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The End

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The final chapter. Will the remaining survivors make it out alive?

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Second and final chapter, read and you shall find out if the remaining make it out alive...

Frank awoke not soon after he had fallen asleep, to the sound of faint tapping.

He shoot up and saw Ray, Gerard, and his precious Jamia all soundly asleep.

Frank stood up and took a step forward and started walking towards the confessional area, where he assumed the noise was coming from.

He walked quietly, making sure to make as little noise as possible.

He did this for two reasons. One, so he wouldn't wake the others up, and two, so he could have an upper hand and maybe see what was causing his heart to race faster than usual.

Frank stopped in front of the door, breathing deeply before opening the old wooden door.

The door creaked as Frank opened it slowly.

Frank peeped his head in the little room and saw the huge planks of wood that Ray had nailed to the window only hours before, were on the ground splintered and broken.

Frank gasped as he saw this.

He started to panic as he saw large, dark, deathly looking figures climb in one by one through the window.

Could they be the vampires? If so, how did they get in? How could anyone get in? Ray, Gerard and Frank had all made sure every possible opening was blocked off.

Frank wasn't taking any chances.

He left the door as it was, open just by a crack, and turned quickly.

"Ray! Gerard!" Frank said loudly as he jogged down the aisle.

Ray and Gerard stirred and opened their eyes lazily.

"Come on!" Frank said frustrated, shaking Gerard violently before moving on to Ray.

"What is it?" Gerard said weakly as he stretched.

"I think the vampires might have gotten in." Frank said quickly.

"What?!" Ray and Gerard said in unison, shooting up.

"Yeah. Thought that would get you up." Frank said smartly.

"But how? We made sure EVERYWHERE was blocked off." Ray said.

"I don't know. But we have to do something before they start attacking again." Frank said worriedly, looking behind him.

Just as Frank finished his sentence, the vampires burst into the room.

Ray, Frank, and Gerard shot up instantly. Jamia stirred and woke up slowly.

"Frank? What's going on?" Jamia yawned.

"Ah, vampires attacking again?" Frank smiled innocently.
"What?" Jamia said loudly, fully awake now.

Frank yanked Jamia by the arm and helped her up.

"We need to find a safe place for you to hide." Frank said quietly to Jamia.

"No Frank." Jamia said sternly, yanking her arm out of Frank's grasp.

"I'm not leaving you. This could very well be mine, or yours, or OUR last moments alive, and I want to spend them with you." Jamia said sweetly.

"We're not going to die Mia. We will someday, but not anytime soon." Frank said, looking behind him before he spoke, watching Gerard and Ray move pews and anything they could find to barricade the door.

"Yes Frank, we are. You know it, I know it, we all know it Frank. We're gonna die fighting. Those vampires are going to be the death of us..." Jamia said softly, almost whispering.

"No Jamia, we're not going to die! I have no idea what they want and why they're attacking, but over my dead body are they going to kill you, me, or Gerard and Ray!" Frank said loudly.

"Exactly Frank! Over your dead body! They're going to kill us! And there's nothing we can do!" Jamia fought back loudly.

"You're NEVER the one to lose hope, to assume the worst. Why all of a sudden?" Frank asked.

"It just dawned on me. Alicia, Mikey and Bob are dead Frank. And they're the strongest ones out of all of us! Were does that leave us?" Jamia asked worriedly.

"Ah, sorry to break your discussion guys, but we kinda need your help!" Gerard yelled across the church.

Frank took one last angry look at Jamia before turning and walking away.

Jamia, with a tear in her eye, watched Frank walk down the aisle and help Gerard move one pew against the door.

"I think Jamia might be right Frank..." Ray whispered.

"What? Are you kidding me? What is wrong with you people?!" Frank whispered harshly.

"I'm just saying Frank, she's got a point. Mikey, Alicia and Bob were probably the strongest out of all of us. And I don't think it matches up to strength..." Ray whispered.

Frank stared dully at Ray.

"We have no idea what they want, how they got here and what is going on. We have no clue on how to kill them, and if we WERE to try the stake in the heart, we wouldn't be able to get close enough... They're stronger and smarter than us. We can't hide, cause they'll find us... I hate to say it Frank. But we don't have much hope." Ray explained quietly.

Frank looked to his right at Gerard.

Gerard shrugged a silent agreement.

"There's something wrong with you guys... You're the people of all people I turn to for advise and support when I lose all hope. And now, what could be honestly, our last moments alive, those people have lost all hope and are telling me that we're going to die and there's no point in fighting?!" Frank said.

"Gerard, whatever happened to 'you'll never take me alive' or 'never go down without a fight'? Huh? What happened to all of that?!" Frank spoke to Gerard harshly.

Gerard hung his head down, not daring to look at Frank.

There were a loud crash, and the pews, bookshelves and whatever else they found that was barricading the door went flying in all directions, sending Frank, Gerard and Ray with them.

Gerard got up from the floor, instantly regretting it.

He looked ahead and saw at least ten vampires storm into the room. One began to launch itself at Ray, catching him off guard and sending Ray to the floor for the second time in a matter of five seconds.

Gerard ran towards Ray, seeing two strong vampires overpowering him.

One held Ray's neck to the side, and the other hovered over him on its knees. It's knees pinned Ray's legs from moving, and its elbows did the same for his arms.

Gerard winced and looked away as the vampire pinning him down brought his mouth to Ray's neck and plunged his sharp, white fangs into the soft skin.

"One down, three to go." The vampire holding Ray's neck laughed as his fellow vampire drained Ray of all his blood.

Gerard screamed and threw himself at the vampires that were holding what was now a dull and lifeless Ray.

Jamia freaked as three advancing vampires backed her into a corner, holding her legs arms, stomach and neck.

Frank punched a vampire square in the jaw, smiling triumphantly when it fell to the ground. He spun around quickly to see another vampire behind him.

Frank didn't have enough time to move as the vampire grasped Frank's throat roughly and walked him slowly into a wall, not that far from Jamia.

Gerard jumped on the vampires back, not sure of what he was doing.

The vampire flung Gerard of with little to no effort, and Gerard landed with a loud thud on the hard wooden floor.

He looked up and saw the vampire slowly making his way over towards him. Gerard glanced over the vampire's broad shoulder, and saw Jamia with three vampires roughly holding her to the wall and caressing her whole body slowly, and Frank being held tightly to a wall not far from Jamia.

Gerard was so focused on his friends that he only realized how close the vampire was when it had picked him up by his shirt collar and walked him to a wall.

Gerard squirmed and fought violently against the vampire's hold. But as his strength slowly gave out, he whispered a soft 'no' as the vampire leant his head to Gerard's neck, slowly grazing the skin before sticking the sharp fangs in slowly and painfully...

"Gerard!" Jamia screamed as she watched Gerard's blood being sucked.

She was still pinned against a wall, with three perverted vampires touching her in every which way.

She glanced over at Frank, who was also up against a wall being strangled by a vampire.

What was with these vampires and walls?

Jamia took a shaky, sharp intake of breath as she felt hot breath on her small, pale neck.

'This is the end.' She thought as the vampire slowly lowered its head to Jamia's.

"I love you Frank!" Jamia shouted, hoping he would hear her.

As Jamia spoke her last word, she felt a sharp pain flicker across her neck...

"Mia..." Frank whispered as he watched the feral and savage vampires suck his girlfriends' blood.

The vampire above him chuckled and turned his head to Frank.

"You're the only one left. Congratulations. But I wouldn't celebrate for long. Cause you'll soon be joining them." Vampire chuckled, smiling an evil grin.

"Any last words before you go?" The vampire said mockingly, still having his grip on Frank's throat, but easing it slightly.

Frank stared frightfully into the vampire's dark, emotionless eyes.

The vampire smiled as he leant in and pierced Frank's neck with its long, pointy fangs.

Frank gasped and stared straight ahead.

This was the end of Frank Iero.

Frank took one last painful breath and blinked as it all turned to black...


So that was the final chapter. Hope you all enjoyed...

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