Don't stay out too later." Spencer stated.

"Ok. Mom." Ryan replied with an eye roll.

A comfortable silence settled in as we walked and looked for a place to eat. Then I remembered something.

"Hey Ry. Can I ask you something?"

"Of course. You know you can ask me anything." He looked at me with confusion wrinkling his forehead.

"Well, its getting out that I know you guys." He nodded. "And well, I mentioned you and having talked to you and the girl I was talking to asked if we were dating."

"What did you say?"

"I said not really, we're just good friends because I didn't know if you wanted us to go public or not."


"So I guess what I'm asking is can I tell people about us? Like outside Meg, Lane and Emily?"

"I'm really ok with it, but it is your decision. Its a lot of media and you're gonna get beat on by the girl fans. Verbally and possibly physically."

"Yeah, those Teenies can get violent."

"So what's your decision?"

"I want us to be public. I want the whole world to know." I smiled up at him.

"Good. Me too." He said as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder and pulled me to him and kissed my head as I wrapped my arms around his waist.

As if on cue, a group of girls came up to us squealing.

"Its Ryan Ross! You're so hot. Can you sign this?"

He smiled and kept his arm around me until he needed to sign things. Then insisted I stay next to him. He was so kind and polite to the girls even with the amount they fawned over him.

Finally the question came up. "Is this your sister?" One of the girls asked narrowing her eyes at me.

"No. This is my girlfriend, Nicky."

"Oh." Then came the death stares. Good things looks can't kill. I'd be dead 100 times over.

"Well, we've got to go. It was nice to meet you all!" He said as he grabbed my hand and walked on.

"Bye!" was called from behind us as we walked away.

Hey guys! I'm back! I had to do this quick update I might not update till like Monday. I'm going to NYC tomorrow to see Rage Against the Machine!!! I'm SO FUCKING EXCITED. I wrote this while I was at the beach. I figured that I didn't want to keep you guys waiting too long. Emily helped some and we were both constantly writing. Even though she was writing her own. She helped to inspire me!

Soo I borrowed my friend Becky's Ipod while I was there, since I don't have one myself, and this is most of the playlist that I listened to while I wrote this:

Know You're Onion- The Shins
Work- Jimmy Eat World
Act Appalled- Circa Survive
Karma Police- Radiohead
Sweetness- Jimmy Eat World
Rehab- Amy Winehouse
Don't Wait- Dashboard Confessional
Holding Out For A Hero- Frou Frou
Blue Orchid- White Stripes
Dancing For Rain- Rise Against
When You were young- The killers
The Sharpest Lives- My Chemical Romance
Amber- 311
Stop The Fuckin' Car- Circa Survive
Hey there Delilah- The Plain White Tees
Teenagers- My Chemical Romance
Time to Dance- Panic! at the disco
Skeptics and True Believers- The Academy Is...
Space- Something Corporate
Reptilla- The Strokes
This Is How I Disappear- My Chemical Romance

So there you go! Umm I hope to update ASAP! Please review! The more reviews I get the faster I will write. Love y'all!
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