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Dreams Do Come True

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Midnight Shadows finished the show now who will be taking them on tour?

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"Ok well this is going to be tough," said Gerard
"Tell me about it" said Chester Bennington
"Let's just put them on Proekt Rev with us" said Mike Shaodoa
"So we'd tour with them in Europe let them get a week & a half break, like us and then do Projekt Rev. Sounds Good to me" said Ray
"It does sounds good, you guys want to do that?" Chester asked
"Yeah we will shared them," said Adam from Taking Back Sunday
"I still can't believe we all watched over this band," laughed Gerard
The rest laughed as well.
"So should we all go and meet them?" asked Ray
"Yeah Let's go," said Mike

Meanwhile back at the hotel, Midnight Shadows had already cleaned up the hotel room, showered, & now were eating some fruit awaiting the band.
"I'm so fuckin' excited" Brian said practically jumping in his sit.
"Calm down there killer, aren't you the oldest and the most mature of us all?" laughed Bonnie.
"Well I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R'Us kid"Bri said
"Sorry but Neverland passed you a few years back" said Kev
The group laughed.
Bonnie's sidekick rang, she took it to her room and answered it.

"Hi Bonbon it's me Krysta
"Krysta! Hey how are you?"
I'm good I had to get an update on your life from Kennie, you changed your phone again
"Yeah some guy got my number and started leaving me weird messages. But you know what to day some...."
"Sorry to cut to you off Hun but I know Kennie told me. So who do you think it will be? Oh my god what if was My Chem. or Linkin Park or The Killers or. Or"
"Hold up there missy, any of those it would be kick ass but I'll tell you something, I was probably dreaming it, but I thought I saw Gerard Way and Frank Iero today"
"You saw them?!? Maybe they are taking you on tour! Oh and Mr. Gerard Way huh? Lucky lucky. You love him."
"Hey hey hey! First I didn't sleep well last night so I could have been imaging things. Second, they are hugely famous why would they take a band so small on tour with them? Thirdly, He has a girlfriend I think I'm 15 years younger, and I love his band not him."
"Right right whatever you say"

"Bonnie...!"Brian called her name

"Krysta I got to go but I'll call you later and let you know k? Bye"

Bonnie hung her phone and went back to the main room and saw Kenneth
"Hey Kennie wat up?" asked Bonnie as she took a seat.
"Ok well the band is heading up right now so I'll bring them in," Kennie said heading out the door.
Bonnie got up and went to grab a water from the kitchen.
Kennie came into the room followed by a couple more people. Bonnie walked in as Gerard and Ray did.
"Guys please welcome Chester and mike from Linkin Park, Adam from Taking Back Sunday, and Gerard and Ray From My Chemical Romance." said Kennie in awe of what he just said.
"And this is Midnight Shadows, Brian, Matt, Kevin, & Bonnie"
Greetings came from both groups of people.

Gerard's P.O.V.
I walked into the room and there walked in the lead singer. She looked surprised and content at the same time. I found out her name its Bonnie. I shook her hand and really got a good look at her. She is slim and has jet-black hair; it's straight and has sidebands. Her eyes her brown and deep.

Bonnie's P.O.V.

I can't believe that 3 of my favorite bands are taking us on tour. What I can't get over is that Gerard Way is in the same room as me. His hair is short and Black and his eyes are memorizing. I better not be a dream because if it is I never want to wake up.

"Ok guys this is there plan for touring" said Kennie
"My Chem. is going to Europe and you will tour with them staring next week. Then you will come back to the U.S. and do Projekt Revolution with all three of them." explained Kennie
"That's awesome," said Kevin
"BonBon you like the idea?" asked Matt
"Bonbon?" asked Chester & Mike trying to hold back a laugh.
"Bonnie sighed," go ahead laugh it's alright, it's my nickname"
The group laughed
"Sorry but come one 'Bonbon'?" said Adam
"I don't know blame them they gave it to me" Bonnie said pointing to her band mates.
They continued to talk and it was getting late
"Oh man it's late we better get going" said Ray
"Yeah we should man," said Gerard
"Yeah we do to," said Adam & Chester almost in unison
"It was nice meeting you guys so we'll keep in touch and see you on Projekt Revolution." Mike said
They said their goodbyes and left
"So we all pinch each other just to make sure we aren't dreaming, because if I wake up I'm going to be pissed," said Brian
"Bri we're wake" said Matt
"BonBon, your favorite band is taking us on tour, excited?" asked Kev
"Umm.... to put this in a gentle way...Fuck Yeah Dude! How the hell couldn't I be?" cried out Bonnie. "But now I need some rest tomorrow we get a break and then well we tour." She smiled and went to her room to sleep
Bonnie got to her room and texted Krysta

"Dreams do come true, MCR, LP, & TBS is taking us on tour"

And with that Bonnie fell into a deep,sontent sleep.
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