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Say what?!?

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Gerard finds out Bonnie's age and is just read

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Both bands got on board and settled in Bob& Brian sat next to each other they started to be friends.
So didn't Kevin & Matt. C and Matty with Frank & Ray. There was an empty seat next to BonBon's and Gerard sat at the end of the middle row.

BonBon's P.O.V.

I got on the plane and soon it took off. I sat sort by myself but being alone at times is good. I sat and looked out the window and got inspiration I got out my laptop. I opened my music library and my create music program, and word processing. I got my head phones out & started to type and create away. I felt eyes upon me I looked to my right and saw Gerard looking at me.I smiled and went back to what I doing, I didn't want to lose my idea but I didn't want to spaced out and have him thinking I'm weird and creepy. Hope I wasn't rude.

Gerards' P.O.V.

I sat down thinking to myself and looked around the band and members of Midnight Shadows were getting along great. I decided to take out my ipod. I went to grab my bag I saw Bonnie. I know that look I get it sometimes, inspiration. She was typing away on her laptop. I guess I was looking at her too long. She caught me looking at her she gave me a soft yet uneasy smile., and she then went back to her work.

Time passed by slow, Bonnie was the only one awake. She took out her sketch pad and listened to some music while she drew. An attendent came by and asked if I cared for a refreshment. Bonnie declined and the attend placed a blanket over Gerard who had fallen alseep and placed another balnket over Matty. Bonnie thanked her. Gerard started to move he must of awaken from the blanket.
Bonnie didn't notice but caught up in the music and drawing. Gerard saw she was drawing he got up and went to use the bathroom. He returned and decided to make friends with Bonnie since they would be on tour for the whole summer.Gerard took the seat next to her.
She noticed and took off her headphones.

"Hey what's up"asked Gerard.
"nothing just drawing"said BonBon
Gerard looked at the drawing it was a dark fairy it was really good
"I like it"said Gerard looking at the drawing
Bonnie continued to draw.
"so umm... what are you listening to?"asked Gerard trying to start a conversation
"The Trooper by Iron Maiden"repiled Bonnie
"Really? wow you like Iron Maiden?" asked Herard a little surprised of what sje was listening to.
"yeah they're awesome"said Bonnie
"What other bands you like?"asked Gerard interested
"Um.. let's see..Linkin Park, Thursday, Taking Back Subay, Iron Maiden, The Killers, Queen, Circa Survive, Job for a Cowboy, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco and Green Day. And those are the one off the top of my head" laughed Bonnie
"That's awesome I like the same kind of music." said Gerard
Bonnie smiled
"So... what's the question that you get asked alot from fans, interviewers?"asked Gerard
"well it's a little like 'how the hell are you well me in the band?' "laughed Bonnie
"That's weird and a little mean."said Gerard
"Well.. not really"said Bonnie
What do you mean?"Gerard asked wanting to know
"I'm guessing you don't know how old I am. Well tell me this Gerard how old do you think my bandmates are"saiod Bonnie interested to know.
"Well....Brian looks about 21 or 22, Matt about 18, Kevin 18 or 19."said Gerard
"Pretty good. Now. what about me? how old do you think I am?"asked Bonnie she never what was going to happen.
"Ok....let's see....well you're very tall so I'm gonna say either between 22-25 years old 25 is pushing it."said Gerard sure of himself that what he guessed was right until....
Bonnie started to laugh.
"What? what did I say?"said Gerard trying to figure out
"Wow.... 5'6'' and a half can you put in weird places.You really don't know how old I am."said Bonnie still laughing
"I guess not. How old are you?"asked Gerard
"Gerard... I'm only 15 years old"said Bonnie
Dead Silence came upon both of them...

Gerard's P.O.V.
Nah-uh she can't be 15 she very tall for her age. Her facial feature and body features can fool anyone. Wow... 15 years old.

Then on Kristina's laptop screen blinked
"Oh an order"said Bonnie opening the message
"An order?"asked Gerard
"Yeah I have my own photography site and people message me when they want an order of my pictures"explained Bonnie
"Kool, e-mail me the URL later."said Gerard
"Yeah no prob"said Bonnie smiling at him
"I'm going to go back to my seat, try to get some rest don't want to be tried when we arrive."said Gerard
"Alright, will do"repiled Bonnie.
Gerard got up and went to his seat and fell back asleep.
Bonnie got up and went to the bathroom when she knew Gerard was asleep. Bonnie changed into a comfortable T-shir. She went back to her seat and put her things away. She got her sweater and used it as a pillow. She laided across the two seats and started to fall asleep but then someone put a blanket on her. went the figure went away she looked up to se who ti could've been. She look at Gerard and saw he had no blanket like he did before, he had given her his blanket. Bonnie went back to sleep and smiled.

Gerard smiled to himself and fell back asleep but he couldn't get it out of her head. Bonnie is 15 years old.
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