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Starbucks and a Plane

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"Wow the place looks great BonBon" said Matt walking in her home as she opened the door for him.
"Thanks I'm actually proud of the yard I did it"said Bonnie
"Can I take a look around?"asked Matt
"Matty you're more than welcomed to jeez you should know this by now"laughed Bonnie

Mat took the tour of the one floor home that wasn't too small for one person but not too large for 1one person as well. The living room was nice tiles but covered with a white rug white walls, a surrounding black leather couch. a flat tv scrren just above the firplace. and candle holder that are hung up on the walls. Pictures also were one the wall, one of the band when they just started the band, Bonnie and her mother,& a picture of Matt and her at a concert.

"that was an awesome concert" Matt said pointing to the picture
"Yeah pretty awesome indeed"said BonBon

Matt continued walking while BonBon went to get her things
The dining room was nice her house was very modern.
the kitchen cabinets were oak and stainless steel kitchen applicians.
Then he walked into the music room as BonBon liked to call it.
There were BonBon's guitars 2 accoustic and 3 electric, cd collection that was very large, books, and her laptop and at home recording equipment.

"Hey I got all my stuff we can head out"said BonBon entering the room
"Wow I can't believe I almost for got about my laptop"laughing BonBon
"BonBon the place is really kool, I like it"said Matt
"Thanks Matty, well we better head to the airport, oh by the way Bri is bringing the traveling recording equipment right?"asked BonBon
"Yeah he has it, but umm.. yeah let's head out"sadi Matty headiing back to the front door and grabbing one of of BonBon's luggage.

Bonnie grabbed her other bag and looked into her house one last time before heading to the airport to go to Europe.It was only a week ago when they talk to MCR,Linkin Park, and Taking Back Sunday for touring.She locked and closed the door.

At The airport...

"Hey! BonBon! Matty!"Kev called out to them
"Hey we all set?"asked Matt
"Yeah I just got a call from Ray they should be here soon"said Brian
"I .. need a coffee"said BonBon
"You can go grab one but all they have is Starbucks" said Bri making a yucky face
"oh shut up man I know. but I love starbucks"said Bonnie
"Weirdo"said Kev
"I'll take my messager bag, just watch my stuff, oh and being a weirdo is one of my best qualities"said BonBon walking off.

BonBon went and spotted a Starbucks she went and placed her order. Just then came in Gerard & Frank

"Bonnie? Hey what's up?"said Gerard who spotted her
"Oh hey Gerard nothing much just getting a coffee"said BonBon
"Hi I'm Frank, I saw the show last week it was awesome"said Frank
"Hi I'm Bonnie, nice to meet you and thanks"said Bonnie
"Here hold up the rest of the guys went to meet up with your band and we can just meet up with them"said Gerard
"Yeah no problem"said BonBon
Bonnie took a seat and waited for Gerard and Frank

'wow Frank thought the show was awesome, europe & MCR this should be an interesting tour' Bonnie thought to herself
Gerard Frank & Bonnie left Starbucks and went to meet the rest of the band.

"Hey BonBon"said Ray
"Hey Ray"replied Bonnie
Frank, Matt Cortez, & Bob looked at Bonnie
"It's my nickname feel free to call me it too, and if you want to laugh now because o fit go ahead, they already did"said Bonnie smiling
They laughed a little

"So Guys meet Midnight Shadows"said Gerard to hie bandmates

"Hey I'm Matt you can call Matty I play guitar"introducing himself
"Hi I'm Brian you can call me Bri I'm the drummer"
"What's up? I'mKevin you cna call me Kev or superman either one works & I play bass"
The group laughed
"Hola I'm Bonnie you know my nickname BonBon and I play guitar and sing"
"wow two Matts on tour so it will be Matty and Matt"laughed Frank

"Now boarding Virgin Airline A29 to London,Englang at gate 3" a intercom voice said

"That's us we better go"said Ray grabbing his things and heading towards the gate
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