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So Much For Vampires Will Never Hurt You

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The house was completely silent. Everyone was sleeping peacefully. Their sleep was then suddenly interrupted by a loud crash from downstairs...

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This is a short story. About 2 chapters long; kind of like a one-shot, but a little longer...

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The house was completely silent.

Everyone was sleeping peacefully.

Their sleep was then suddenly interrupted by a loud crash from downstairs.
Frank shot up. He looked beside him to see Jamia stirring. He got up, throwing his legs off the side of the bed. He didn't think much of the bang, until there was a loud shatter. Frank headed towards the door and opened it. He looked at Jamia who was sitting up and rubbing her eyes with her fist.

"Stay here." He said as he stepped out.

She smiled at him, and he smiled back.
He closed the door softly when he heard other doors open and footsteps approach him.

"I'm guessing you heard whatever that was as well?" Ray whispered as he stood next to Frank.

"Mhmm..." Frank replied.

Bob walked up to them and just stood there. Gerard closed his door, doing the same; Mikey then closed his door softly and stood there.

"What the fuck is this? A mothers club?! Let's go see what's down there!" Mikey hissed as he made his way over to his bandmates.

There was another crash and some murmurs coming from the floor below them. They all stared at each other. Mikey sighed, taking the first step, and made his way over to the stairs. He looked back at the guys who were just standing there.

"Come on, you little pussys!" Mikey whispered as he started to walk down the stairs.

The rest of the men followed.

"Did Alicia wake up?" Frank asked Mikey.

"Yeah, but I told her to stay in the room." Mikey replied.

"Yeah, I told Mia to do the same." Frank whispered back.

They slowly crept down to the stairs. As they made their way down, they could hear the murmurs and whispers growing louder and louder.
They all looked at each other and made their way over to the lounge room, were they presumed were all the noise was coming from.
Gerard and Ray in front, they could see bits of broken glass and porcelain on the floor.
The men looked down at the ground until they stopped and looked up. There, in front of them, in a small huddle. Were five skinny men, all in dark clothing. One opened his mouth and laughed, revealing a pair of shiny, white fangs. Ray, Gerard, Bob, Mikey and Frank, all stood in amazement. Their mouths hung open.

"Are they?..." Ray whispered, not taking his eyes off of the intruders standing in the living room.

"Vampires." Gerard finished.

"How do you know?" Bob whispered.

"Trust me. We all know I've seen my fair share of horror movies... I know a vampire when I see one..." Gerard whispered, shocked.

"Yeah, but, most of the time, their just sticking bullshit together. Using stereotypes." Bob whispered.

"Did you see those fangs?! If those aren't vampire fangs, then I don't know what to think!" Gerard hissed.

He was sure on his life, that those "men" standing in their living room were vampires.
Gerard took a step forward. A piece of broken glass shattered underneath his foot. The five men spun their heads around to look Gerard directly in the eyes.

"Uh-oh!" Gerard muttered to himself.

The vampires leapt towards Gerard, Ray, Mikey, Frank and Bob. They all leapt back, but Mikey was too slow.
One of the tallest vampires pounced on Mikey, causing his back to collide with the hard wooden floor.

Mikey yelped.

The others started to quicken their pace, as they backed away from the advancing vampires.
Gerard looked back saw one of the vampires on Mikey and leaped towards him.
Mikey, breathing hard, was clearly panicking.
The thing on top of him pinned him down; his arms roughly pinned on either side of him as he struggled to get free.
The vampire had both hands on Mikey's forearms, but lifted one off and placed it on the side of his right side of his jaw. He traced up and down on the side of Mikey's neck. Gently licking his lips as he lowered his head.

Gerard grunted softly as he bashed the vampire in the back of the head with a baseball bat.
The vampire screamed and immediately loosened his grip on Mikey, giving him a chance to flee.

"Quick Mikey, go!" Gerard shouted, swinging the bat from side to side as he stepped back slowly.

"We need to get the girls out of here!" Frank shouted as he struggled to fight a vampire who had him pinned to a wall.

"I'll go get them now!" Ray shouted back, throwing a vampire over his head and taking his chance to run up the stairs.

Up stairs

"Alicia!" Ray panted as he flung open the door to Mikey and Alicia's bedroom.

"Ray! What's going on? What's all the noise about?!" Alicia asked worriedly.

"You're probably not going to believe this, but there's a pack of vampires downstairs and we're all trying to fight them off." Ray said, still panting slightly.

"Oh my god. You've gotta be kidding me! You boys have watched too many horror movies for your own good." Alicia said nervously.

Ray and Alicia glared at each other for a second or two, and the never changing, serious and concerned glance that Ray gave Alicia, told her that he wasn't joking.

"Oh shit, you're serious aren't you?" Alicia whispered.

Ray nodded and motioned for her to leave the room.

Alicia didn't need telling twice, and took a step forward and headed towards the door.

"We've got to tell Jamia and get her out of here." Ray said, closing the door behind him.

Ray and Alicia walked silently to Frank and Jamia's room. Hearing the utter chaos that was taking place downstairs.

Alicia knocked softly before she turned the knob on the dark stained wooden door.

"What's going on Ray?" Jamia asked softly, clearly worried.

"Ah." Ray sighed loudly.

"You're not going to believe this, but to save time that we don't really have, I'm telling you now that I'm being completely serious. No fucking around." Ray said quietly, walking closer to Jamia.

Jamia looked at Ray with a look of question, and cocked her head to the side slightly.

"There's a room full of vampires down there and they're attacking." Ray sighed.

"Haha. You can't be serious..." Jamia laughed nervously.

"No babe, he's serious. Trust me. There's no joking around." Alicia said.

"But how could it be? Vampires aren't real. They're just made up." Jamia whispered confusedly.

"Well they are." Ray said quickly, grabbing hold of Jamia's hand and yanking her forward.

"Come on. We need to go and get you girls to some place safe." Ray said as he walked forward, still having hold of Jamia.

"No, no. We're not going anywhere. We're staying here with you's." Alicia said.

"Yeah. I'm not going anywhere without Frankie." Jamia added, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Well you can't stay. It's not safe. We're finding it hard to fight them off as it is. We don't need the worry of you two getting hurt over our backs." Ray said, stepping out of the room and closing the door behind him.

"Which gives us more reason to stay. We can help you fight them." Alicia said, not backing down.

"How do we kill them? Do we stake them in the heart?" Jamia asked questionably.

"I don't know." Ray mumbled, starting to get annoyed.

"Look. You can't go down there and let the vampires see you. We'll have to find you another way out." Ray said, looking around for an answer.

"Nope. We're going down there and helping you guys fight them." Alicia said quickly before grabbing Jamia's hand and running down the stairs.

"Damn it!" Ray shouted through gritted teeth.

"Damn women are so frustrating some times!" He muttered to himself as he walked down the stairs.


"RAY!" Frank screamed as he saw Alicia and Jamia run down the stairs and pounce on a vampire that had Bob in a headlock.

"I couldn't stop them! I tried! They wouldn't listen!" Ray shouted as he sprinted down the remaining steps; knowing what Frank was going to say.

"Well couldn't you have done more?!" Mikey shouted as he elbowed a vampire.

"They took off on me! What else was I supposed to do?!" Ray screamed defensively.

"Guys! Just shut the fuck up and fight the vampires! Not each other!" Gerard shouted, before he was thrown into a table.

"You ok Gee?" Mikey screamed from the next room.

"Yeah. I'll be fine." Gerard screamed back, slowly getting up from, what was now; a splintered table.

"I don't know how much longer I can fight them off." Bob grunted, shoving a vampire off of him.

"Same." Frank yelled.

"I think we're screwed guys!" Ray shouted as he twisted a vampires arm behind it's back.

"No matter how hard we hit them, it doesn't faze them and they just get back up and fight back twice as hard!" Mikey shouted, doing his best to keep vampires back.

By now, more vampires had mysteriously appeared, making it even harder for the guys and girls to defend themselves.

As the five band mates fought for their lives, one of the vampires had hold of Alicia and had her pinned to a wall.

The vampire smiled then quickly threw his head forward and pierced the skin on Alicia's neck with its sharp fangs. Alicia let out a faint scream as the vampire pierced her skin, but fell silent only seconds after.

"ALICIA!" Mikey shouted, fighting back vampires.

When he finally got free, he leapt over towards Alicia. The vampire that had sucked her blood only moments before looked at Mikey, Alicia's blood slowly trickling down the side of its mouth. It let out an evil laugh and let go of the beautiful woman in its arms. Mikey ran over to her and caught her before she hit the ground, silently sobbing and taking in her scent.

"Mikey, I'm sorry to break you up. But we kinda need your help!" Frank screamed.

Mikey shot up and gently placed Alicia on the floor, kissing her forehead and whispering, "I love you".

"Mikey look out!" Gerard shouted.

But it was too late.

Mikey hardly had a chance to turn around before another vampire placed their hands firmly on Mikey's shoulders and pierced his neck with its fangs from behind. Sucking the blood pouring out of the two little holes.

"Fuck!" Gerard chocked as he continued to defend.

"Maybe we should run?" Bob suggested.

"Run where?! There's nowhere to fucking run to. Nothings going to save us." Ray said.

Gerard and Frank had their backs to the front door. Side-by-side.

"Yeah. So much for vampires will never hurt you." Frank said sarcastically.

"Shut the fuck up." Gerard mumbled.

"What do we do Gee?!" Frank asked, freaking.

"I don't know. I guess we could try running... Might buy some time." Gerard said, facing Frank.

"Sounds good." Frank agreed, turning to face Gerard.

"People! We're running for it! Everyone slowly make their ways to the door, and when we open it, run for your life!" Gerard shouted.

Hopefully vampires didn't understand English.

The remaining fought the vampires with various weapons they had picked up, and shiftily made their ways to the door. When they were in reasonable distance from the door, Gerard grasped the handle.

"Ok! Door is open! Run!" Gerard screamed as he quickly opened the door.

Everyone ran out as quickly as possible, running as fast as they could. The vampires caught onto their plan, making their way out of the house as well. Chasing them down the street.

Ray looked behind him as he quickly ran out the door and saw Bob on the ground, struggling with two vampires.

"Bob!" Ray screamed, stopping dead in his tracks.

"Just go! Save yourselves!" Bob screamed before the two vampires stuck their fangs into Bob's neck.

"I love you man." Ray whispered, turning around and starting to run.

"Where the fuck do we go now?!" Jamia panted as they continued to run.

They had all caught up with each other, with not a vampire in sight.

They all stopped running, panting for breath. Gerard looked up and around, looking for any movements that could be the vampires.

"I don't see them Ray." Gerard said breathlessly.

"That can't be good." Jamia said, holding onto Frank for dear life.

"I'm scared Frank." Jamia whispered in his ear.

"I'm scared to Mia... I love you..." Frank whispered back, lightly kissing Jamia's head.

"I love you too." Jamia smiled.

"Come on. We have to find a place to hide." Gerard said, taking a step forward.

Ray, Frank and Jamia followed.

"Hey, isn't there a church not far from here?" Ray asked.

"Yeah. I think so." Gerard said, perking up slightly.

"We could go there. Maybe, if we're lucky, vampires will have some weird thing that means they can't pass through church grounds?" Ray suggested.

"I doubt it." Frank snickered.

"Can't believe Mikey's gone." Gerard whispered, trying to hold his emotions.

" I can't believe it either. But we can't think about that now. It'll distract us from our plan. For now, lets forget about it." Ray said, placing a hand on Gerard's back.

The four walked in silence, looking around occasionally for any sudden movements.

There was a rustle in the bushes near by that sparked Jamia's attention. Making her squeeze even tighter on Frank's hand.

"What's wrong?" Frank asked softly.

"I heard something in the bushes." Jamia replied quietly, clinging to Frank.

"I think maybe we should run the rest of the way there. It might give us more time." Frank suggested.

Ray and Gerard nodded and picked up their speed, to a fast walk, then to a run.

What seemed like an eternity, they finally reached the old, small white church with the huge cross out the front by the doors.

When they stepped in, it was cold and had a certain unsafe ness to it. Frank sat Jamia in the last pew on the left hand side and helped Ray and Gerard create a barricade to all openings. There was no way any vampires were getting in tonight. Hopefully.

"There. That should hopefully keep them out." Gerard said as he nailed the last nail to a thick piece of wood that was shielding one of the many windows.

"Man. I didn't think a church would have that many windows." Ray panted slightly, making his way down the aisle to the others that had sprawled themselves out in separate pews.

"Do you think it'll hold?" Jamia asked, her back lying on the hard wooden pew, looking up at the ceiling.

"Hopefully." Ray sighed as he sat down.

"I could go for a sleep I think." Frank yawned.

"Who couldn't?" Gerard asked, his arms folded over his stomach, also looking up at the ceiling.

The four slowly, but surely fell asleep soon after. Unaware of the vampires quietly making they're way into the musky church...


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