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Midnight Wake-Up

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Panda gets a phone call....

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Pete awoke to the loud ringing of the phone placed next to his bed. He sat up, took a moment, then looked at the clock. It read 1:00 am. He sighed and answered the phone.

"Hello?" He said, his voice raspy from just awaking.

"Hey Pete?" It was a girl.


"It's Kate." A small smile crept upon his face.

"Kate, hi. What's up?"

"Nothing much. I just got your message."

"I'm really glad to hear from you, but why call so late?"

"Sorry, did i wake you?"

"No, no. I was just wondering." he lied.

"Well, since i've changed jobs, they got me going a full shift. Pretty much the only time i have to talk, is at night when i get home."

"Oh wow, that's pretty insane. Your not working as a Vetrinarian anymore?"

"No, that jobs long gone. I work at a restraunt. It's actually the one we went to one our first date."

Pete paused for a moment, letting that memory slip back into his mind. "Oh, i remember that place."

"Yeah, so i work there now. You still making music like usual?"

Pete sighed. "Yeah, still am."

"That's great. Your still doin' what you love to do."

"Yeah, so, how have you been?" He was just waiting for her to tell him she was back together with her boss.

"I've been...Ok. Actually doing alot better than before. And you?"

Pete took a deep breath. "I've been pretty ok." It was a total and complete lie; but he couldn't let her know he was miserable.

"Oh that's good. Hey, i gotta go, but i'll talk to you again sometime, k?"

"Oh yeah, sure. i'll see you- i mean, talk to you later."



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