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The Chance Of A Lifetime

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Midnight Shadows is ready for the show, but will any of the bands take them on tour? & Bonnie can't believe her eyes.

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Midnight Shadows was backstage getting hyped for their show. This was going to big, after this night hopefully they would be on tour with a band. But Bonnie was getting a little scared.

Bonnie's P.O.V.
*Oh god I've never been nervous in my life why now? Just stay calm you've done this & there's nothing to worry. God I just need some fresh air.I cold gust of the night's wind is just what I needed. I looked below & saw many people with faces you can determine that they were excited. I guess they were happy for us to play. I continued to look at the people from the balcony where I stood, I saw a figure in the shadows. You tell the figure was smoking. A man approached the figure and then left back inside. The figure put out it's ciggratte I could tell it was a man. I was so busy trying to figure out who it was that he caught me watching him. He stepped into the light of the front door. He smiled and entered the building. It couldn't be. I was imagining things. Gerard Way? Nah , it couldn't be, could it? I needed to listening to music calm my nerves before the show. I made my way to my previous sit, got my ipod and put it on full blast.

"5 minutes guys" Kenneth said entering the room.
"I'm so excited, how about you BonBon?"asked Matt
"BonBon!" yelled Kev
" Hey dumbasses she has her headphones on" said Bri
"oh... I..I knew that"said Kev smiling stupidly
"Riiiiight" said Bri

In the crowd of people waiting for Midnight Shadows...

"Frank you seem a little excited for this band"said Bob
"Well guys I got their album and it was badass. Ray you liked didn't you?"said Frank
"Yeah guys they're really good" said Ray
Gerard sighed and put his sidekick away.
"Hey Gee everything ok?"asked Frank noticing Gerard's exhausted face.
"It's I don't know what to do but I 'll think about it later. I'm interested in this band, if they're good as you say they are. I think maybe we can take them on tour." Explained Gerard.

"Are you guys ready?"cried out a man on stage he was introducing the band
The crowd roared "ok please welcome Midnight Shadows!!!!" The lights went out and the first notes were played to the first song. Bonnie's voice could be heard but she could not be seen. The first part of the song was slow and soft.

"I'm gonna hold this locket of darkness close to heart...

then the lights went on as the bridge of the song went into the heavy part.
"And...I never open
the gift you gave of sorrow and regret...."Bonnie sang
Gerard eyes open of interest.

Gerard's P.O.V.
Oh man.. it's that girl that was on the balcony. She's the lead singer and plays guitar?!
She has a nice voice and the song is good. Everyone looks happy with the music. Frank is right they are that good.

The show was coming to an end and the crowd enjoyed every moment of the show.
"Alright everyone we played our whole album now we have a sneak peek from our next album. It's new so we hope you enjoy it."said Bonnie to the crowd.Bonnie got her acoustic guitar and played a few strings and her voice came in

"Can you please tell me something unique...
Cause the things I've heard so overrated...

The crowd went nuts when the electric guitar came in and Brian came in heavy on the drums. Bonnie got her electric guitar back and jammed out her voice came back in.

"But just remember each one of them I fell for
Over & Over again..."

"Told you guys they rock" Frank said taking only a quick glance around at his group of friends. Which each one of them had a satisfied face on. The song was coming to an end.And the song ended in the acoustic part of Matt & the voice of Bonnie.

" me something....unique"

The crown went crazy and loved the song.

"I'm guessing you guys liked it." Bonnie said to the crowd

"Guys any last words?"Bonnie asked to Kev, Bri,& Matt.
"You guys rock thanks for coming out"said Kev
"Drive safe guys"Matt added
"And hopefully we will see you soon" Bri added
"Thank you & goodnight" Bonnie finished and blew a kiss to the crowd.

"That was fuckin' intense!!" cried out Brian
"The crowd loved it!"said Matt
"jeez that was amazing"said Kevin
"BonBon you awesome"Brian said givingher a hug.

Bonnie walked out to the balcony something was wrong. Matt noticed this instantly. Matt was the closest one to really understand her in the band. He followed her out to the balcony.

"I'm fine Matty. Really I am" Bonnie said already knowing what Matt was going to ask.
"You sure?" he asked to be safe
There was silence but Bonnie finally replied.
"I will be..don't worry about it"sadi Bonnie
"Hey BonBon...."Matt began to speak, Bonnie looked at his direction. "Your mom...would be proud"
Bonnie gave him a hug.
"Sorry but you guys better go, to your hotel & wash up you're going to meet the band that's taking you on tour."said Kenneth walking on the balcony.

Midnight Shadows gathered up their things and headed outside. They decided to meet a couple of their fans really quick it was the least they could do. They were signing autographs and they had to leave.
"Umm...Bonnie?"a voice asked it sounded like a young girl
BonBon turned to see a small girl in a wheelchair holding a guitar
"Bonnie let's go! We have to go meet the band!" Kevin called out everyone else was in the van.
"Hold on!"she called back.
"Sorry to bug you but could you please sign my guitar? I would of asked you earlier but it longer for me to get out."said the young girl

At that moment MCR was heading to their car to go try to get Midnight Shadows on tour with them. Gerard noticed Bonnie & told the rest to hold up. They watched her from a far.

"No don't worry about it, hey I'm gonna give you something alright?" Bonnie said while signing the girl's guitar.
She nodded
"Bonnie searched her pocket and found what she was looking for.
"Here" Bonnie said handing the young girl a guitar pick.
"Bonnie! Let's go we have to meet the band!!!" Brian called out
"Ok I'm with a fan they are important ok?!" she called back
A women came towards Bonnie
"Thank You Bonnie, this is my daughter, you just made her dreams come true" the women said
"No problem, dreams were met to come true if you believe. I must go now must it was nice to meet both of you,take care" Bonnie said waving good-bye. She looked back to where the young girl and mother were waving. She looked around and thought she saw Gerard Way and Frank Iero? She really needed to get some rest tonight, she was imagining things again.

"I think she saw us" said Frank
"I don't know but that was nice of her"said Bob walking towards their cars.
"We better go and talk to their manager"said Ray
"Alright Let's get that band"said Gerard
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