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"BonBon...wake up.."said Matty trying to wake up his best friend
"ugh...5 more minutes..."she repiled eyes still closed and waving her arm arm to get Matty away.
"I have coffee"said Matty knowing that would do the trick
"alright..alright.. you got me"she said slowly opening her eyes see Matty holding a cup of coffee.
Matty handed it to her and went back to his music. Bonnie sipped her coffee and looked aroundthe plane
Ray was listening to his music, Frank playing a game on the small screen infront of him, Matt talking to Kevin.
"they talk more than me, and I'm the girl"BonBon thought to herself and laughed softly.
She saw Bob and Brian discussing something on the internet, pointing to the laptop. Then she relized something, Gerard wasn't in his sit.
"He probably went to the bathroom"bonnie thought to herself.
She finished her coffe and grabbed her make-up, clothes to change, & other things to get ready. Bonnie got to the area where the bathrooms were each one was open. So where was Gerard?
BonBon wentinto one of the bathrooms and got ready there was a knock.
"Busy"she said
Bonnie was just finishing putting on her eyeliner and she was done.
She opened the bathroom to door to get out and there was Gerard pretty close because of the small space of the plane.They just looked at each other.
"Morning, sleep well?"said Gerard
"Hi, yeah I slept well how about you?"asked Bonnie
"Pretty good"said Gerard
Bonnie past Gerard walked into the direction of her seat.She looked back and saw Gerard looking at her, he smiled and she smiled back but quickly, and kept on walking.
She arrived at her seat and there was an apple for her to eat.
'We will be landing in London, England airport in 15 minutes' said the pilot over the intercom.
Bonnie put her things away and looked out the window the sky was clear she could see land. Gerard returned to his seat & a buckle up sign went off, they arrived in Europe.

The plane had landed and both bands got off the plane grabbed thier thing from baggage claim.
"Welcome Midnight Shadows to Europe it good to finally meet you guys."a man said it was Brian MCR 's manager.
"Hi nice to meet you."said Bonnie shaking his hand.
Brian nodded and got introduced to the rest of the band.
"If you guys follow me we can get you guys to the tour buses. We have a quick interview with Kerrang magazine & then Midnight Shadows they want to knwo if you guys are interested in a interview too with a photoshoot."said Brian walking to the parking lot of the airport.
"awesome"Kev said
Both bands got into 2 vans & a couple of minutes later they were at a warehouse.The bands got off the bus and entered the warehouse.
Midnight shadows was in awe, outside they saw a old warehouse, yet inside were 3 buses one that would be for equipment, one for MCR, and the other for them.
They looked around to see men and women working on getting the stuff ready.
"Alright so Gerard your guy's bus is over there. Bonnie your guy's bus is over there."said Brian and with that we walked off talking to the men and women who were getting ready
Midnight Shadows walked to the bus and entered it.
There was a small kitchen with a cabinets, and stove,& a refridgerator.there were 6 bunks 3 on each side of the wall.
Then all the way down the bus was a couch that went around the wall and encircled a table.
"Just to let you know as the lady, umm.. ladies do go first"said Bonnie laughing and walking to the right side of the bunks "So I get middle bunk"
"Damn, she got us"said Bri
Bonnie smiled and grabbed her things.
The rest of the band claimed there bunks and decided that the two extra bunks would hold some of there stuff that they shared.
A few minutes later the guy relaxed like they were at home. Matty was making a PB&J sandwich, Bri on his laptop in the back of the bus, and of course Kev in the front seating area on his PSP.
Bonnie just finished hanging up a few photos from home on the wall inside her bunk, when Ray walked on the bus.
"Hey guys, hey Bonnie can I talk to you?"asked Ray
"Yeah sure"asked Bonnie
Bonnie walked off the bus and saw the people working were gone they hasd finished, and Frank was outside too.
"What's up?"asked Bonnie hoping everything is alright.
"Nothing much just wanted to talk to you."said Frank
"Yeah, we just wanted to let you know Bonnie that while we're on tour if you guys need something you let us know ok?"asked Ray
"thanks guys, that's really nice of you"said Bonnie
Both the men gave her a hug.
"Oh and Bonnie? Gerard told us you take photography. So we were wondering during the tour if you could take pictures. Like we like to remember the times we had with bands so.."Frank said
"Yeha no prob, it'll be cool"said Bonnie
Gerard came off the bus
"Hey I got a call from Brian there two cars outside waiting to take us to the interview"he said
"I'll got get my bandmates"said Bonnie walking off back to her bus

Soon they were off to the soon to be interesting interview...
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