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Prolouge/A Lost Cell Phone, and One Ugly Keychain

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Something of a meeting...

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Amanda's POV-

"I can't believe you can't come with me, Katie." I whined at my best friend, as we sat in my room.

She sighed. "I know, you have meet and greets, and everything...but my parents have been planning this trip to Nova Scotia forever, and they're forcing me to go!" she said, pulling her knees into her chest.

I sighed.

"Well, I guess the only thing I can do is get awesome pictures of Brendon holding a sign that says something stupid like "I love Katie." or "I wish Katie was here." and then have him sign something for you." I said.

"Thanks anyway, for everything, Amanda...I'm sure you can take Sylvia, or someone else with you." she sighed.

"Sylvia hates Panic!, remember?" I said.

She nodded.

"Stupid sellouts." she mocked, posing as our friend Sylvia, who only really likes underground, little bands, and hates the word mainstream.

"Well, have fun, no matter what. Maybe you can just take one of your cousins, and loose them in a mosh pit, or something..." Katie said, sighing again.

"Haha, good idea, I'll take my cousin Leeann." I said, with a smirk. Leeann was a huge teenie, so maybe I could loose her, or something, I just needed someone, anyone, to go with, and a lot of my other friends didn't like Panic at all.

"Hey, I think I hear my dad's car outside, I gotta go..." Katie said, packing her stuff up.

"Ah, alright, bye Katie, have fun in Nova Scotia.." I said, chuckling a little afterward.

She rolled her eyes.

"Chea, and have fun meeting Panic! At The fucking Disco, slut." Katie joked.

"Don't worry, I'll call you, during the concert, or something, promise." I said, hugging my best friend.

"I'll call you when I get there..." she said, picking up her bags.

"Okay, have a safe flight..." I said, wishing my friend off.
"Bye..." she said, skewing her mouth to the side, and turning to the door.

"Bye." I said, sighing.

I felt really bad for her, Panic was her favorite band, and we had been waiting to meet them together for like, two years, and now that the moment was finally available, she wasn't going to be able to.

I sighed, and walked down stairs to wave her off, and once she was gone, I turned to my mom.

"She can't go." I said.

"Ah, that sucks, who are you going to take, then?" she asked me.

"I was thinking Leeann would like to go." I said, deviously.

She rolled her eyes.

"Are you joking?" she asked.

I shook my head.

"Why? So she can be killed?" she asked.

I nodded.

My mother scoffed, and laughed.

"Are you sure you want to kill your younger cousin in a moshing pit?" she asked.

"Mosh pit, mum." I corrected her.

"Sure, whatever." she said, waving it off.

"Yes, I'm sure, so call her up or something, have her be here tomorrow at like, one." I said, straightly.

"Fine." she said, rolling her eyes, and picking the phone up, as I ran up to my room.

I turned my ipod speakers on shuffle, and listened to The Academy Is, as I laid on my bed, and looked at the pictures of Ryan Ross above my head.

He's so gorgeous, and so brilliant. And he's only three years older then me, too, which makes me hopeful, just a little hopeful. Yeah, I'm seventeen, not horrible, I'm almost eighteen, only two more months, and I mean, my parents are five years apart, it's no big deal.

Yeah, I'm determined to someday be with Ryan Ross, skeptical, I know. Ridiculas, I'm aware.

But it's okay, it's just a dream, I don't take it too seriously.

"Amanda, Leeann said she could go. She'll be here tomorrow." my mother said, opening my door a little, later on.

I nodded.

Leeann is pretty much my fourteen year old, Pete Wentz obsessed, teenie cousin. I figured, since she's only been to big, seated concerts, she could try out going to a general admission concert, and maybe if she starts to embarrass me, I can push her into a mosh pit. She's okay sometimes, when she's not going all goo-goo eyed on Pete Wentz, or belting "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" she has great morals, and is a fun person to be with, I just have to dig deeper then the teenie she is, and see the normal person she could possibly turn out to be someday, with work.

I laid on my bed, mouthing the words to every Santi song, and then, without warning, I somehow, fell fast asleep.
Chapter One: A Lost Cell phone, and One Ugly Keychain
(Car ride to the concert.)

"So Leeann, are you exited, we're almost there?" I said. So far, my cousin wasn't being at all teenie like, and to my surprise, as we listened to "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" she knew most of the words to every song, I had to say, I was impressed.

"I'm wicked exited, Spencer is super cute." she said.

"Wow, Spencer? Don't you mean, Bden? Or, god forbid, Ryro? Or even, Jwalk?" I asked, trying to get down to her height, hypothetically speaking of course, I mean, I was driving.

This teenie was really starting to surprise me.

"Nah, no one really sees it, but Spencer's just as cute as they all are." she said.

"Wow, I'm proud of you." I said to her.

She laughed.

"But he's not as cute as Pete." she added.

"Now that's the Leeann I know." I said, chuckling. Once a teenie, always a teenie, is what I say.

Soon, we pulled into the parking lot of The Avalon in Boston, where Panic was playing. The line was already pretty long, but non the less, I was great at forgetting everything and worming through crowds, to get to the front. I was amazing at it, actually.

"We're here!" my cousin exclaimed, unblocking her seat belt, and getting out of the car. I turned the keys, put them in my pocket, and got out.

"Come on." I said, as we walked across the street to the line. We stood in the line, and just talked for the remainder of the time we had to wait, which was quite a while actually.

"So, whose your favorite in the band?" Leeann asked me, as the concert grew nearer, and the line grew longer.

"Ryan, definitely." I said.

"The scrawny one?" she asked.

I chuckled.

"Yeah...him." I said.

"So, have you ever been to this venue?" I asked her.

"Uh, no, just The Fleet Center, for Fall Out Boy." she said.

I nodded. General Admissions going to be the death of this kid.

"Oh, I have. I've seen Fall Out Boy here, and Cute Is What We Aim For, here." I told her.

"Oh, cool!" she said.

"Yeah, Pete's ass crack was hanging out the whole time." I told her.

She gasped.

"Was it hot?" she asked.

"No, no...I'm not a big fan of anyone's ass cracks, to tell you the truth." I said.

"Oh, I don't mind them...well, I wouldn't mind Peter's...other's are, wouldn't you not mind Ryan's?" she asked.

I looked up in thought.

"No, I would. I just think all ass cracks are disgusting, even Pete Wentz's, and even going as far as Ryan Ross'." I said.

She nodded.

"I gotcha." she said.

"Yeah..." I said.

She laughed, and soon, the doors opened, and the line started to move. We were close to the front, so it didn't take us long to get into the venue.

"Should we buy shirts first?" she asked me.

"Screw merch, spots are ten times more important." I said, taking her hand, and leading her to the floor.

"This is pretty close!" she expressed.
It was true, we were pretty close, like, fifth row, still, once the concert actually started, I'd ditch her, and try to get to the barricades, but she didn't need to know that.

"Okay, here's the drill, see those riser things, that you sit on, over there?" I said.

She nodded.

"If you loose me, and the crowd becomes to much for you, go sit up on those, and just watch the concert there, I'll be fine, they are pretty good seats, then, once the concert ends, call me on my cell, and wait for me at the merch booth, alright?" I said.

She nodded. "Perfect plan." she said.

"Yes, I'm good at making them." I told her.

Soon, the floor, and the whole building, was filled, and the opening act was taking the stage, which happened to be the Dresden Dolls.

"Who are they?" My cousin asked, before the crowd got really rowdy.

"The Dresden Dolls, they're the openers, Panic comes on after." I told her.

"Oh." I said.

Soon, moshing had begun, and I took a chance, and bolted through the people, worming, and pushing into the front.

Leeann would be fine, she knew the drill. Soon, I found myself a few more rows away from the barricade, as the Dresden Dolls where in the middle of playing "Backstabber."

I looked over the people, and watched from there for a bit, catching my breath, and regaining my energy, for the biggest battle ahead, then I squirmed on, I was so skinny and quite small and petite, so some people barely noticed me.

"Hey, are you trying to get to the barricades?" I heard. I looked over, and saw an extremely hot boy, in a black and white striped thermal, and skinny jeans, his black bangs covering one eye, the other one, heavily covered in eyeliner.

I nodded, and smiled at him. He held my waist, and pushed me through another whole row of people.

"Thank you!" I shouted back at him. I saw his hand go up, over the row, as a sign of "Your welcome" and I kept going.

'Some people at concerts are so nice, it's great.' I thought to myself.

I squeezed myself through the last row, and held onto the medal bar of the barricade with my life, closing my eyes, and waiting for the set to be over. I could feel people pushing against me, and moving around, and I griped the barricade hard, so I didn't get moved back.

The body heat was overwhelming, and I was so hot and sweaty, I wiped my forehead, and looked up at the stage, now, The Dresden Dolls were packing up, and heading off stage getting ready for Panic! I was so exited, but something in me missed Katie with my life, I knew that she would have been right next to me there, at the Barricade, instead, a sweaty, tall, acne filled boy was next to me, and for the record, he smelled horrible.

I breathed in and out, lots of things filling my mind. 'Was Leeann alright?' 'Ryan Ross is back there, he's going to be right in front of me!' 'I wish Katie was here.' 'I can't wait to meet them!'

All the while, I sang to the music that the radio provided while I waited for the boys to come on, which happened to be "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leopard.

I was happy that I was on Ryan's side, right in the middle of Ryan's side of the stage, it got me really exited, when it finally sank in, that he was really going to be right in my face.

Suddenly, the house lights went down, and the room erupted into a scream/riot. I held onto the metal bars, and screamed too, I was fucking exited, even more so, when I saw the four shadows coming from stage right and onto there spots. I looked up, and saw a shadow dressed in frills, and a hat, pick up a guitar, and my heart leapt. It was /Ryan/.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight, we offer you a picturous score, of passing fantasies. Please Welcome, PANIC! AT THE DISCO!" Screamed Roger The Ringmaster.

I screamed, as Brendon picked up his mike, and started singing "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage."

I sang the words, looking right at Ryan, who was looking right at his guitar, and playing his heart out. Soon, I felt that "All-Eyes-On-You" feeling, and looked around, people were staring at me. I looked up, and my face met Brendon Urie's directly. He was looking straight at me, and singing, and he leaned in as far as he could without falling off the stage, I smiled, and snapped a picture for Katie (who loves Brendon, by the way) thinking nothing of it.

Brendon stepped back, looking over his shoulder at me, and I put my hands through the loops of my belts hoops on my pants, but the studs from the belt itself quickly drove them out. So I placed them in the pockets of my black P!ATD hoodie. Then, I soon got bored with them, as I was glued to watching Ryan with my eyes, so I ran them through my dark brunette hair once, then let them dangle.


Sooner then I wished it to be, the boys were packing up, and heading off stage, I wormed through the crowd, and too the exit.

"Leeann?" I called around a bit. No sight of her, maybe she was just lost. I went out to the merch tables, but there was no sight of her.

I dug into my back pocket for my cell phone, but my heart leaped into my throat, when I felt nothing.

"Fuck." I muttered.

"Leeann!" I called. I looked around, and waited at the booth for nearly twenty minutes, nothing.

Nope, no where to be found.

Whatever, she's probably just in the bathroom, she's fourteen, she can take care of herself, she's got a cell phone. In the meantime, I'm going to go to my fucking meet and greet, I gave her ticket to her before the show, so she can go whenever.

I pulled out my ticket, and smiled at it, going along to the meet and greet room. I waited in the back of the line, and tapped my foot, as I waited, and waited, and waited to meet the boys. I waited almost a half hour before I heard someone calling my name.

"Amanda!" I heard. I looked over, and in the back of the line, was Leeann, waiting with her ticket.

"Hey kid, where were you?" I asked.

"I was looking for you! I called your cell phone, and some guy picked up, and asked who the cell phone belonged to...I described you to him, like, what you were wearing, and he said he'd try to find you, cause he found the cell phone on the ground, behind the barricade." she explained to me, at a minor scream.

"Uh-okay..." I said.

Great, some creep has my fucking phone.

"Hey kid, ticket please?" I heard. I looked up, and saw Zach. I smiled at him, and handed him my ticket.

"No hugging, no touching in general, one thing signed only, not to many pictures, not to long, enjoy." he said, pushing my into the room, and closing the doors behind me. I slowly turned around, and saw the four boys. Spencer was on the end, twiddling with his fingers, Jon was next to him, playing with his phone, Brendon was next to him, writing on someone, and focusing on just that, and Ryan was at the other end, smiling at me.

I smiled at him back, and walked over, pulling out my stuff for the boys to sign. Spencer looked up, smiled, and took the Tee Shirt that I had bought while waiting for Leeann, and signed it. He passed it to Jon, who looked up.

"Hi!" he said, cheerfully. "Hi Jon." I said, smiling back. At the sound of my voice, Brendon looked up from the papers, and started to stare.

Jon handed the shirt to Brendon, and he smiled widely at me.

"Hi..." I said.

"Hi." he said, still staring at me, holding the shirt.

"Uh-I-uh...are you Amanda?" he asked me, stuttering.

My eyes widened, how the fuck?

"Yeah..." I said, slowly taking out the camera, and the sign I needed him to hold for Katie.

Brendon fished into his pockets, and then handed me my cell phone.

"What the?" I asked. As I took it.

"I found it as I was packing up, at the barricade, and I remembered that it was were you were standing, so I figured I'd try and get it back to you." he said.

"Thanks!" I said.

"Your welcome. I bought that ugly keychain from a machine in the back, and put it on. Isn't it disgusting?" he said, pointing to the ugly ass fish cell phone charm now dangling from the end.

"Uh-it's really ugly...Thanks?" I said.

He smiled. "Just so that you remember me, and remember that I saved your cell phone." he said.

"Oh uh, can I take a picture of you holding this sign?" I asked him, quickly, wanting badly to get to Ryan, as Brendon started to sign the shirt.

"Sure!" he said, as I handed him the sign.

"Whose Katie?" he asked, as he read the "I love you Katie." sign.
"My best friend, she's literately in another country now, but she'd be here with me, if she wasn't. She loves you." I told him.

"Oh. Okay." he said, holding up the sign, and making a great face, as I snapped the picture, and as he opened his mouth to say more, I moved quickly on to Ryan, and smiled widely, and caught my breath, as he looked up at me. I could also tell Brendon was looking at me, out of the corner of his eyes. What the hell?

"Hi Ryan." I said, casually, not trying to give off the creep vibe. He smiled.

"Well hi Amanda." he said. He must have caught my name from Brendon saying it.

"Could I possibly take a picture with you?" I asked, holding out my camera. I saw out of the corner of my eye, Brendon making a "why-didn't-she-take-a-picture-with-me" kind of face.

"Sure! Come here, my long arms can hold the camera." he said, taking my camera. I kneeled down, and Ryan put my arm around me, and snapped the picture.

I picked up my signed shirt.

"Thanks guys!" I said.

They all nodded.

"Oh, Amanda?" I heard, as I turned my back.

I looked over my shoulder, and saw that Brendon had a hand raised.

"Mhm?" I asked. He was such a cutie, with those begging eyes. There was something up with this kid, though.

"Check your contacts sometime." he said, winking at me. I scrunched up my face, in instinct, it's what I do when I'm confused, and then nodded, waved, and walked off.

I waited at the door for Leeann for quite sometime and finally she came out with her signed copy of AFYCSO that she brought along.

"They are so nice!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah!" I said, my adrenalin rushing.

"Ryan is cute in real life, isn't he!?" she said, as we began walking to my car.

"Yeah! He made me blush so many times, and..." I said, getting my camera out, and showing her the close picture me and Ryan took. She gasped.

"OHMYGOSH! THAT'S SO AWESOME!" she exclaimed. I nodded.

"And for Katie," I said, showing her the picture of Brendon.

"He's adorable." she said, looking at him.

"Yeah, he is..." I said, remembering all the weird gestures he used towards me. It was-really weird, actually, when I sat down in my car, and thought about it.
Then I remembered his last words. 'Check your contacts list sometime.'

I quickly turned my phone on, and looked through my contacts.

My heart just about stopped, when coming to the "B" section of the contacts, and reading "Brendon Urie.(Call him plz!!!)"

"Oh my god." I breathed, feeling like a punch in the stomach.

"What?" Leeann asked, trying to look at the phone.

"Brendon Urie likes me." I said, my fingers scurrying to the keys, to call Katie, immediately.

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